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The media is meant to inform us, not compete for advertising dollars.

If you’re not reading the news you’re uninformed; if you are reading the news you’re misinformed. This idea is a round-a-bout translation of some arguments from Thomas Jefferson, but was made more popular recently by Denzel Washington. No matter the source, I agree with the idea. Sadly, this is our world.

Realpolitik News is an alternative to a media that is driven by advertising dollars and personal career advancement. Each week, I take the stories that aren’t being covered or add the details that are being ignored by the mainstream outlets.

The Realpolitik framework is an analytical perspective, not an opinion.

Therefore, the show is decidedly nonpartisan, but is situated firmly on the side of classical, liberal, enlightenment values and achievements. The elevation of the realpolitik framework is in the spirit of historian John Bew, who asked: “how can we achieve liberal enlightened goals in a world that does not follow liberal enlightened rules?”

The answer to this question is important, because ignorance to realpolitik is like playing a game where you don’t know the rules – you will lose this game, and simultaneously not understand why.

If you want to get beyond the noise then join me each week. This is nonpartisan news and analysis that is driven by data and trends concerning State power, economics, and conflict, not by the President’s twitter account.
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Aedreus Shaene

I find myself nodding my head to these as somebody who misses the 80s taps their foot to "The Final Countdown" when it comes on the radio. The steady beat is truly classical and liberal; in this era of black or white thinking being shockingly popular, this is a true wonder. I wonder how often you need to educate people on liberal and leftist thought, and how they are not woven together.

Sep 25th
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