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Matt takes on Machines (or ‘Back to Humans’) Brian and Roger's dystopian track off of The Works.  We chat Sci-fi, lyrics, song structures and much more, and of course the scores, I suspect it will surprise our audience.
Ian tackles Roger's curious call back to a previous album "Sheer Heart Attack" off of News Of The World.  We chat Punk, live versions, the power of the chug and of course the scores, leaving Jai in a state of shock.
This week features Birmingham's finest Progressive Metal band Dakesis taking on I Want It All, Brian's rocker off of The Miracle.   We discuss Lyrics and performances ...and are Queen Prog?  How to deliver a Freddie Vocal, Deacy Magic, double Kick, Brian as a Guitarist?  And of course the songs.
Ep 77 : Coming Soon

Ep 77 : Coming Soon


Ian tackles Roger's effort Coming Soon off of The Game.  Under discussion, its place on the album, lyrical content, guitar solos, much more, and of course the scores. 
Ep 76 : Delilah

Ep 76 : Delilah


Ian tackles Freddie Mercury's whimsical track off of Innuendo.  We chat indulgence and guitar sounds and production and much more. And a round of controversial scoring and not for the reasons you would imagine. 
Matt tackles Brian's little blues ditty off of side 2 of Queen's News Of The World album.  We chat the normal nonsense around lyrics, Roger's Drumming style, John and Brian's Blues credentials, and of course the scores on the doors.
Jai covers Freddie's fantasy ballad "Lily Of The Valley " off of the Sheer Heart Attack Album.  We talk lyrics, breaking bad, flowers, and don't forget the scores.
Matt tackles Freddie's advice song Don't try suicide off of The Game.  The boys discuss Freddie's Lyrics and musical stylings, and much more,  and of course the scores
Ian once again tackles a Roger track off of the Jazz album, More Of That Jazz.   The boys chat about lyrical meaning, Roger's moaning at the invisible man, misheard lyrics, influence, and much more ...and of course the scores on the doors.
Matt takes on the Brian May Blues Rocker off of A Day At The Races, the controversial Tie Your Mother Down.  Ian tackles the very high Vocal.   We chat about the lyrical content, the musical content, the origins, and the episode also includes the Tie Your Mother Down Intro.   What will the boys score this season 5 kick-off song.
Matt takes on this obscure deep-cut off of A Night At The Opera; The Freddie Mercury mini-opera Bohemian Rhapsody.  We talk lyrics, production, Freddie rhythmic precision, playing, Deaky magic, and much more ...with very controversial scoring of course.  
Ep 69 : Sweet Lady

Ep 69 : Sweet Lady


Ian on cover duties this week, choosing the Brain May "Waltz Rocker" Sweet Lady off of A Night at The Opera.  We talk Guitar sounds, Tom sounds, Live Versions, Lyrics, Jai makes a crazy confession and of course the scores are as controversial as ever.
Ep 68 : Hammer To Fall

Ep 68 : Hammer To Fall


Special Guest Sarah Chapman joins the boys to chat about Hammer to Fall, Brian's rocker off of The Works.  Lyrics discussed, Era discussed, Guitar Solo analysis and more.  And of course, the scores on the hammer to fall doors.  Ian's Cover wraps it all up.
Ian treats us with a bluegrass version of Brian's delightful ode to ladies' bottoms off of Jazz.  What do the gentlemen think of the lyrics, the guitar playing, and ultimately what are they going to score this greatest hit?
Matt is on cover duty but enlists the help of listeners Sammy Martyr (Vocals) and Ben Wheeler (Drums) to do his cover of Stone Cold Crazy off of Sheer Heart Attack. The song's origins, cover versions and the meaning of Queen and scores are all discussed.Sam's band Martyrials can be seen on Tour
Ian takes covering duty for this Magic classic.  Scores are divided 
Ian has to re-cover and re-visit this Freddie classic off of Sheer Heart Attack.  We discuss In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited, the mood of the song, lyrical styles, place on the album and way more. 
Ian tackles this Roger Classic off of Night of the Opera, I'm In Love With My Car.  Aston's or Alphas TR4 or 5 ..does anyone care ? But most importantly can Jai be nice in his score for a Taylor track 
Jai tackles the Deaky classic You're My Best Friend off of Night of the Opera.  We discuss bass lines, the no synth confusion and more ...and probably the least surprising score ever.
Ep 61 : The Hero

Ep 61 : The Hero


This week Ian is a hero and delivers the Hero, the epic Brian May finale off of Flash Gordon.We talk songwriting credits, themes, drum styles, life theme tunes.  And of course the all-important scores.
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