DiscoverRed Hot Mindset for Christian Women - Productivity, Intentional Living, Simplicity, Spiritual Growth
Red Hot Mindset for Christian Women - Productivity, Intentional Living, Simplicity, Spiritual Growth

Red Hot Mindset for Christian Women - Productivity, Intentional Living, Simplicity, Spiritual Growth

Author: Gabe Cox - Faith-Based Accountability Coach

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How do I get unstuck? How do I take that leap of faith to go after my dreams when they feel so distant? How can I break down my dreams into achievable, stepping-stone goals? I desire simplicity and a life without hurry, but I still want to pursue my goals. How do those two connect?

Welcome to Red Hot Mindset where we take you through the fire so you can come out stronger and ready to tackle the vision God has for your life.

Gabe Cox brings you thought process, productivity tips, and inspirational stories from everyday people, all so you can move confidently toward your goals. Gabe gives a faith-based approach to building inner strength and resilience.

She believes life is one massive marathon, so step into the race and go after your dreams. Are you empowered by hearing others’ struggle/victory stories? Are you ready to take your dreams to the finish line? Hit play and let’s chat! Step into the fire because we know you’ll come out stronger!
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How often do we go to church on Sunday, feel inspired and motivated to do something different, but by the time we get home, we forget what we just heard as we go about our everyday life? Church and life shouldn't be separate; they should be intertwined. Understanding how to take what you heard, ensure it lines up scripturally, and then doing something with it is the basis for Christian living. Today we’ll talk about five different steps you can use to take what you learn on Sunday and study it further and apply it to your life throughout the week. I created a free study that is going to help guide you in your own quiet time. It's not meant to give you all the answers. It's meant to ask you good questions so you can do your own research, reflection, and analysis of what you hear and where you're feeling called through it. Let it be a guide as you are in your prayer time and seeking God's voice. Get Your FREE Quiet Time Workbook Here  FULL SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Have you ever heard something you think may have come from God but it sounded a bit crazy and out of your wheelhouse? What if I told you that could actually be something God is calling you to? Is it a bit scary? Is it a bit unknown? Does it seem impossible? What if I told you that’s a good thing because it means you’re going to need help, and you won’t really be able to take the credit when all is said and done. That’s the power of a calling, and today Zondra Evans shares her story of God calling her into the unknown and how being obedient has opened up more doors and opportunities than she could ever have imagined and that she’s seen His hand through it all. Zondra is the Executive Producer of a Communications Award-Winning TV Network which is a global multi-media platform. Zondra TV Network touts itself as an affordable, global marketing and advertising company that leverages TV streaming platforms such as ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and BCTV to showcase small business and provide global exposure with a potential reach of more than 200 million viewers. FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Connect with Zondra on LinkedIn Connect with Zondra on Instagram @ZondraTV_Network To be featured on the Zondra TV Network, visit CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Today we talk about anxiety, and I’m telling you, this is a constant battle I have to fight. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety in college, and though I’ve overcome this disease and am healed from it, those are the first feelings that creep up when things go wrong or I move into the unknown. My friend Heather Chapman from the Lessons From Home blog is back with me today sharing her story and a few tips to help our kids through their own fears and anxieties. FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Heather's Website: Connect with Heather on Instagram @lessonsfromhome Connect with Heather on Facebook @lessonsfromhomeheather CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
I feel like this past year has been a tough one for everyone. We all have had our struggles, our ups and downs, our good days and bad ones. Some of us have battled mental health, some of us physical, some of us job loss or transition, some have found themselves on a homeschooling journey they never thought they’d embark on. This past year was tough.  It’s crazy to think it was more than a year ago that the world shut down and that things became abnormal. More than a year in and things remain abnormal, uncertain, and we are filled with so many unanswered questions.  What are you struggling with right now? What was it about this past year that made it a tough one for you? How do we stay tough in tough times? FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE How to Keep the Faith When Things Get Tough CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Jennifer Hansen has such a powerful story of overcoming much loss and having victory over it, choosing to find the positive in her circumstances and find joy in the journey. 2020 was a year like no other, but Jen Hansen had some devastation in 2019 leading up to the unpredictable year.  I’m thankful she was willing to share with us some of that time and how she made it through. I think it will be an encouragement for you today, as it was for me. I found myself getting emotional right along with her as she poured out her heart! Running has become what Jen chooses to do with her free time. The run is her place to pray, reflect, plan her day, even socialize, and just become a better version of herself. FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Book: Mind Over Marathon CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
I think all moms look for time management tips to help them be more productive and make the most of each day. We all strive to be able to handle all that we can and be somewhat superwomen in our day-to-day life. However, because we try to do everything ourselves and be everything to everyone, most times we fall short. This is why I wanted to bring my friend, Marta Tancula, back to share her amazing tips on house management because she is great at it! As a working mom of two kids running her own side business, she has had to figure out how to balance her work with her family and not let all that she needs to get done in a day take her away from spending quality time with them. I'm pretty sure you're going to want to take your notebooks out for this episode because Marta brings the heat! FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Your Uncluttered Home ($50 off through April 17) Marta's Website: Marta's YouTube: Imperfect Life Balance Connect with Marta on Instagram CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Spring is here!!! Can you smell it? I love the smell of spring. I don’t know what it is about it. I could go without how wet it is, but that’s another story. But spring is a new season, and with it brings … SPRING CLEANING! I want to challenge you to add a different kind of spring cleaning to your routine this year. It’s something we don’t talk about as much, but it’s just as important. A spring cleaning of your mind!! Did you know that when you declutter your house, you are automatically decluttering your mind as well? Clutter and messes actually take quite a bit of brain space, and once you get ahold of the physical mess, it’s easier to take back control of the mess in your mind.  Stuff can really bog us down. It can create a more chaotic atmosphere in the home. Cleaning is harder with more things to move or maneuver around. Stress builds with stuff. Do you know what less stuff means? That’s what we’re chatting about today! FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Your Uncluttered Home ($50 off through April 17) CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
It wasn’t until after Wendy Braithwaite moved to Ottawa, Canada, that she started her running career. In 2012, the federal government was undergoing workforce adjustment, and she was counseling employees who had lost their jobs. The stress of the situation was overwhelming, and she started running to have an outlet to get out all the emotions from the day. In 2013 she ran her first half marathon. In 2015 she ran my first marathon, and in 2017 she ran her first 50km ultra marathon. Fast forward to today, she has completed 13 half marathons, 10 marathons, 1 ultra, and 1 Boston Marathon Virtual Experience.  Her road to Boston started the day she crossed the finish line of her first marathon just over 5 years ago. She just missed the qualification cut off by 37 seconds. She knew she had it in her, and it lit a fire within that has brought her to where she is today -- an overcomer. The most impressive part is that she doesn’t let her MS keep her from doing what she loves, and she uses it as fuel to keep fighting! If you haven’t listened to the first part of this chat, I encourage you to go back to it, as she shares her story and how she overcame many struggles to hit her goal of a Boston qualification. She shares her heart and leaves it all out there for us. Are you ready to dive into the lessons she’s learned and the mindset that helped lead her to a Boston Marathon qualification and a personal best time at the virtual Boston race? FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Book: Mind Over Marathon Connect with Wendy on Instagram @ottawaone2run CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Wendy Braithwaite knows what it’s like to have many ups and downs as she goes after her goals. The struggles she’s faced probably would have made most of us quit, but she is determined and keeps fighting to achieve the dreams she sets for herself. A big part of Wendy Braithwaite’s story is her diagnosis of MS. She was diagnosed with MS in 2002, while living in the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. MS was a shock, and with no family history, it was an enigma, and a new battle to fight. She had a difficult time in the beginning, but had great medical care, and stabilized over the years. Her main goal is to cross the finish line on Boylston Street one day, and she’d like to do another ultra, even though she said she never would do that again. Wendy learned that you should never say never because, otherwise, you may end up doing exactly what you said never to! FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Connect with Wendy on Instagram @ottawaone2run Book: Mind Over Marathon CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
March marks the one-year anniversary of the Red Hot Mindset podcast! I can hardly believe we made it through this past year, but how cool is that? I've learned many things along the way, but I wanted to share three of the major things I've learned in my podcasting journey this past year, and I think they can help you as you go after your own goals: Be authentically you (everybody else is taken). Don’t worry about what other podcasters are doing (follow Holy Spirit and where he guides you and the words he gives you). Keep going, don't quit. FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Natalie Hawkins Wendy Wallace Anat Gotfried Jennifer Whynot Jennifer Bergstrom Lucy Liu CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Today’s guest is not one to set small goals, and you all know I love a huge dreamer!! Mindy Harp has quite the story of cutting nearly an hour off her first marathon time to qualifying for the Boston Marathon on her second go-around! We talk about how she fits her training in as a mom of young kids while owning a business with her husband. She shares advice on how to bring your kids into your goals, which, if you know me well enough, you know that’s a hot button for me as well! We are our kids’ first example and hopefully their best! Mindy is a full-time mom of two wonderful, active boys. She and her husband are self-employed for Hassle-Free Renovations. She is an avid runner and enjoys all aspects of the sport. Even getting the whole family involved to run a 5k. In her spare time, she enjoys coaching middle school ladies soccer and coaching her boys in every sport they play. She resides in Lake Oswego OR, with her husband, two boys, and chocolate lab.  FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Book: Mind Over Marathon Connect with Mindy on Instagram @themarathonmommy CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
On Tuesday I had blogger and podcaster, Erin Todd, on the show talking about her journey of overcoming food and body issues and how Jesus set her free from the diet prison. If you want to learn more about her story, I encourage you to go back and listen to that episode.  As a redhead who battled insecurity and body image issues for over 30 years, Erin now claims the concept of being both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. Now she is on a mission to empower and equip women to Follow Jesus Not Diets.  Today I have her on our Thursday Tidbits to share a little more about Intuitive Eating, what it is, and how to get started with it.  WHAT YOU’LL HEAR: How to start seeing diet culture for what it is Why you need to learn to listen to your body The importance of learning to be spirit-led FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Erin's body image story Erin's Website: Connect with Erin on Instagram @ginger_in_progress Podcast: Intuitive Eating for Christian Women CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:  
I have a special guest with me today to share her transformation story with you. She’s a recovering perfectionist and chronic dieter, has battled an eating disorder, and even hit her weight loss goal but learned that it failed to satisfy her. She had a spiritual awakening in 2017 where God showed her that dieting was an idol, and today we talk about that awakening, what surrendering that idol was like and how it’s changed her life. FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Erin's Website: Connect with Erin on Instagram @ginger_in_progress Podcast: Intuitive Eating for Christian Women CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:  
Today’s Thursday Tidbits plays off idols in our lives and how to avoid them. One way to avoid creating idols is to hold things we love loosely - hold our kids loosely, hold our finances loosely, hold our passions or hobbies loosely. When we hold on too tightly is when these things can consume us and turn into idols that control us. Today we’re going to talk about this in relation to our kids. I’m sure we’ll discuss the other topics further in other episodes, but there’s enough to talk about just in this one area. FULL SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:  
On last week’s Thursday Tidbits, I had my friend Michelle Landrum from Loves7Grace on to share with us three tips on how to identify idols in your life and what to do once you’ve identified them. I decided to do a more personal episode today to share different idols I’ve had throughout my life, but as I prepped for this episode, I’ve revealed how quickly or easily anything can become an idol in our life if we’re not intentional and proactive with our focus! I’m hoping through my story you’ll be able to see any idols you may have in your own life and be able to begin the journey of releasing them. FULL SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:  
Today’s topic is about idols in our lives, and sometimes it’s hard to see them because they may not always be a physical statue! They could come in many forms - money, career, kids, marriage, and so on. I know you’ve been on a journey of revelations with this topic and revealed and released plenty of idols in my own life. I'm excited to bring back my dear friend Michelle to help us with this topic! Michelle Landrum is a wife, mom of 5, and a Certified Natural Health Professional who homeschools her kids. She was a corporate executive with experience in customer analytics, marketing, and technology. Michelle has a diverse set of experiences and wants to share the things she’s learned along her journey in hopes that it inspires and empowers others to live victoriously. Thursday Tidbits are short and sweet episodes filled with tangible tips you can implement immediately! My goal with these topics is that you can use them to fuel your growth as you focus on being intentional in every area of your life. Let’s get into today’s Thursday Tidbit. FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Michelle's Website: Connect with Michelle on Instagram @loves7grace Connect with Michelle on Facebook @loves7grace CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:  
Today is going to be so fun! My guest not only qualified for the 2020 Boston Marathon, but she’s also finished four ironmans! As a working mama, do you want to know her secret to getting all the required training in? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out! I’m fairly certain that you’ll have a sigh of relief and maybe, just maybe, think you could do it too!! Kendra Glassman worked as a dietitian for 15 years in various fields to include pediatric and neonatal nutrition before she decided to make a career change. She recently graduated from Red Rocks Community College with a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies.   WHAT YOU’LL HEAR: Why it’s important to be flexible with your training schedule How Kendra is able to get both marathon and ironman training in as a working mom How Kendra overcame a nagging injury that kept her from long-distance running for almost a year FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Book: Mind Over Marathon CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:  
Do you pick a word each year as a focus word? I started a few years ago choosing a word to define my year, and I find it helps center me and keeps me focused. In essence, it’s a way to filter my decisions and plans through a larger purpose. On today’s Thursday Tidbit, I’m going to share what my word is for 2021 and three tips on how you can come up with a word for your year! I know it’s February, but it’s not too late to decide to have a word of focus for the current year we are immersed in now. FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE “Oceans” by Hillsong Episode 33: How to Shift When Your Plans Change CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:    
Today’s mother runner doesn’t know how to quit, and that’s a good thing, because years of resilience and determination landed her with a bid to the 2020 Boston Marathon, and today we get to hear all about her journey to get there. It took about 6 years, 28 marathons, and a couple major setbacks to do it, but she did, and the best part of the experience is that she gets to set the example for her girls on how to persevere. Shannon White lives in Minnesota with her husband of 20 years and their four girls, ages 15, 13, 11, and 9. She works full time as a CT Tech on overnights at HCMC, a level one trauma center in Minneapolis and also works as a casual employee at three other hospitals and a radiology outpatient center.  FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Book: Mind Over Marathon CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:  
Today on our Thursday Tidbits we dive into the topic of nutrition and what it means for busy moms, how to encourage our kids in their health, and how to embrace it for ourselves.  To help me with this topic, I have my good friend Erin Grieger here to help me out. I met Erin online in a homeschooling group, and we realized just how much we had in common - from blogging, to fitness, to homeschooling - that we instantly became friends. I’m excited to share her with you today!  Erin is a motherhood lifestyle blogger who focuses on a mom’s journey with her health, home life, and homeschooling.  FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE Erin's Website: Connect with Erin on Instagram @eringrieger Nutrition program page: Ultimate Portion Fix and 2B Mindset Meal Prep and Planning Made Easy (includes recipes) CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:  
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