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Recovering Meth

Author: Kendall Kee

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"Being a meth addict is something I ain't proud of but, ain't ashamed to admit it either." A 12 year addiction came to an end August 26th, 2019. Homeless. Defeated & hopeless. Rock bottom right, right? Add congestive heart failure from all the drugs I had consumed. Now that's my bottom. What can I say, "I'm a straight up tweaker." I just chose not to die from my addiction. This is my recovery from meth. My journey to a life with hope. Faith. Above all else, a life not dependent on substance. Straight up.

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Deaths from addiction are nothing but heartbreaking and unnecessary. Especially when help is readily available. Yet, they happen. This episode takes a stroll down 17th Ave and Colter to remind myself of some people I have meet during my active addiction. Regardless of what we may have been doing, they were/are good people that I have had in my life. Take a stroll with me and hear the encouragement you need to hear today.
Jordan and Justin join this episdoe of the podcast. Both on their own recovery journey and both share their experience, strength and hope. Jordan shares his very real and relatable background with addiction and how he is striving to become the best possible version of himself. Justin shares his troubled childhood and how that ultimately influenced his lifestyle of addiction. Both men share their hope with the Recovering Meth podcast listeners. A follow up in 3 months is definitely needed with these two gentlemen.
Self-condemning is one thing that I still struggle with today. My actions, my thoughts, what I've said or didn't, are all very deceiving when it comes to fueling the shame and guilt that lead to my self-condemning. I find comfort in the phrase "progress not perfection". Most of all, I am a Child of God and I find strength and comfort in His word. Knowing that I am forgiven is supremely what helps me overcome my self-condemning tendencies. Listen as I share my experience, strength and hope.
Love & Lust - Ep. 026

Love & Lust - Ep. 026


What sins are you holdiing on to that you need to let go of? Isn't it time you let yourself free but giving it over to God? This episode talks about "lust" and how it has been holding me back from the promises of being joyous and free that come along with recovery. If I ain't careful, it could consume me enough to fall back. So I chose to let it go and share my truth.
My will is nothing but selfishness and chaos. I've lived 17 years of my will running wild to know that. Yesterday, I was spiritually weak and found myself fighting for my will to superceed God's will for me. It was nothing but fustration and pure ugliness. Little did I know, there was a bigger picture than only my perspective. God always had and will have a hand on everything that I do. Listen to hear how I was almost over taken by my negativity. Are you living by your will, or God's will?
In this episode, we get a new perspective about the blessings and struggles that come along with recovery. Javen & Jordan join me in this episode of experience, strength and hope.
"Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace." A beautiful piece of the serenity prayer that tends to be overlooked too often. In this episode, I speak about how a sudden depression has settled in these past few days. Seems fitting because I recently started facilitating "relapse prevention" classes. Did I take my own advice when it come to techniques to help prevent relapse? Listen to find out how I am getting through this season of my life. Be sure to check out
"Two addicts sharing their experience is unparalled to anything else." -NA Literature. Quincy is a young man who I have seen making strides while on his recovery journey. This episode is simply two men on the journey of recovery, sharing experience, strength & hope. visit
Grinding and grinding. Working and working. When was the last time you got some rest? Not sleep, but actual rest. In most cases, it's a lot easier said than done. Personally, God knew what I needed before I even asked. He blessed me with a cold, so I could realize that I too needed rest. I have to always remember that I am on the journey of recovery and must, get myself the rest that I need. When we keep going and going, the whispers of temptation become more lucrative because we are so worn from the everyday work, work, work. Even the energizer bunny dies out. So don't die out, get some well deserved rest. visit
In this episode, 2 guests join to share their relapse experience. We are bombarded with relapse prevention information and techniques to help handle those situations. Yet, chances for relapse are shockingly high for anyone on the road to recorvery. Our 2 guests, had 3 months of clean time between themselves, yet relapsed. This episode is to get the perspective of someone who has recently relapsed. What was going through their mind? What happened to the teachings of all the support groups? Listen in to find out. visit
Life is truly precious. Tell the ones you love, exactly how much you appreciate them. Be thankful for you have in your life. This episode is dedicated to everyone who has lost a loved one, due to addiction. It's heartbreaking. Know that resources are available. Share those resources. I pray this episode teaches that 1 person who needs to hear this. Be inspired. visit
It's a blessing to know that inspiration lives within us all. We have that power to inspire and be inspired. Hardships and triumphs, who do you share those with? The nay-sayers? Or those that will elevate you into greatness? Visit
Life after drugs was unimaginable early in my recovery. It scared more than anyone will ever know. Only because it was so foreign. After months of investing into myself, I realize life happened before addiction. Life happened during addiction. Yes, life will happen after drugs. It's a life that I am able to create by taking the time needed to invest into myself by beginning my recovery journey. visit
During my addiction, I know I wasn't living life, but moreso, just going through the motions. I wasn't able to recognize the blessings I had. I powerlessness I still have. When I take a few moments and slow things down, I am able to recognize the smallest things I tend to over look. I am able to rrecognize that I am strong because I can admit that I am powerless over things. Meth and alcohol are definitely some of the things I am powerless over. Are you able to recognize and admit you are powerless? visit
Your Episode - Ep. 015

Your Episode - Ep. 015


Some people want recovery. Others don't. It's going to be like that in any situation. What it comes down to is who is willing to do the work? This episode took the topic from one Facebook comment, via the Recovering Meth podcast. Great things are coming to help you be empowered and inspired. Definitely visit
The situations in life that baffle us, could either break, or determine what we are made of. Fortunately on my journey, I have my trust in my Higher Power. I have the support of so many. I may not have a job, but my biggest problem is the fact that I don't have any cigarettes at the moment. I am blessed. A positive attitude will take you a long way. Overcome any situation that life may throw in your path. visit
Difficulties from the new tranisiton of life. Instead of coping, I share how I overcame the struggles of the past week. An old friend reached out and shared a very heartwarming message. I finally uncover some intimate past events and definitely share my experience, strength and hope. This is definitley one of the most transparent episodes to date. visit
The unknown is like picking out a book blindly while hoping you pick that one mystery book out of the bunch. Why pick an entire new book, when you can easily create a new chapter? I have turned the page and begun a new chapter in my life. The struggle was not knowing if it was possible. I am here to confirm, that it is! Life continues and is even greater than anything I could have imagined it would be like. Isn't it time you begin a new chapter in your life? Visit
At times in life, we are confined to a box. Running & running with absolutely nowhere to go. That box may even become a coffin for some. Fortunately, I escaped that route. In 2 days, I will be discharging from the Richlin program and venturing into my own apartment. I have a lot to be thankful for. Glory to God. visit
Incomplete relationships can consume us from the inside, out. An incomplete relationship are those that carry an emotional tie that effects us when we speak on it. Today, I have completed one relationship that consumed me at the very core. This "must listen" episode shares my expeience, hope and heartfelt strength. visit
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