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The #1 source on the internet for all your "Bachelor," "Bachelorette," and "Bachelor in Paradise" spoilers, Reality Steve talks about each episode, answers your emails, and covers everything you need to know about what's going on in Bachelor Nation.

For years, he's been giving you the inside scoop on all things "Bachelor"-related. Now, hear him speak weekly on the subject, along with candid conversations with former contestants and others in the reality TV world, along with all your latest juicy gossip.

It's candid, it's colorful, and it may be crass, but that's why he's Reality Steve.
164 Episodes
(SPOILERS) "Reality Life" podcast host Kate Casey joins me to talk about Luke P.'s behavior on the "Bachelorette," why she thinks Hannah didn't pick Tyler, Tyler's future, Blake's shenanigans on Paradise, the Demi storyline, the "Hills" reboot, and we end with a Final 10.  Music written by Jimmer Podrasky (B'Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)
In this episode, Ashley first joins me to talk about the movie premiere in Canada she recently attended, then how she started helping the #ClearTheLists campaign (3:51). Then caller Lori in Charlotte joins us to talk about her real douchebag of an ex-boyfriend that she caught two-timing her (12:40). Original theme music provided by Kate Bass and the song is titled “Blink.”  
(SPOILERS) I begin by giving my thoughts on the Tanner/Demi Twitter feud from yesterday as I talk about it from all angles and why people seem to be missing the fact there are two different things at play here.  Then Jennifer joins me to talk about how she got involved in covering this genre (17:24), the idea behind writing her book and the main themes that came from it (28:40), biggest misconceptions fans have about reality TV (31:59), how on staff psychologists continuously break doctor/patient confidentiality in reality TV (35:35), Fleiss’ misogynistic views  (43:55), where does she see the franchise going (1:00:41), is there anything redeeming about the franchise (1:10:45), is hate watching a real thing (1:34:00), and how to critically watch the show (1:47:17). Music written by Jimmer Podrasky (B'Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)
(SPOILERS) I begin by giving my thoughts on Caelynna’s IG post from the night before addressing Blake releasing their texts, then Brett joins me to talk about how he got started in his “Bachelor/ette” coverage (16:30), the Hannah/Jed ending (27:12), Tyler & Gigi (35:09), and the Blake/Caelynn social media drama (47:56).  Music written by Jimmer Podrasky (B'Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)
A few thoughts on the "Bachelorette" finale including my thoughts on Hannah and Tyler going forward, Jed's friends reactions online, and social media changing the way the show is viewed and how the show is embracing it.  Then Haley joins me to talk about what her last month has been like since she came forward with her story (23:58).  Music written by Jimmer Podrasky (B'Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)
Our first caller, Anne in Montana, tells a story of a horrible Human Resources nightmare that she’s dealing with at work (3:38).  Then Laura Anderson, a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in domestic violence, joins us to discuss Mandy in Philadelphia’s call from last Thursday’s podcast, as well as discussing Luke P. this season (33:31). Original theme music provided by Kate Bass and the song is titled “Blink.”
(SPOILERS) We start the show by reading an email from a reader who was a victim of domestic abuse. Then (SPOILER) I talk about Monday and Tuesday's "Bachelorette" finale (6:53). Finally, Ashley Spivey and I talk to caller Mandy from Philadelphia who recently was involved in a domestic dispute with her husband earlier this year that landed him in jail. We discuss the ramifications of it, how it affects their children, where they're at now, and what she plans on doing moving forward (15:58). Music written by Jimmer Podrasky (B'Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)
(SPOILERS) Vienna joins me to talk about how she had no idea who Jake was til she got out of the limo (4:32), being considered a villain (10:50), did she notice a moment where she realized she might not get a great edit (15:08), did she feel he was picking her on final rose ceremony day (16:15), when did the relationship start going south and why she didn’t get out of it (21:14), their on-air “breakup” and how scared she was in the relationship (29:10), going on “Bachelor Pad 2” with boyfriend Kasey (37:56), going on “Couples Therapy” with Kasey (40:37), Vienna talks about losing twin girls at 5 months in 2017 (45:04), and what she’s up to now and her boyfriend (1:00:32). Music written by Jimmer Podrasky (B'Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)
(SPOILERS) Tatum first joins me to talk about how she got cast, what show she was almost on, her strategy with Jair, why she made out with Carlos, did she think Bobby was ever going to not drop the ball, what happened to their relationship post show and more. Then Bobby joins (52:14) to discuss what his thought process was going into the show, the show’s format, what he thought of the strategy to plot against Jair, how bothered was he by the Tatum/Carlos hookup, was he always planning on taking the money for himself, would he have done it if Tatum never betrayed his trust, his thoughts on what’s happened to their relationship post show and more. Music written by Jimmer Podrasky (B'Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)
(SPOILERS) Olivia joins me to talk about her recent trip to Copenhagen with Brandi Cyrus (4:42), Luke P's role on the show and what it means to be produced (22:38), how being a villain affects someone & going after a "redemption" edit (36:49), closure with Ben Higgins (42:13), sex on the show (48:11), and we end with the Final 10, where I answer the same questions I ask to Olivia (1:03:41). Music written by Jimmer Podrasky (B'Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)
Comments (8)

Cassie Rettig

wait, is TYLER liking Instagram posts about Hannah or JED? you said Tyler but then was talking about stuff Jed did.

Aug 1st

Shannon Gaylord-Sweeney

Cassie Rettig no Tyler was not. he 100% combined tyler into Jed stuff. while I like you reality Steve you really need to pay attention while your talking because your using Tyler name in jeds douchbaggery. I really hope you clear that up.

Aug 5th


Cassie Rettig 😔😔😓

Aug 2nd

Cyndi Rittgarn Pripusich

This is just so heartbreaking

Apr 15th

Jacob Reeze

Dude, poor job with setting the scene on what this topic was about. I'm sure you have loyal fans and reg Bach viewers who follow every twist and turn but if you want to grow ur audience you need to provide even just 2 mins worth of context. I went back no prior episodes talk about this? is this some kind of stunt? I'm sure many ppl like me like realitiy stories but don't watch every episode, you lose audience because ur not inclusive with info. Castbox is promoting you right now and you can't even capitalize off of it. very fustrating almost like your teasing new listeners!

Sep 14th

Kristina Long

did rob mills just spoil the final two. he said they would ask Garrett about his Likes" at men tell all on juliette litman podcast

Jul 13th

Rebecca Dawson

I really enjoy all the past contestants' interviews. I never saw the older seasons of the Bachelor, so hearing about the history of the show is very interesting. I also like hearing from the people who aren't as well known or who left early. Often they were my favorites early in they season so it's nice to hear from them.

Jun 29th

Laurie Prieur-Laliberty

OMG...this Podcast with Meredith Phillips is was so BIZARRE and almost painful to listen to! It is SO slow moving, I have a headache from listening! I'm sorry...

May 28th
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