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Author: Texas Public Policy Foundation

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The Rebel Tech podcast, hosted by Zach Whiting and David Dunmoyer, is a product of the Texas Public Policy Foundation that explores technology and innovation, and its implications on everything from culture, public policy discussions, business, to how we live our lives and interact with one another. The Rebel Tech podcast features prominent guests, ranging from lawmakers to entrepreneurs to thought leaders fighting on the side of humanity on the digital frontier.
6 Episodes
On this episode of the Revel Tech podcast, TPPF's David Dunmoyer and Zach Whiting are joined by Senator Tan Parker as they discuss the technology legislative agenda headed into the 89th Legislature. Sen. Parker outlines his vision for responsible artificial intelligence in the private and public sector in Texas, and what makes the Lone Star State an exceptional global leader on tech and innovation
On this episode of the Rebel Tech podcast, TPPF’s David Dunmoyer sits down with Rep. Giovanni Capriglione to discuss all things technology policy in Texas. Rep. Capriglione lays out his vision for responsible artificial intelligence in Texas, including how industry and lawmakers will work together to position Texas as a global leader in responsible innovation.
On this episode of the Rebel Tech Podcast, guest host Greyson Gee sits down with tech policy expert David Dunmoyer to discuss the promises and perils of self-driving vehicles. David makes the case for how and why Texas should be a national leader in autonomous vehicle development, while suggesting guardrails to protect human agency, autonomy, and dignity. In addition to providing public policy recommendations to maintain Texas' dominance in advancing this technology, they contend with the ethics, philosophy, and market development in this space.
On this episode of the Rebel Tech Podcast, David Dunmoyer interviews The Honorable Zach Whiting on children’s online safety. Zach and David discuss raising kids in the digital age, the harms of social media to kids and the steps that need to be taken by states to protect our most vulnerable online.
On this episode of the Rebel Tech podcast, the Honorable Zach Whiting interviews David Dunmoyer on data privacy, the threats the online marketplace poses to civil liberties and our freedom, and how Texas fought back by passing the most comprehensive digital bill of rights in the nation.
On this episode, David Dunmoyer and Zach Whiting introduce the Rebel Tech podcast and what viewers and listeners can expect. They shed light on their background and how they approach tech policy issues such as artificial intelligence, kids’ online safety, and more.