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Recalculating Small Business

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Recalculating, 97+ Experts On Driving Small Business Growth is a best-selling book for small business leaders. For the past five years, Small Business Digest has been one of the most successful podcasts on the internet.

They are the precursors of RECALCULATING, a unique new weekly radio program drawing from the best-selling book and podcast and aimed at small business leaders. It will also feature two of America’s best known commentators and small business experts.

Its content and guests are drawn from the large, rich talent pool of contributors to the book and the most acclaimed podcast guests. In its expanded new media, a wider net of experts and entrepreneurs will provide exclusive actionable information audiences can use to add profits.

Launching at the beginning of President Trump’s efforts to “Make America Great Again” which is expected to stimulate an explosion of small business across America, “RECALCULATING” will be in the forefront of the blossoming environment serving millions of small businesses.
181 Episodes
Our guests are Paul Ketchel from MD Save and Mark Lipton author of Mean Men
Our guests are Stuart Vener from Buy Your Timeshare and Ruthie Postow Birch author of How to Build a Piano Bench
Our guests are Brandi Britton from Office Team and Dr. Mark Davey from Confitex
Today my guests are Brian Michaud from ADP and James Rosseay from Legal Shield
Today my guests are Seth Green author of Marketing Domination for Podcasting and Chris Meyer from Magilla
Our guests are Jerry Mills from B2B CFO and Alex Dastmalchi from "Dastmalchi"
Today my guests are Reed Hanoun My Abilities & Paul Bellantone PPAI
Today our guests are Herschel “Buzz” Peddicord from InControl Medical and Michael Brainard from Brainard Strategy
Francesco Baschieri President of Voxnest and Greg Witt Chief Strategy Officer Engage Youth
Today's guests are Srivatsan Laxman, CEO of FrontdeskAI and David Bloom, General Manager of Sterling
Today's guests are Stuart Robinson from Capital One and Marissa Costonis a health change/guru, Coach at Change BITES
Today our guests are Leslie Guzman from Lupit & Jeffrey M Dennis from the law firm of Newmeyer & Dillion, LLC
Today our guests are Tom Shorma from WCCO Belting, Inc. & Jeff Kreisler from People Science
Today our guests are Janis Powers & Urlich Kellerer
Today we talk to Chris Dyer from People G2 Background Checks and Martyn R. Lewis from Market-Partners
Today's guests are Judy Robinett from Judy Robinett Enterprises & Bretton Putter from Culture Gene
Today our guests are Rick Miller author of Be Chief & Barbara Marder from Mercer
Today we interview Kevin Boyles from Millennium Trust and Macos Jacober from #LifeHacks
Today our guests are Brian Marcel, author of Raise the Bar, Change the Game and Deb Gabor from Sol
Today's guests are Dr. K Eric DeJonge from American Academy of Home Care Medicine (AAHCM) & Tasha Mayberry from BuzzBox
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