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How do I get unstuck? How do I take that leap of faith to go after my dreams when they feel so distant? How can I break down my dreams into achievable, stepping-stone goals? I desire simplicity and a life without hurry, but I still want to pursue my goals. How do those two connect? Welcome to Red Hot Mindset where we take you through the fire so you can come out stronger and ready to tackle the vision you have for your life. Your host, Gabe Cox, brings you thought process, productivity tips, and inspirational stories from everyday people, all so you can move confidently toward your goals. Gabe shares ways to stretch your potential without going into burnout, how to build up mental resilience over time to be ready for life’s challenges, techniques that are easily implemented to overcome life’s obstacles, breaks down how to turn your dreams into achievable goals, and gives a faith-based approach to building inner strength and resilience. She brings on guests like entrepreneur Gillian Perkins who share their dreams come true or their struggle/victory stories and how they are just ordinary people with extraordinary goals. Gabe believes life is one massive marathon, so step into the race and go after your dreams knowing it’s your own race, whatever you choose it to be. Are you empowered by hearing others’ struggle/victory stories? Are you ready to take your dreams to the finish line? Sounds great, right? What are you waiting for? Hit play and let’s chat! Step into the fire because we know you’ll come out stronger!
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We have so many things to be thankful for, don’t we? Thanksgiving brings about a time of reflection for many. Every day I write down three gratitudes to help me see the blessings in my life no matter what my life circumstances are at the time. But at Thanksgiving, I think I am even more intentional about finding things to be grateful for.This year has been a year, that’s for sure. But we can still be grateful for so many things! Maybe you’re grateful for your health, or you’re grateful for more family time, or you’re grateful that you were able to slow down. Maybe you’re more grateful for the work you have than ever before! We can turn these crazy times into blessing times if we choose to see the good that can come out of it. Today’s guest exudes gratitude even for the hard challenges she faced because they have made her stronger and helped her to encourage others through them. From an eating disorder to caring for her special needs son to redefining her faith, Jennifer Whynot has lived through much heartache turned into breakthrough and victory. She now thrives in the face of adversity and struggles she’s faced over her life, and she seeks to encourage others to do the same through theirs. By the end of this episode, you will know you are not alone in your struggles, and there is hope if you hang in there and persevere through them.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEARHow she was able to beat the eating disorder that had a stronghold over her life.Why it mattered to her that she didn't quit on her goal and how she used it to inspire others.Her story of turning back to her faith and letting it propel her forward.How she's recovering from a stroke and the therapies she is using as outlets in her healing process.FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODEJennifer's Instagram: @jenniferdawn00Jennifer's Facebook: @jennifer.d.grantWhynot Paintings: Page to help with medical bills from Jennifer's stroke and PFO heart hole: Mind Over Marathon on AmazonCONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
It’s already November, and we’re gearing up for another Thanksgiving season. November is known to be the month of thankfulness, and I love reflecting on the blessings in my life, but I don’t think it should be exclusive to Thanksgiving time. Gratitude is a trait we should adopt in our daily lives, and today we are going to talk about why gratitude works, what it does, and how to begin your own gratitude journal and journey. FULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODERegister for the free 7-day Gratitude Challenge!CONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
Today is going to be one of those really raw and real conversations, the ones I’ve been saying I’m shifting to. I’m learning to just let God lead and let Him use me for His ultimate purpose.I’ve been quiet about many things because I don’t like causing an uproar. I know what I believe, and, honestly, I probably have more wrong than right, but I do know that I’m called to be a light and a truth-bearer, and right now more than ever, I feel that’s what Christians need to do! We need to get off the bench and be a light.This episode may come off as harsh, but what I pray you hear in it is the urgency to be a critical thinker, to search for truth, and to get off the bench and pray for our nation. We need to be willing to step into the fire.FULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODEReal Clear Politics"Get Off the Bench" Podcast with Heidi St. John CONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
Today we’re talking about working out to avoid burnout, and I know what it’s like to be in burnout — I’ve been there, and it’s not fun! This episode is very much teaching driven with a ton of great tips and tricks to get you in sync with your physiology so you can workout at your best.Today’s guest has a multifaceted journey, and she learned that the way she was training was a partial cause for her adrenal issues. Because of these issues, she’s realized how important it is for women to learn how to manage their energy in a culture that really supports productivity and constant hustle in workouts and life.Jenni Hulburt shares her story of workout to burnout and how it made her shift her mindset into how to adjust as her body dictated rather than just working out intensley every time.Jenni and I talk about how to move with your cyclical body without depletion and how our cycle mimics nature’s. We talk a bit about the cultural narrative around “more and harder is better” and why that messaging sets women up for overtraining and burnout.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEARHow to move with your cyclical body without depletionMoving your body in sync with nature and why that’s beneficialSymptoms of adrenal issues and why your workouts may feel harder than usualWhat types of cultural and fitness messaging sets women up for overtraining and burnoutFULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODEJenni’s Website: http://www.jennihulburt.comJenni’s Instagram: @jennihulburt Workout Without Burnout Blueprint: by Stacy SimmsWild Power by Alexandra PopeCONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
Today’s mother runner is another 2020 Boston Marathon qualifier. She has had so much life happen to her, but one thing she has come to find is that running has made her a better wife and mother and also changed her life in many ways, including helping her battle and overcome bipolar and anxiety diagnoses she was given at a young age of 18. MaryBeth Garnder has been running consistently since 2013. Her proudest moment as a runner happened in 2017 as she pushed her (then) 5-year-old daughter in a stroller 10 miles at a 9-minute pace.She’s grateful for every day of running, and I’m grateful to be able to have her on today to share with you. By the end of this episode, you’ll find a new gratitude for whatever it is that helps you balance your life and find joy, whether it’s running or some other activity. We all need something to drive us that makes us happy that we can use it as fuel for our lives. Let’s get chatting!LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEARHow she deals with Florida’s heat and humidity while training for racesHow she’s dealt with and overcome a bipolar diagnosis she received in her late teen yearsHer advice on breaking free from the bondage and truly going after your goalFULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODESnag Mind Over Marathon on AmazonCONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
What happens when you find out that what you believed for the past 14 years was almost truth, but it missed the mark by that much? If it’s almost truth, it’s not truth. Hold on tight because I’m going to get real and raw with you in this episode and share just what I’ve been wrestling with the past months and how I’ve shifted my mindset.Today I want to encourage you to continue learning and growing, and when you have a question about something, take it to God in prayer, search God’s Word, do some research, and find the truths. Don’t just take what you hear and run with it, but make sure it lines up with truth.The hardest part is discerning truths from almost truths because the almost truths are wrong, but they usually sound good and are packaged in an appealing way to make them look like truths.FULL SHOW NOTES…ng-with-my-faith/CONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
How many times have I made excuses because I didn’t feel like it, or I don’t think I have what it takes, or maybe it just seems too hard? But God wants to use our weaknesses, our pains, our trails, and turn them into our message. Today’s guest is a perfect example of this. A flesh-eating bacteria left her in a 3-week coma, and she lost all four of her limbs, becoming a quadruple amputee. Life would never be the same as she once knew it, but after a while, she chose to use her experience to empower others in gratitude, kindness, positivity, and faith, and that is when One Exceptional Life was born.By the end of this episode, you will be able to understand how to use the gifts God gave you through your struggles and why gratitude and positivity are essential to live one exceptional life.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEARHer story of becoming a quadruple amputee and how it affected her life.The defining moment when she decided to use her struggle to empower others.How her family stepped up to help and the lessons they all learned through this painful experience.How gratitude played a huge role in her recovery and still does today.FULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODEWendy's Blog: https://oneexceptionallife.comWendy's Facebook: One Exceptional LifeWendy's Pinterest: One Exceptional LifeOvercoming challenges is easy when you include gratitude in the mix. Grab your Count Your Blessings Gratitude Calendaron any page on Wendy's blog.CONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
Today we continue our Boston Marathon series. I'm hosting moms who qualified for the 2020 Boston Marathon, which was postponed to September and eventually canceled altogether. These women are resilient, and I'm excited to share their struggle/victory stories and why the 2020 Boston Marathon would have been their victory run.I was inspired to do this because I know how disappointed I was hearing the news of the cancelation when you work for years toward a goal only to have it ripped away from you, it can be devastating. We can't always schedule our circumstances, but we can choose our attitudes toward them, and these runners have chosen to use this disappointment to propel them forward in new goals.Today's guest didn't start her running journey until her 30s post children. She attempted a few times throughout her life, but it never gained attraction. She never planned to even run a marathon, and now she has seven under her belt, including three BQs, but this year would have been her first Boston Marathon.She's had to work through multiple injuries and figure out how to get her training in with a busy family and work schedule. Sometimes we push our goals to the side because we think we can't have both a good family structure and a big goal, but Jen proves you can have both, and by the end of this episode, I think you'll be itching to develop a big goal for yourself if you don't have one already. Let's get chatting!LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEARHow she pushed past her comfort zone and the hard to begin her journey of enjoying running and racing.How creating a mantra sheet helped her stay positive and get through the 26.2 miles!How she found joy in the journey even when things don't come together just the way she had first planned.FULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODEConnect with Jen on FacebookSnag Mind Over Marathon on AmazonCONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
What does 8-10,000 feet elevation, 4,500 feet elevation gain, and 8 hours have to do with the 2020 Virtual Boston Marathon? Stay tuned to find out!’m so glad you’re with me today because I get to share a little bit about my journey and recap a little bit about what happened this past weekend. Don't worry, I always bring mindset into these episodes!Now the big question is: DId I actually run and finish the 2020 Virtual Boston Marathon and what takeaways did I have?LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEARWhat made this race more unusual than any I've ever doneWhat lessons I learned throughout the run.The next journey I want to take you on!FULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODEMind Over MarathonKT tapeAftershokzUcanCONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
Have you ever felt like something about you is minimizing what you can do? This something lessened your confidence and almost made you back down and quit on yourself. Maybe it’s a physical ailment, or maybe it’s a physical trait, or maybe it’s something someone said about you.Today’s guest has a pretty unique story about how growing up, having the same name as a celebrity, actually held her back and kept her feeling stuck. Today we dive into that and see how she went from unconfident because of this unique factor to allowing it to help her thrive. Lucy Liu is a certified life coach helping women in life transitions get unstuck, beat overwhelm, see clarity, set new goals, live a happier fulfilling life, and thrive. She is an unshakable optimist, wife, mother, easy-going entrepreneur, women empowerment workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, and now she makes it her passion to help other women rewrite their life story. She also inspires as the host of her weekly podcast, The Lucy Liu Show.I’m excited for you to hear our conversation, so let’s step into the fire!LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEARHaving the same name as a celebrity affected her confidence in her early years.How she went from feeling unfulfilled, stressed, and unhealthy to living a life she loves.What advice she gives for listeners to begin the process of their own personal development and transformation journey.FULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODELucy's Website: www.lucyliucoaching.comInstagram: @mslucyliucoachingFacebook: Lucy Liu Coaching CONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
I have a love/hate relationship with social media. It can be a great place to connect, ask questions, and network, but it can also be a place of shaming, comparison, and bullying. Our minds are so important to protect. God says to fix our eyes on what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy.Do you find yourself scrolling mindlessly or engaging in online arguments that aren’t beneficial? Maybe it’s time to detox your mind when it comes to social media. Detoxing the mind is as important as building your muscles and detoxing your body. I'm ready to disengage and focus on what is lovely, how about you?In this short chat, I’m going to share some negatives to social media and why we need to be careful with what we engage in, but I’m also going to share three ways to use social media effectively. It’s not going away anytime soon, and, for many of us, the benefits of using it far outweigh the cons of not.But, how do we ensure that we don’t let our minds go down rabbit trails or let our emotions get the best of us as we scroll? That’s what we’ll talk about today.FULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODERed Hot Winners CommunityCONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
It took 10 marathons before today's guest, Joy Burke, hit her first BQ on marathon 11. Talk about resilience!Joy lives in Rochester, New York, with her husband and three children, ages 8, 7, and 4. Both she and her husband are neurologists, and she works at the University of Rochester hospital specializing in Neuro-Oncology where she cares for patients with brain and spinal tumors as well as neurological complications of chemotherapy and radiation. She also keeps a general neurology clinic treating conditions like migraines, seizures, Parkinson’s, and neuropathy.She could have every reason to use this taxing work schedule as an excuse not to train, but she’s learned to fit it all in, and she has quite the story of overcoming to share. I hope you enjoy this week’s interview with Joy!----more----LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEARHow interval training helped her break the 4-hour marathon mark and hit her Boston Marathon goal.How hiring a run coach gave her direction and helped her see little details that she wouldn't have thought of on her own.How she was able to fit in her training and goals with a full and busy schedule.FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODEConnect with Joy on Instagram @runjoyellenSnag Mind Over Marathon on AmazonCONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
Do you ever create a list of daily habits you want to get done because you know they will help you grow and move you closer to your goals, but then you fail at getting it all in, you struggle to maintain that morning routine, and you feel like you’re falling further behind?Yeah, I’m guilty of this too, and guilty of making myself feel guilty for not getting it all done every day. We are so good at guilting ourselves, aren’t we? You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?Well, what if I told you it doesn’t have to be like that? What if you could create a system for yourself that actually worked and made you not only feel like you’re moving forward but actually worked to grow you!Enter the loop schedule.Tune in to hear more and learn how to create your own looping schedule for your morning routine!FULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODERed Hot Winners CommunityCONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
Today's guest is extra special to me. She is a cherished friend, one of my besties, and a part of a group of friends we affectionately call the "Hot Moms." Yup, that's we we call ourselves ... Trish Rousu has felt called to serve the Lord her whole life, even in the seasons she was running from Him. Currently, she works in youth ministry and is passionate about watching the students grow in their faith and to see many of them move on and lead their generation in building the kingdom of God.We dive into her struggle/victory story of overcoming offense in her life. It stemmed from a specific time in her life when she was hurt by the words of some she trusted most. It put her in a downward spiral and left her trusting no one and feeling really alone. She shares both her breaking and turning points and how she pulled herself out of the dark hole she felt she was in.FULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODEFallen Short PodcastFallen Short Insta: @fallenshortpodcastTrish's Insta: @obtainingpromisesRed Hot Winners CommunityCONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
Janine Grinage is a runner, wife, and mother.  She's been running for 40 years, as her love for running began in middle school.  She was on the track team throughout high school and then ran for pleasure during college.   After running several 5k and 10k races, she expanded her racing to include the marathon distance.  In her first marathon, The Cowtown Marathon in February of 1998, Janine finished in 9th place for the females and in 3rd place for her age group.  Three days after running Cowtown she found out that her finishing time qualified her to run in the race she has dreamed of running since she was 16 - The Boston Marathon.  Seven weeks after running Cowtown she found herself laced up in Hopkinton for the 12 Noon start.  LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEARHow she let go of what others said and trained for her first marathon in only 6 weeks!Why she will not use her medical condition as an excuse to keep her from pursuing her passions and pushing herself to the next level.What she did with her son's Autism diagnosis and how they worked it into their life.FULL SHOW NOTES LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODEConnect with Janine on FacebookJanine's E-mail: ja9262@yahoo.comSnag Mind Over Marathon on AmazonCONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
These 10 disciplines are easy to do, but they are also easy not to do. It all comes down to choice. We need to take responsibility for our own dreams and goals because unless we take the necessary action, we’ll never see the results.Just like you need all the ingredients listed in a recipe to make a delicious cookie, you need all the ingredients we talk about today to make your dreams come true. You might be able to make things happen without one or two or even five of the disciplines, but it will absolutely take longer and be more complicated, and here’s the kicker. The longer it takes to see the results, the easier it is to quit before they show up. These 10 disciplines are the shortcut! Why not bake a delicious cookie today by following the recipe to success?FULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODEGoal Mission Statement Workshop: for Peace: Hot Winners Community on & Group Coaching Over Marathon Book: Ingredients Checklist: Books That Helped Me Dream Again: Books // 3 Most Influential Books in My Life: WITH MEFacebook:
I met today’s guest as she was working on completing her first book, Motherwhelmed, which just released in April and is available on Amazon. At the time, I was working with a self-publishing company as a project manager and helping walk Beth through the final steps of publishing. Her story and message resonated with me then, and as I continue to read her book, I find that I’ve come out of a similar place as she has, and I just know if I relate to it, more moms will too. We immerse ourselves in what we feel motherhood should entail, and we lose ourselves in the diapers and feedings. Sometimes we forget that tending to our own needs is just as important as tending to our babes because if we are not filled up, we will have nothing to give, and we will be left feeling unworthy and frustrated in our very important role as a mother.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEARHow to no longer feel a never-ending losing battle in motherhood.Why meeting our own needs is vital to be able to express our values.How to let go of the perfect picture of motherhood and embrace who you are as a woman.What she learned during her time writing and publishing MotherwhelmedFULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODEMotherwhelmed BookBeth's Website: www.revolutionfromhome.comBeth's Instagram: @revolutionfromhomeBeth's Facebook: WITH MEFacebook:
The 2020 Boston Marathon was at first postponed to September and later canceled and shifted to virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which was unsettling for many runners who qualified and were left questioning if they would still have the opportunity to snag a bid to the 2021 Boston race.Thankfully, the Boston Athletic Association is allowing 2020 qualified runners to do the virtual race as well as apply for the 2021 race, but this doesn't guarantee a spot in the historic and sought-after race. In the coming months, I'm bringing a few mother runners on the podcast who would have considered the 2020 Boston Marathon their victory run and dive into their struggle/victory stories and what it took to get them there. The 2020 Boston Marathon would have been Anat Gotfried's victory run because she thrives off a challenge and wanted a goal to separate her from the ordinary runner. Today we dive into her running journey and talk about the struggles of trying to get the necessary training in while performing all the roles motherhood brings. We even chat about her experience running a marathon 6 months pregnant and postpartum.It took mental fortitude for her to qualify for the 2020 Boston Marathon. Find out how running back-to-back marathons actually helped her solidify that Boston qualifying time. By the end of this episode, you may just be inspired enough to get up and go and train for your first marathon if you haven't run one already!LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEARHow she met her husband because of the NYC MarathonHow she worked her training around her responsibilities as a motherWhat it took for her to qualify for the Boston Marathon and how she controlled the controllableWhy having a coach in her life made all the differenceFULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODERed Hot Winners CommunityMind Over MarathonCONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
Today’s guest exudes positivity in all she does, but it wasn’t always that way. Nat Hawkin's victory story comes from 14-plus years of dealing with mental health issues and having to overcome so many crippling and debilitating lows in order to succeed at living a happy life.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE TO HEARHow she went from smoker and unfit to runner without any past running experienceWhy running is one of the best medicines and how she pulled herself out of 14+ years of mental health issuesFind out how her struggle/victory story at the London Marathon has helped define her strength and resilienceHear how she is working through an injury that is keeping her from doing what she loves -- runningFULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODENat's Instagram: @notanotherrunnerNat's Facebook: Another Runner Podcast (Spotify| iTunes| Anchor)CONNECT WITH MEFacebook:
Critical thinking is vital when it comes to our freedom. Critical thinking and logic come from asking good questions and seeking the answers for yourself. I challenge you to ask your own questions, to get off social media, and do your own research. Today I'm going to share some of my own questions with you.FULL SHOW NOTES MENTIONED IN EPISODERed Hot Winners CommunityCONNECT WITH MEFacebook: 
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