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 Too often, we do not act like disciples. On this Feast of St. Andrew, let's be sure we know HOW we can be God's voice here on earth. Here is the trailer and the link to register for the Free Eucharistic Summit  
 Sometimes it is not so good to be an adult when we look to make big changes in our lives. What do I mean? Listen in! If you need help with your prayer life or coaching, go to
 It's not easy to start changes in your life, but we cannot give up! We need God in our day to do things right, what if He came to stay with you in your home? What would you change?
 Advent begins on Sunday, wanna do some bodily mortifications with me? 
 Sometimes holiday gatherings bring different personalities together and in some cases a spirited debate. How do we be Christ like with courage to speak truth with love?
 Sometimes we have moments where we are in dark circumstances on our life. It's time to embrace these moments and know the light of Jesus is there always. My Youtube Channel
 If we thought about eternity every day, we wold live a different life. Today, let's contemplate heaven and he'll and see how our day unfolds differently! Need help with prayer? Check out my prayer course at 
 Many of us are slaves to our bodies, did you know self control is a fruit of the Holy Spirit? What kind of spirit is in you?  For help on the journey, go to
 We conform to the ways of the world a LOT! If you follow the feeling of the work week, let's change that up, shall we? Need help on your journey? Go to
 We best look to move out of lukewarmness as soon as we can before God spits us out of His mouth! None of us wants THAT! So, what do we do?
 Sometimes we need the grim reminder that we have lost our love for Jesus in our daily lives. It is hard to believe, but it can happen! Listen to my podcast for more...
 I had a moment of reflection after last night's talk. I think we should all stop and consider our sins and how they impact those in our lives.
 We just got done with mid-term elections in America, they didn't turn out as I had hoped. How do you deal with things that don't go your way? 
 Today's reading are so aligned with who we need to be as older men and women. Listen in before you vote...
 We are all unique in our temperaments and upbringing but we all have a predominant fault! What is it and how do we battle it? Need help on the journey go to
 We all need help with pride, it is the number one sin we should take into confession every time. This list will show you the many ways!
 Yawning, stress, laziness, distrust ... they all fall into the OTHER category of evil spirits!
 You may have to deal with angry people in your life or you may struggle with anger issues yourself. Regardless, there are so many spirits that might surprise you! Grab a pen...
 Sometimes it is such a hard calling to be. Saint, but we are all called to it. How do we ruse to this holy calling? Have a question? Send me a voice message! Https://  If you need help with prayer, go to my video prayercprogram for some help! Https://
 Sometimes we are singing to the choir and we do not know how to go out to those who really need Jesus' healing in their life. But how are we sharing out healing? 
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