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Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd
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Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd

Author: Cheerful

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A podcast about ideas. Former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, and Sony Award-winning radio host Geoff Lloyd talk to smart thinkers from around the world.

206 Episodes
Hello! For the last few years, Preston has been pioneering a bold experiment in how to create a fairer local economy. What can we learn from their ‘community wealth building’ approach? Preston City Council leader Matthew Brown is back to tell us about how the Preston model is taking shape. Tony Greenham from South West Mutual explains how a new generation of regional banks can support the agenda. And Antonia Jennings from the Centre for Local Economic Strategies talks us through what’s going on across the country. Plus we chat to the wonderful Sue Peachey, star of new documentary ‘The People vs Climate Change’. If you pre-order Ed’s book from before 2nd June and use the promo code ‘cheerful’ at the checkout you’ll get 30% off the full price.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! We’re incredibly excited to be talking to one of our favourite authors, Michael Lewis, about his new book, The Premonition: A Pandemic Story. He explores what went wrong in the US response to coronavirus through the lives of a number of people at the heart of pandemic planning. We chat to Michael about what he discovered, his approach to writing, and how he finds such compelling characters for his books. Listen to our conversation with Michael from last year about The Fifth Risk:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! We’re talking about football… but not just about football. Hot on the heels of the European Super League fiasco we’re exploring ideas to change where power lies in football - and asking what they mean for society more widely. Uli Hesse tells us about the ‘50+1’ rule in Germany. Thomas Hanna from The Democracy Collaborative and Vidhya Alakeson from Power to Change explain how to promote fan ownership in the UK. Then footballer turned academic Alex Culvin talks about how to put women’s football at the centre of the conversation.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! This week we're exploring a vision for how we can address the environmental crisis and build a better society in the process. Friends of the pod Mat Lawrence and Laurie Laybourn-Langton are back to chat about Planet on Fire - their 'manifesto for the age of environmental breakdown'. Then climate justice activist Dominique Palmer talks about building a movement to push for this kind of action. AND we chat to the world's best teacher, Andria Zafirakou! Head to for more info on all of our episodes  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! President Biden sparked a major debate when he described spending on social care and childcare as an investment in infrastructure. We’re exploring why the question of what counts as ‘infrastructure’ really matters. US policy expert Julie Kashen talks us through the US infrastructure debate then Professor Sue Himmelweit from the Women’s Budget Group explains why it could have far-reaching implications around the world. Plus author Eileen Jones tells us about her new book ‘How Parkrun Changed Our Lives’ and the unconventional way she launched it…  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! Finland has just been named the world’s happiest country for the fourth year running. To celebrate, we’re going on a virtual Nordic trip to explore the secrets behind their success. We ask Finnish journalist Anu Partanen and authors of ‘Finntopia’ Danny Dorling and Annika Koljonen what we can learn from Finland about how to build a better society. Then we have our first ever president on the pod: former Finnish leader, President Tarja Halonen.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! In February the Supreme Court ruled against Uber in a major case on the rights of its drivers. Could it prompt a shift in working conditions in the gig economy? Former Uber driver and co-claimant in the recent case James Farrar tells us about his legal victory, Kelle Howson from Fairwork talks about what it could mean more widely, then Martin Buttle from ShareAction talks us through the investor response to Deliveroo’s recent IPO.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! The ‘right to play’ is recognised by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. How can we make sure all children have the time and space to play? Aled Hanson tells us about his experience of working at Flintshire Playscheme. Marianne Mannello from Play Wales talks about the pioneering Welsh play legislation. Then writer and researcher Tim Gill talks about how ‘child-friendly cities’ around the world design public space to make it easier and safer for children to play.  Plus volunteer Jenny Chigwende on how W12 Together in West London has supported the local community during the last 12 months.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Bonus episode: Our extended conversation with poet and children's author Michael Rosen about his new book 'Many Different Kinds of Love'. We talk about Michael's experience with Covid and why he decided to write about it.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! President Biden’s Covid relief package has been described as the most progressive piece of US legislation in the US for decades. Does it mark the start of a transformational presidency? We speak to Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro about the historic expansion of child tax credit and her 18 year campaign to make it happen. Lindsay Owens from the Groundwork Collaborate talks us through Biden’s wider economic agenda. And we ask Professor Stephen Skowronek whether this could be the beginning of a new era in US politics. Plus author and poet Michael Rosen on his experience with Covid-19.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! Is remote working here to stay? How do we deal with the new inequalities that creates? Friend of the pod & home working guru Nick Bloom talks us through his research on the future of workplaces. Claire McCartney from the CIPD explains how employers can make hybrid working work for all. And Claire Carpenter from the Melting Pot in Edinburgh sets out her vision for ‘hyper local’ coworking spaces. You can preorder Ed’s book here:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! Parks and green spaces have been more important than ever over the last year but there are deep inequalities in who has access to them. We’re asking why that is and what we can do about it. Kate Ashbrook from the Open Spaces Society talks us through the history. Then Beth Collier from Wild in the City and Helen Griffiths from Fields in Trust discuss how we can ensure everyone can access to good quality green space. Plus radio host Stuart Maconie on ‘The Nanny State Made Me’.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! In 1942 William Beveridge published the report that shaped Britain’s welfare state. We’re asking what lessons it offers us nearly 80 years on. Journalist Nicholas Timmins talks us through the history of the original report then LSE’s Tania Burchardt explains how to fix the holes in our welfare safety net today. And for World Book Day we’re chatting to author, vet and children’s TV presenter, Jess French.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Bonus episode here! It’s our full conversation with Marc Stears about his new book, ‘Out of Ordinary’. We chat about the 1945 government, the dilemmas of big change and how politics can reflect our everyday lives.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! What happens when an economy rewards owning things rather than doing things? Author Brett Christophers argues it’s a recipe for soaring inequality and economic stagnation. We chat to Brett about Britain’s “rentier economy” and what to do about it. Then Pascale Robinson from We Own It explains how the problems play out in public sector outsourcing. AND here’s a taster of our chat with Ed’s former speechwriter Marc Stears about his new book “Out of the Ordinary”. Keep an eye out for the full interview later this week.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! What happened to the UK’s thriving tradition of adult education? How can we rebuild it for the 21st century? Union learning rep Sue Mann tells us about her experience and the importance of having opportunities to learn throughout life. Then friend of the pod Melissa Benn and adult education guru Sir Alan Tuckett talk us through their vision for adult education and how to make it a reality.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! We're talking about a BIG idea that's transforming how towns, cities and even schools are run across the world. It's called participatory budgeting (PB) and involves letting citizens decide how public money is spent. We ask Shari Davis what happened when Boston gave young people control of a $1 million budget. Brazilian political scientist Rebecca Abers explains how the city of Porto Alegre pioneered the idea back in 1989. And PB champion Jez Hall tells us why he's such a fan. PLUS legendary filmmaker Adam Curtis on his new series: ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
In partnership with Oatly, Geoff and guest co-host Matt Forde dig into how what we eat and drink impacts the environment. Toni Vernelli from Veganuary sets out the link between our diet and the climate crisis, nursery owner Claire Taylor tells the story of what happened when she transformed her business to plant-based, and social psychologist Melanie Joy (author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows) explains what it takes to nudge people towards plant-based eating and drinking - especially men-of-a-certain age! (Oatly's research has found that older men are less likely to consider the environmental impact of what they eat and drink. Read more at )  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! We lead the world on offshore wind power, but not on offshore wind jobs. How can we make sure the green transition delivers good quality work in the UK? Union organiser Hazel Nolan explains the risks of getting things wrong. Thomas Sylvest from Danish Shipping tells us about Denmark’s thriving offshore wind sector. And Chaitanya Kumar from the New Economics Foundation talks us through lessons for the UK. PLUS period poverty campaigner Amika George on her new handbook for activists.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello! ‘Blue Zones’ are parts of the world where people live much longer and healthier than average. What’s their secret? We ask journalist Dan Buettner, who came up with the idea after researching longevity hotspots across the globe. Thea Parikos tells us about life in one of the original Blue Zones: the Greek island of Ikaria. And Mayor Betsy Price explains how Fort Worth in Texas has been trying to put the lessons from Blue Zones into practice.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
Comments (25)

Dave Toms

One of my favourite podcasts and a great way to start to the week (Ed is a lot more amiable on here than the hostility he displayed towards Andrew Marr at the weekend!). A weekly highlight of mine.

Feb 8th

Peter Lumsden

great work guys, important topic this too. What about doing a cross-over episode with Christopher Hope of the Telegraph - he does 'Choppers Politics', and the last two were relatively inclined in a more progressive, less partisan direction.....

Nov 21st

Saba Nayab

Excellent conversations. I definitely want to visit the International Slavery Museum, Michelle and Ruth made great points, and Lavinia was amazing! Very inspiring, brilliant work she's doing.

Jun 28th

Gen EX

Ed, get a tricycle! Very useful for carrying briefcases and the like. Cool points for uniqueness if nothing else. 😁

Jun 25th

Jack Ashton

the podcast continues to be amazing and informative. A vital part of policy discussion and spreading hope for progressives everywhere and the left in Britain.

Jan 31st

Bryan Lorigan

Can I request that you make a £1 donation to charity every time you say "you know"!

Dec 22nd

Caroline Rovers

Absolutely adore this episode! I am so happy you are making these book podcasts. Such a brilliant idea

Jul 20th

Sean McLoughlin

how's this cheerful?

Jun 30th
Reply (1)

Caroline Rovers

Steadily making my progress through the back catalogue of this podcast. I am really enjoying the in depth explorations of ideas. Besides the fun, often very funny. Hope you will make the podcast about non-fiction books as you suggested a few weeks ago. I got really excited about that.

Mar 26th

Gary Watts

Why didn't the media/Labour PR machine let is see this Ed Miliband before the 2015 election? Since stepping down as leader, and especially since Brexit you have been brilliantly on point, and self - deprecating in a genuinely positive and humourous way. With how events panned out in the last few years, it seems almost ironic the media referred to you as "Red Ed".

Mar 18th

Robin Henderson


Feb 8th

Jill Daniel

My favourite episode yet. Agree with everything!

Jan 30th

Hannah Louise Ives

Episode 50 on violence, has moved me more than I ever thought a podcast could. I’ve spent the entire podcast nodding in agreement with the occasional yes erupting from me! Seriously wow! The comedian moved me to tears, what a tragic and harrowing story that could be used to bring so much comfort and cheer. Would like to say I’ve been listening for a while, I’m not particularly political but I throughly enjoy this podcast! Thank you for the education and a reasons to be cheerful! 😊

Dec 29th

Richard H

Last year was better

Dec 25th

Leila Jones


Aug 3rd

Alan Ackroyd

Hi Guys! I look forward to every edition - love the banter and the real food for thought. Different approaches to democracy should be essential listing for every MP. You should do one on what a good Brexit might be- could be quite short! Keep it coming! Thanks!

Mar 20th

Naomi Dodd

really enjoying this podcast....found it after being recommend by Nick Robinson.....btw...I would have helped Ed up and offered him a cup of tea when he fell over.....but I am a friendly northerner!

Feb 8th

Ben Price

Must say I had my doubts coming in to this podcast, but I've been pleasantly surprised. Have added this to my list of podcasts that I'll keep coming back to. Good mix of great interviews, interesting ideas, political ramblings and random waffle.

Jan 15th
Reply (1)

Mir Javaid Mj


Dec 23rd

Barry Evans

how do I remove a podcast?

Dec 12th
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