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Reasons Why I'm Single brings you Chelsie and Staci every week to discuss the ups and downs (hint: mostly "downs") and whacky mayhem that ensues in the world of dating in today's world.
188 Episodes
Space Cake

Space Cake


Staci and Chelsie take a #TuesdayTimeout and play Reddit or Forget It! The post Space Cake first appeared on
Hymens Break

Hymens Break


These are facts. Chelsie & Staci dive into how virgins are portrayed in media and the effects it can have on the real world’s assumptions. The post Hymens Break first appeared on
Stop Wasting Socks

Stop Wasting Socks


Ladies, rock your shamrocks off for St Patrick’s Day! Take a moment to tell the women in your life they’re awesome and you support them! #RWISpodcast The post Stop Wasting Socks first appeared on
The Drama of Reality

The Drama of Reality


Staci & Chelsie chat about reality romance shows, and whether or not they’d partake. #reasonswhyimsingle The post The Drama of Reality first appeared on
The City of Detroit gives away husbands. #RWISpodcast The post Our Wedding Was Beautiful first appeared on
Double Stuff News

Double Stuff News


Ladies, this is a Public Service Announcement: Don’t Fake Your Orgasms! #rwispodcast The post Double Stuff News first appeared on
Also, Top Knots

Also, Top Knots


Staci and Chelsie celebrate Galentine’s Day with the usual lady talk and face masks! The post Also, Top Knots first appeared on
Chelsie gets questioned by the police, while Staci questions losing her virginity! #RWISpodcast The post Brazilian Wax Safe Word first appeared on
Staci dishes about Bridgerton, and Chelsie gives a preemptive #SorryDad for all the sex talk. The post Reasons Why I’m Single – The Pull and Pray first appeared on
Chelsie and Staci are back in 2021 for your listening pleasure (You’re welcome, ears) #RWISpodcast The post Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 232 Who Came First: The Dad or the Son? first appeared on
Chelsie & Staci reminisce on all that’s happened this Year of Our Lord 2020. Thanks for hanging with us through the wildest ride yet! On to the next! The post Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 231 Start Today… or Tomorrow first appeared on
Staci reacts to Chelsie’s “Worst Date of 2020” Merry Christmas to all and to all a better 2021! The post Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 230 Because People Lie first appeared on
Chelsie defends the bakery from “Karens”, while her mystery gift giver strikes again. Staci is here for it with hilarious commentary and fabulous hair. The post Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 229 Cake Fairy first appeared on
Clearly we feel some type of way about brunch, and Chelsie can’t take any more of these vague dating questions. The post Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 228 Lunchy Breakfasts vs. Breakfasty Lunches first appeared on
Staci interprets Chelsie’s dream, and Chelsie’s date has an interesting request. The post Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 227 No Cheek Left Behind first appeared on
Chelsie & Staci want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to save this episode for when you need to take a break for a “work call” The post Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 226 Can I Smell You? first appeared on
Staci & Chelsie look back fondly on the touchy geeky years of high school theater. The post Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 225 You Gotta Pounce on That Opportunity first appeared on
Staci and Chelsie celebrated Halloween in style! But was it a good style? Be sure to send us your Halloween hits and misses on our Instagram @RWISpodcast The post Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 224 That’s an Ugly Costume for a Single Girl first appeared on
Chelsie tells a story from this week, which reminds her of a story from a long long time ago! #Mems The post Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 223 It Wasn’t a Love Triangle, It Was a Tent first appeared on
Chelsie & Staci are back in the same room! Songs happen simultaneously, we can hear each other clearly, and as always, you’re welcome America! @RWISpodcast The post Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 222 Zac Efron 2020 first appeared on
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