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In this short audio I talk about the latest cancer breakthrough as reported by the BBC and how this may not be what it seems.Here's the link to the my course if you would like to know more about the mind body connection and how to heal yourself
In this short audio I talk about the collective loss and trauma of losing someone who has been a figurehead of stability throughout my lifetime.The loss of Queen Elizabeth II was a national shock that reverberated through all layers of society. It was and is a loss of identity - and this feels very personal even though most of us never knew her personally.It is also the anniversary of another death - that of my father 40 years ago this October and so I recount how grief affects us and how it is possible to heal. You can contact me on or
In this the second installment of my review of The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenburg. Here I talk about how electromagnetic radiation affects the human body. Chapters on Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease as diseases of modern life linked to the amount of EMFs in the environment. He even has a theory that describes why and how the cellular mechanisms are being poisoned.In part 3 I will talk about a new theory of the myelin sheath that surrounds our nerve cells  - I missed it out in this one. And do a quick summary.An essential book - so dense that it requires 2 or 3 reviews. Find the book here
Another in my ongoing discussion of Narcissism = this time turning my attention on parents and friends and co-workers:How to spot a narcissistHow to disarm a narcissistHow to recover from a narcissistSee you for the follow up which will be looking at self-esteem!For the previous session which covered being partnered wtih a narcissist see this YouTube video here .If you'd like to sign up for the monthly drop in Community sessions (£10/ $11.50 per session)  go to my website here. All welcome
In this 30 min conversation I am talking with Julie Turner, former sufferer with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and now recovered, free to enjoy her life.Find out:- what life was like for Julie before she began work with me- how she found the experience of going through therapy (and how quick it was!)- how life has changed for her now since recoveringWe discuss her experience and why she chose to work with me and her advice to anyone else considering it.This is an honest account from someone who did not get paid to take part but wanted to spread the word and help others.Join us!Find me on and https//patriciaworby.comChrysalis Effect Practitioner and Somatic Trauma Specialist.
Advertising Schemas 2

Advertising Schemas 2


In this second podcast that talks about the schemas or wounds we carry from our childhoods and how this affects our behaviours and beliefs (including what we buy - advertising is a relationship too), I cover the remaining 5 schemas based on Jeffrey Young's book Reinventing your Life.Hear the first audio here.Did you know that most purchasing decisions are emotional in nature and that advertisers know exactly how to tap into your various emotions?Understand how these schemas affect you in life.Learn to heal these wounds with psychosensory somatic work - contact me on or
In this first part of my 2 part audio podcast I talk about my experience at the VidTao Live event and how hugely successful copywriter Parris Lampropolous blew the audience away with his talk on selling to emotional wounds. The book he mentioned is Jeffrey Young's Reinventing Your Life which is available on amazon.My book The Scar that won't Heal is also available here.
In this short audio I talk about one of the strange neurological distortions that occurs in chronic #stress  states:.  Called 'Alice in Wonderland Syndrome', it is a form of somatic dissociative response that occurs when the nervous system fails to relay the correct  proprioceptive (sometimes also called kinaesthetic -w here the body is in space) information back to the brain. It often occurs after trauma to that body part but may also be globalised as in chronic pain.I believe it relates to a memory of threat. Here how it shows up in some people and what you can do about it. For the medical view see the paper here
The lessons I learned in the self publishing process are HUGE. Here I distill them down into 5 essentials for any would-be self published authorIf you would like to review either book talked about here: The Dementia DiariesThe Scar that Won't Healplease do. They were and are a labour of love Next book mentioned here is provisionally titled "Life after Death: Messages from my Parents in the Afterlife and my aim is to publish this over the summer so it should be live within a few weeks.
in this short audio I talk about my latest book which is a big departure for me as it's a personal account of going through a dementia journey with my mum and the 9 lessons I learned. The emphasis  here is on it being a journey you can navigate without fear. The book is available on amazon uk here US here can be contacted on
In this podcast I talk about the second Emotional AUDIT programme which builds and adapts what i learned from running the first ever one last year. A chance to learn about and heal your attachment wounding and reverse longstanding issues of chronic symptoms like fatigue, pain and anxiety. Please note that you only now get 1 week between modules as from student feedback people didn't want to wait that long!
I n this 8 mins podcast I raise the important of a spiritual connection when healing. And I'm not talking about spirituality as religion or a belief system but the sense of connection to some purpose higher than your own physical self.
In this 30 min presentation I discuss the brain and physiologyThe binaural audio I mentioned can be found on the Youtube channel The Power of You.
A short audio on how and why I am developing a new approach to healing chronic states of fatigue, pain or anxiety and why I believe this has never been done in quite this way before.
Here I discuss Shame - a much misunderstood emotion -This is an example of the sort of interesting information I put out in our monthly sessionsJoin us on the Community Programme
In this short audio I talk about how the singer Will Young struggled with trauma from boarding school experiences and how mental health fails the vast majority of people who have similar experiences.
In this short audio I talk about some of my concerns of trust in the use of technology like cryptocurrency and social media that seem to elevate lies and dogma above authenticity. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) are rife and need to be understood as reactions to uncertainty. Human beings need to understand and feel some trust in something and anonymity allows us to hide our authentic selves. Without good communication, there is no ability to trust or grow a relationship - including that we have with money.Find me on, and
In this short audio talk about Finding your innate creativity as recommended in the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. in this review of I particularly focus on what she calls 'crazy makers' from Chapter 2 of the book. How some blocked creatives use their energy to keep you waylaid from uncovering yours.Find out how I use this idea in helping people in their recovery from chronic me on and
A quick guide to why emotions are important and why we often repress them creating illness.
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