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Download and watch full episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher including his New Rules and Overtime segments with his guest panelists. New episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher air Fridays at 10, only on HBO.
528 Episodes
Bill’s guests are Joe Scarborough, Frank Bruni, and Charlamagne Tha God. (Originally aired 3/5/21)
Bill’s guests are Megyn Kelly, Ezra Klein, and Sen. Jon Tester. (Originally aired 2/26/21)
Bill’s guests are Rep. Adam Kinzinger, Markos Moulitsas, and Steve Schmidt. (Originally aired 2/12/21)
Bill’s guests are Jimmy Kimmel, Charlotte Alter, and Matt Welch. (Originally aired 2/5/21)
Bill’s guests are Heather Heying & Bret Weinstein, Van Jones, and James Pogue. (Originally aired 1/29/21)
Bill’s guests are Frank Figliuzzi, Peter Hamby and Kmele Foster. (Originally aired 1/22/21)
Bill’s guests are Kellyanne Conway, Katie Couric and Matt Jones. (Originally aired 1/15/21)
Bill’s guests are Michael Eric Dyson, Alex Wagner and Jon Meacham. (Originally aired 11/20/20)
Bill’s guests are Jenna Ellis, Caitlin Flanagan and Max Brooks. (Originally aired 11/13/20)
Bill’s guests are Tristan Harris, Malcolm Nance and Rosa Brooks. (Originally aired 11/6/20)
Bill’s guests are Al Franken, David Sanger, John Heilemann and Lis Smith. (Originally aired 10/30/20)
Bill’s guests are Ben Sheehan, Matthew McConaughey, Heidi Heitkamp and Anthony Scaramucci. (Originally aired 10/23/20)
Bill’s guests are Fareed Zakaria, John Leguizamo, Noah Rothman and John Avlon. (Originally aired 10/16/20)
Bill’s guests are Rep. Adam Schiff, John O. Brennan, Keli Goff and Bret Stephens. (Originally aired 10/9/20)
Bill’s guests are Senator Bernie Sanders, Jim Belushi, Coleman Hughes and Bakari Sellers. (Originally aired 9/25/20)
Bill’s guests are Michael Cohen, Jane Fonda, Tim Miller and Trae Crowder. (Originally aired 9/18/20)
Bill’s guests are Peter Strzok, Ewan McGregor, Peter Hamby and Jessica Yellin. (Originally aired 9/11/20)
Bill’s guests are Trey Gowdy, Wynton Marsalis, Nina Burleigh and Rick Wilson. (Originally aired 8/28/20)
Bill’s guests are John Kasich, Oliver Stone, Rev. Dr. William Barber II and Thomas Frank. (Originally aired 8/21/20)
Bill’s guests are Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Colin Cowherd, Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang. (Originally aired 8/14/20)
Comments (177)


Bill falling for that “breathing your stale air” bullshit. 🤦🏻

Mar 3rd


Megan Kelly: 🤮

Feb 28th

Pete Jackson King

Hey! Nutmeg! Do you still insist that Jesus and Santa Claus are white? Because, "they just are!"?

Feb 27th
Reply (4)

Pete Jackson King

I live in Montana. I love Jon TESTER! He brings me hope for my state's future ❤

Feb 27th

John Buchan

great episode!

Feb 27th

George DeYoung

Bill Maher is a subtle racist. He doesn't even recognize it. How can you even talk about black issues. And Jerusalem the capital. Decided by the US while the rest of the world...Elite asshole is what you are.And the obsequious 'audience ' obviously agreeing.

Jan 30th

Pete Jackson King

I'm sorry, I LOVE Joe Biden! I, personally, am glad he didn't get elected sooner. He is EXACTLY who we need right now. I shudder to think of Bernie trying to run against Chump! Two old white guys screaming at each other?! NO THANKS!!

Jan 24th
Reply (1)

John Tye

I wonder why Trump and all his people weren't so diligent in investigating voter fraud when we learned about Russian manipulation. Didn't seem to be worried about it enough to follow up when there were proven manipulation.

Nov 25th


you forget SDNY Bill. As Glenn Kirchner says, " justice matters and it's coming"

Nov 22nd

Gregg Pohl


Nov 21st

Gary Herman

Best monologue Bill has done in a while!!! Best argument with red wacko in a while.

Nov 17th


Mostly vapid discussion here. Get Andrew Yang back on. He was the only guy making any sense. #MATH

Nov 9th


yes we do get to bb. just like dom lemon and skelty skeltr get to spew garbage to its millions of sheep. keep dictation

Nov 7th


Nov 7th


what about craxkhed huntr bibis laptop, and all the national security risks on it? #quidprojoe

Nov 1st
Reply (1)

James Gaither

Always good to hear from Jane Fonda!

Oct 18th

Gary Herman

Cranky Bill isn't as funny. And don't judge the audience for their groans, the audience is an honest judge of your jokes.

Oct 12th

Curtis Miles

Hey Bill, check out a podcast called 'Swindled' - Its well produced and I think you'll enjoy it

Oct 11th

Francisco Rojas


Sep 29th

bob caygeon

Kyles impressions of you are much more funny and entertaining than you.

Sep 23rd
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