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Author: Stashia Jeanette

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This station is all about The Real. If you can't handle the truth or you get offended easily, my station is not for you. You've been warned. If you enjoy highly controversial topics, real talk and the sorts, this station is definitely for you. I love all who love me. That's real. Support this podcast:
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Healthcare, Documentary, Conspiracies, Theories, Corruption, Spiritual Warfare & more, oh my! --- Support this podcast:
So this episode is basically just about an incident I had with a an app called next-door I don’t recommend you downloading it because it is a state is a shit show of narcissistic people who are only on there to hurt others and express their dislike for your opinion because if it doesn’t align with what I call ““ the mob opinion then they’re going to attack you it used to be a little fun app where people could interact with no other neighbors and in the like a 20 mile radius of their neighborhood and then it just turned very dark in the term to a place of harassment and mental and verbal emotional abuse and I just had a recent experience with it and I tried to take legal action and they basically told me in the state of Tennessee nothing that happened is legally harassment and they’re free to do whatever they want say whatever they want there was a guy that was going around saying that I was fake that all the post that I was making were fake like he even went so far as to like take some snapshot screenshots of my Twitter page to put on there and say she’s just lying about post her previous post to get clicks for her like Amway company I didn’t even have any links on there it was just humorous but then at this at the same time I had to block this person already in the fact That next-door allow this person to continuously still have access to me is is disturbing and not safe when you report somebody and you know you tell them like this person is slandering me and doesn’t cause enough mention of my name you know they should do something about it but next-door says that’s not our problem deal with it yourself good luck and that’s what happened so that’s what this is about and also be kind to others. --- Support this podcast:
Support black business? Where? --- Support this podcast:
This is all about why black women get criticized by black men &everyone else so much, How the government wants us divided, and the normalization of real women's bodies. --- Support this podcast:
All about it and my experiences. --- Support this podcast:
Blacks unite. Overthrow the government. --- Support this podcast:
Stand up for something

Stand up for something


No politics are innocent and quit blindly following the herd to the slaughter house. --- Support this podcast:
2020 recap

2020 recap


Put yourself first. --- Support this podcast:
All about racism, coming together, our rights , etc. --- Support this podcast:
A little encouragement

A little encouragement


A little from my listeners and more. --- Support this podcast:
Put yourself first

Put yourself first


Loving yourself and putting yourself first. --- Support this podcast:
Thank you so much! I’m here always to put out things that I’ve gone through so that I can hopefully help someone else who may have gone or is going through it. Much love. --- Support this podcast:
--- Support this podcast:
While the world is in an uproar over the outings of Rkellys doings (that we've known of for years, literally...c'mon, Aaliyah!), there doesnt seem to be any consequences or prosecutions for the men who abused all the hundreds of women and men that came forth about the entertainment industry leaders & politicians. Where's the justice for them? --- Support this podcast:
Our World: Conspiracies, Truths, The 1% & Their Games, Spiritual Warfare, Revolution of The People, & much much more will be discussed in this segment. Don’t listen if you’re not willing to be open or are offended by everything. This is to simply present what I feel & allow for others to take away what they will from each episode. --- Support this podcast:
Achieving happiness

Achieving happiness


How to achieve happiness right now, in your life and how to keep it in order to manifest your dream life. --- Support this podcast:
My experience and little life hack guide for you guys on going through the Spiritual Awakening Process. You’ll learn about what all I went through and some of the things that you can expect along this lifelong journey to becoming your best self, inside and out. --- Support this podcast:
How to live your truth, be empowered, and spirituality. --- Support this podcast:
Taking care of YOU.

Taking care of YOU.


All about setting boundaries, loving & taking care of yourself and throwing away the fear of what people think. --- Support this podcast:
Experiences & examples of how we can possibly block our blessings in life. --- Support this podcast:
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