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Thank you for consistently joining, Shaniece M. Wise, Business Expansion Coach and Strategist, every week as she brings you a new episodes from Business Owners who are expanding and transforming their personal lives and businesses, in order to shift and go to the next level.
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In today’s episode I am interviewing Monica Rivera who is a proud Latina from The Bronx. Monica left Corporate America after a successful 15-year career in marketing, and is now the proud owner of the podcast, “You Wanna Do What?” and a Personal Development Coach. As Monica shares her story, we learn that she lost all passion in her marketing career. It became evident while sitting in a job interview during yet another reorganization that this was no longer the life for her. After transitioning through reorganization after reorganization she soon found herself further and further away from what she really wanted to be doing. “When you work for someone else you lose all control over your career.” The turning point in her life came when she realized that doors were not opening for her. She was in the middle of a bad relationship and being out of sorts in her personal life was spilling over into her professional life. Having a Type-A Personality, Monica always had detailed plans for the years of her life, but at this time, she could not tell you the plans for the upcoming months. She knew that she had to make a change, and this is when her podcast was born. Read more at: Music By: Christopher BrownContact Information:
Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise - Business Expansion Coach & StrategistIn this episode Shaniece shares asks the question “Are You Ready To Share Your Story”In this episode Shaniece reminds business owners how important it is to remember who you are and how uniquely God created you. It is important to remember that it is up to you to motivate yourself, it is no one else's responsibility but yours.Take the time to listen to this episode and be encouraged to continue to push forward no matter what life throws at you, you are meant to thrive and not just survive, as your build the type of business that will change millions.Excerpt:There are many times in life where we fail, and circumstances will try keep us down. There are so many people in the world just allowing life to take them under; allowing their gifts to go to waste and to go untouched. Now more than ever does our world need DETERMINED AND UNSTOPPABLE people willing to stand up and tell their stories. That is why you write, you sing, you speak. If you don’t, your story will never be told, and others will never be blessed by it............To continue reading, go to M. Wise - Business Expansion Coach and StrategistMusic By Christopher Brown
Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise - Business Expansion Coach & StrategistIn this episode of “Red Lipstick Chronicles: Tips from the Lips of Successful Entrepreneurs,” we are talking about Building an Empire While Starting a Family. Our guest today is Mandie Brice. A Los Angeles transplant, Mandie hails from the Greater Milwaukee Area. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a degree in education, Mandie worked in the Milwaukee Public Schools as a schoolteacher. Owning your business certainly comes with risks. Risk takers take so many risks that after a while, those risks no longer feel like risks but normal activity. My husband and I have made three major relocations recently. We moved from Wisconsin to Northern California, and then a few years later, to Los Angeles. Since I am a makeup artist, every move meant I had to start my business all over again and build a new clientele. To make ends meet, I started doing the same side hustles that I did in college. Passing out food samples in the grocery stores, handing out free T-shirts at concerts, and gigs like that............... ​​​​​​​Continue Reading at By Christopher Brown
Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise - Business Expansion Coach & StrategistIn this episode Shaniece shares a article she wrote, titled "7 Tips You Can Use To Grow Your Social Media Platform"As a business owner you must understand that Social Media is a great platform to grow your business, revenue and profits.How do I know?In one year, I grew my revenue to six-figures by strategically using Social Media to create awareness around who I am and what I do.Today, I want to share with you “7 Tips You Can Use To Grow Your Social Media Platform”.1. Set Clear Goals. You must identify why you desire to grow your social media platform and what you desire to achieve, before you do anything. It is important to determine how often you plan on posting. Setting clear goals will give you a purpose and a reason to take action (even when you do not feel like it).2. Your Message. As you set your goals, identify what message you want to convey and what solution you are providing your followers. The message is important because it is what attracts your “ideal clients”. This is an area where many business owners fail and as a result, they leave money on the table. The message must be clear and speak the language of those who you desire to work with.3. Show Your Expertise. You have now clarified your goals. Next, focus on being consistent and accountable to your goals. People spend money with who they believe in. They must believe in you as the expert in your industry and believe in the solution you provide. This is where consistency must show up and become your best friend. Consistency is huge! Your followers want to see posts, videos, and quotes. Your followers want to see you in action. I recommend you hire someone to attend your events, workshops, and anything that you do that shows your strengths, so they can take pictures and record you in action. Post on Social Media all pictures showing your strengths.4. Interact With Your Audience. As you post, make sure you interact with your audience by responding to their comments and their personal posts. Show that you desire to develop relationships. Ask your followers questions; Really listen to their answers; Be compassionate and friendly; Offer friendly advice when asked; Do not be afraid to give away tips that will help them; and show that you know what you are doing.5. Show That You Are Human. Your followers also want to see that you are human. Show pictures of you and your family, you vacationing and just enjoying life. You do not have to open your entire life or share intimate details, but at least show that you are a real person. I also advise that you do not share anything that you do not want shared twenty years from now. This is why goal setting is important and being clear about what you want your audience to see.6. The Hashtag Game. The purpose of Hashtags is to share content with people who are looking for someone in your profession. Research Hashtags that do not have a lot of posts connected to it. Be strategic! It makes it easier for your content to be seen. Look for hashtags that have under a million posts. Also, post your hashtags in your comments instead of in your descriptions. You want your audience to read what you are teaching or sharing, not focusing on the hashtags you are using.7. It Is Not About Selling. Remember it is not about selling, it is about educating. Through sharing who you are, what you do and commenting with great responses, you will have the opportunity to gain new clients. You must learn how to sale through education. It is all about helping your audience find a solution to their problem, and not constantly saying “Buy This”, “Purchase This”, etc. Always focus on teaching and educating consistently and watch how your sales grow.Shaniece M. Wise, Business Expansion Coach and StrategistMusic By Christopher Brown
Taren is the owner of “Sweet Petites Desserts”.Let’s dive into Taren’s interview.Being a 3rd generation baker, cooking came second nature to me. My grandmother imparted the love and skill of baking into me as a small child. Although I love to cook, it is a gift that I seldom shared outside of friends and family. Shortly after being was married, and while I was 7 months pregnant, I was laid off from my job at IBM. Being that far along in my pregnancy made it almost impossible for me to search for a new position, so I decided to stay home with my baby. After staying home for two years, I returned to Corporate America in a sales position, which I hated. During my search for purpose, God spoke to me through a friend. Over dinner one day she said,” You should sell your desserts.” Being a programmer, I am a numbers person, and in my head those numbers just did not add up. It seemed too extreme, but she was truly the voice of God. I wrestled with that concept for 30 days. During those 30 days, God revealed to me how all of my life’s experiences would be an asset to me in building my business. I developed my plan, wrote my vision, and have not looked back. As an entrepreneur, I knew that I was going to always think about what’s next. I knew I would have to keep things fresh. I knew that I was going to have to offer something that no one else in the city was offering, because people always go to what they know.I call Sweet Petite Desserts a family business, even though I am a sole proprietor. Five years ago, I hit rock bottom Neither me nor my mentor realized that my bakery was considered a destination spot. Even though I was located less than a half block away from two restaurants, no one would walk to the bakery for dessert, especially during adverse weather. I would go weeks without a customer. After a conversation with my landlord, God moved. My landlord, who is a major stake holder in the revitalization of the Over The Rhine neighborhood, took over my marketing, and started to drive traffic to my bakery. They believed in me to the point that they allowed to me stay in the building for one year totally rent free. They also paid for my utilities for that entire year. That was my defining moment and it was a sign from God that I was right where I was supposed to be. When you are on the right path, many doors will be opened for you, just be obedient to the instructions that God places in front of you. That also let me know that there is enough for all of us. There is no need for anyone to covet their neighbors’ dreams. I have five steps that I take to push past fear: 1.Define what fear is to you. Fear is not failure, is not always negative, and should not be scary. Fear can also be a warning to protect you. I like to channel fear from a curiosity standpoint. I want to see what is on the other side. 2.Don’t fear the process. You have to go through something to get somewhere. Embrace the process and learn from it. 3.Know who you are when you are getting ready to birth something. Do the work to birth the dream, because you know at the end you are going to have something beautiful. 4.Be sure about what you are doing. Are you trying to work a get rich scheme? A hobby? What is your why? Do your best and allow God to do the rest. 5.Look at fear as fuel, and not something to stop you. Once you make a decision, live with it. Don’t carry that dead weight around with you. Let things go. Stay focused to your path. Recognize fear, but always ask why you are here. Deal with it, and keep it moving.If you are ready to expand your business, let’s schedule time to chat. Click Here - Website: redlipstickchroniclespodcast.comBe sure to join my community on Facebook, Branding, Marketing and Selling Strategies with Shaniece:
Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise - Business Expansion Coach & StrategistGuest: Tray Kearney Tray is an author, speaker and Certified Life Coach. In her Coaching Business, she helps people heal from the trauma of infidelity.Let’s dive into Tray’s interview.I have discovered that the main reason why people cheat is immaturity. I got married very young. I was married to a man who was trying to do all of the right things. He was successful in his career, making money, and taking very good care of home. He was doing his best to do all of the things that he had been taught that a man was supposed to do, but he was a workaholic. He never had time for family, and I have since learned that my love language is time. He was able to give me everything that I wanted except time.It was not long before I had an affair. I left my husband and he left his wife so that we could be together. It was not long before I was left devastated because the man, I left my husband for was soon cheating on me. What hurt more than the fact that he was cheating on me, was the fact that I now knew exactly what that pain felt like. I had to come to the realization that I had caused that same pain in some other woman’s life. Many people are not able to share their story because they are still in it. Other times they just do not know that they need help. I am able to share my story because I want other people to know that they are not the only one going through it. They are not alone. Many people have asked me if I had any regrets in life, and I have to honestly say no. Had I not been where I was, I would not have known the results, or learn how the trauma of how infidelity impacts not only the man and the women, but the children involved.Many of the things that we do as adults manifest out of our childhood experiences. In my own life, I had a stepfather who loved me very much. He was very much involved in my life from the age of nine until he passed away. Him and my mother were never married. He was still married to another women, and my mother was the side chick. My mother battled with alcoholism. My mother lost her mother at the age of 15 and lived with a father who paraded a number of women in and out of their household, many of them not much older than she was. She had become a product of what she saw. When my step father passed away, his wife came and took everything that was legally hers. My mother was left with nothing.After working with my life coach, I had my “Aha” moment. God had given me a gift and expected me to use to live an abundant life. That is when Tray Kearney Consulting and Coaching evolved. I became a support person to people working through the trauma of infidelity. I was able to use the negative aspects of my life to bless others. I was all set to write my first book. Today I would like to leave you with my Five Steps To Grow Beyond the Pain:1. Get some help. Hire a coach or therapist. Learn how to face your truth and find clarity within.2. Forgive. Forgive not only the others involved, but yourself as well.3. Be accountable for your choices.4. Always be honest with yourself. Truth plus transparency equals healing.5. Take back your power. Have authority over your own life.Always remember: You are not your biggest mistake; you are your better choices.If you are ready to expand your business, let’s schedule time to chat. Click Here - sure you subscribe on iTunes, Google-play, Soundcloud.Podcast Website: http://redlipstickchroniclespodcast.comBe sure to join my community on Facebook, Branding, Marketing and Selling Strategies with Shaniece:
Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise - Business Expansion Coach & StrategistIn this episode Shaniece features a Facebook Live training that she trained on in “Branding, Marketing and Selling Strategies with Shaniece” which is her group on Facebook. Title: 5 Qualities of Successful EntrepreneursQuality 1. Successful entrepreneurs have a solid unmovable, unshakable passion. This is the type of passion that will weather any type of storm. Life is filled with all kinds of ups and downs, and successful entrepreneurs understand that business will be this way as well. They know who they, or like I say in my book, Activating Your Gifts, they know Who They Be!Their businesses become a part of them. They are passionate about what they do and they share it with others. They are excited about what they do, even during their lowest times. Quality 2. Successful entrepreneurs understand the difference between a growth mindset vs. fixed mindset.A fixed mindset keeps business owners in a box. They blame everything on their surroundings instead of taking full responsibility for what happens. They always have excuses on why they can’t instead of why they can.A growth mindset looks at the opportunities and they take responsibly for the results. They are always open to the possibility. They take advice from others and they are clear to not take advice from people they would not switch places with. They understand that they need someone coaching and/or mentoring them that is doing better than they are.A growth mindset understands that if something does not go right the first time, then they must figure out what they need to do better the next time. They are always open to the opportunities. Quality 3. Successful entrepreneurs desire to be the expert.The goal is to be the expert. They understand the importance of their ideal clients connecting to them and wanting to be in their space. They understand that they must grow and invest in themselves in order to be the expert. Success entrepreneurs attend workshops, takes classes and invest in their personal development. Quality 4. Successful entrepreneurs are clear about their goals and desires.They are not looking to the left or the right, but they are looking straight ahead and up. They understand that they are only competing with themselves.Quality 5. Successful entrepreneurs are clear about creating multiples sources of Income.The reason why some entrepreneurs fail is because they do not have different branches of income coming in at once. For example, take a look at Tyler Perry. He has many branches of income. One branch is producing movies, another is TV, another is plays, and he has his own studio. Successful entrepreneurs understand that they cannot just have one area of income coming in, they understand the importance of diversification.Successful entrepreneurs never get complacent, because they have the mindset of a millionaire; to serve others; and to take care of their families.Being a successful entrepreneur is a life style choice, that is worked on daily.
"Red Lipstick Chronicles - Tips From The Lips Of Successful Entrepreneurs"Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise - Business Expansion Coach & StrategistGuest: Kimberly McLemore - Author, Radio Producer, CEOToday’s guest is Author Kimberly McLemore. Hailing from the DC Metropolitan Area, Kimberly wears a lot of hats. Not only is she an award- winning author, she is the Co-Founder and Producer at TALK Radio & TV Network, LLP, and the CEO of Women’s Small Business Initiative, LLC. Kimberly is also, successful in her position of Project Manager for a Washington DC based company. Author Kimberly has penned two books. “How To Be A Success By Just Being You”, and her memoir, “Deception of the Heart: A Real Look into Domestic Violence”.Coming from a domestic violence situation, Author Kimberly does not like to use the term survivor. She says, “Living in that situation every day was surviving”. Author Kimberly’s goal is to help other women who have dealt with Domestic Violence to move forward. Although October has been designated as Domestic Violence Awareness month, Kimberly wants everyone to remember that Domestic Violence is not a once a year activity. This is something that women are living with daily. Focusing on these three things helped Author Kimberly the most during her hardest times. 1.She was going to fight to live another day for herself and for her son. 2.Not looking in the rear-view mirror. It was important for her focus on the future, and not to constantly look back at what was. 3.Move away from the constant survival mode. Author Kimberly has some good tips to share with women who are in, or coming out of domestic situations. 1.Go through the process. There are steps you must go through in order to process everything that is or has taken place.2.Write it down. Put your thought and feelings down on paper. You can one day put these words into a book to help someone else. 3.Take the legal steps needed to control your abuser. In conclusion, Author Kimberly encourages all women to “own your responsibility”. Get a mentor or have someone help you manage what you have gone through (or going through). You must know who you are, and she challenges you to not say yes to everything. Not every yes, is a good yes. Consistency is key. As a free gift to all of our listeners, Author Kimberly is giving away a copy of her newest book, “Are you Living or Existing: Pro’s and Con’s of Balancing Life.” To obtain your copy, you can reach her at, or she can be found on all social media platforms at Kimberly M. McLemore. Be sure to reference “Red Lipstick Chronicles Podcast”.Web-site:www.wsbillc.comEmil: kimberlymmclemore@gmail.comIf you are ready to expand your business, let’s schedule time to chat. Click Here - sure you subscribe on iTunes, Google-play, Soundcloud.Podcast Website: http://redlipstickchroniclespodcast.comBe sure to join my community on Facebook, Branding, Marketing and Selling Strategies with Shaniece: www.shaniecemwise.comJoin Shaniece's Business Community: YouTube: Page: Music By: Christopher BrownContact Information:
Shaniece M. Wise-Spencer is a mother, wife, daughter, child of God, and a lover of music. This only scratches the surface of who she is. Shaniece is blessed to be the mother of ten year old son, Brandon Charles. She is also able to live her amazing life with her husband, Stafford "Staff" Spencer. Brandon Charles is active in sports, he maintains excellent grades and is currently in the gifted and talented program at his school. Shaniece talks with Brandon about what type of business that he would like to start one day. Shaniece is a Certified Business Expansion Coach and Strategist, author of workbook “Activating Your Gifts” and currently working on writing her second book for business owners. Shaniece speaks, does keynotes, and travels around the country teaching at workshops and events.Shaniece works with businesses owners who ask the question, “what’s next”. They are past the start-up phase; have a few employees and need to up-level their systems and strategies. These business owners are ready to transform, and expand. They are ready to transform their revenue, profits and cash flow. Shaniece calls herself a one stop shop for her clients where she is able to work with them on every area of their business. Shaniece is a proud graduate of THE Ohio State University, Max Fisher College of Business. After graduating with two business degrees. After spending two years in Corporate, she walked away from her job in order to run her own business. Shaniece started her successful 14-year journey with Mary Kay Cosmetics as a Top Sales Director. Shaniece earned 7 free career cars, 4 of them being Pink Cadillacs, ran a unit with over 200 consultants, and in one year sold over a half-million dollars, worth or products.Business owners all over the country were asking her how to help them build their businesses. It was hard trying to help business owners outside of Mary Kay because her business and managing her unit took up so much of her time. After 14 years, and hearing from God, a shift took place. Shaniece stepped down from Directorship and sent her 7th Pink Cadillac back to the company. It was the end of the road for Shaniece in Mary Kay Cosmetics. She was no longer limited to who she could help and now she was building her own brand.Shaniece’s book was birthed after her transition. She watched many business owners sit on their gifts, and her greatest motivation was her father. Her father was an excellent stylist. He had the ability to match and coordinate outfits that caused his family and friends to seek out his help. Shaniece’s father never fully acted on his gift, and took it to his grave. It is her life's desire to never see another person be buried with their gifts untapped. Shaniece’s book is titled, “Activating Your Gifts”, is all about Personal Development. She believes before you can fully develop your business, you must personally development. She believes they both go hand in hand and that is why so many businesses across the country are using it.Shaniece then, invested in a Business Coach because she believes that all business owners need a Coach. She needed someone who could teach her, because she knew a lot. Shaniece needed someone who knew more than her, and could help her expand. Needless to say, the rest is history. Shaniece has a phenomenal Coaching Program and her clients receive results, high level results. They are happy to be in the program and Shaniece is happy to have them.Make sure you subscribe on iTunePodcast Website: http://redlipstickchroniclespodcast.comWeb-site: www.shaniecemwise.com YouTube: Page: Music By: Christopher BrownContact Information:
"Red Lipstick Chronicles - Tips From The Lips Of Successful Entrepreneurs"Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise - Business Expansion Coach & StrategistGuest: Dr. JaNae Taylor - Licensed Therapist/CounselorDr. JaNae Taylor is a licensed counselor in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is licensed to practice in the state of Georgia as well. Dr. JaNae is also a therapist, entrepreneur and podcaster. In September 2017 she started her podcast, Minding My Black Business and the focus of the podcast is to provide mental health for the black communityDr. JaNae realized she wanted to be a therapist for the black community when she had the opportunity to see other people who looked like her, doing exactly what she desired to do. Being on her own at her private practice, she decided to offer mental health services exclusively for the black community. Dr. JaNae does individual, some family, and some couples counseling. The focus is on healthy relationships, having a work life balance, race related traumas, and black entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed, isolated and anxious. Dr. JaNae finds that the black community has some of the most creative and motivated people, that put a lot of energy and attention into their goods and services. The area that they do not put as much attention towards is the personal impact the business has on them and the self-neglect. Business owners believe there is something shiny about the Hustle Mentality, but in Dr. JaNae’s eyes, there is a lot of danger in this mentality. She believes that the danger in the hustle mentality causes people to not only say, but act on the phrases, “I will sleep when I am dead”, and, “No rest for the weary”. She feels this is not practical or the truth because everyone needs rest.Dr. JaNae’s says the idea is to humanize black entrepreneurs. She wants black entrepreneurs to recognize their talents and gifts. She needs them to understand that there are times when they need take a pause and rest, because a healthy entrepreneur is a healthy business.Here are four ways, Dr. JaNae believes black business owners can pace themselves, and at the same time grow at a high level:1.Give yourself permission to not be “on” at all times, for everyone.2.Make sure you are a part of an accountability group or you have an accountability buddy, that is connected to your business/industry and understands entrepreneurship.3.Get back to the basis by drinking water daily, eating consistently, getting rest, and staying on a schedule.4.Recognize what you do as a business owner and know your boundaries.A book that Dr. JaNae recommends is By Dr. Beverly Tatum, “Why Are The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria”. Dr. JaNae is currently working on a Digital Academy, which will have skilled based worksheets for black entrepreneurs to purchase and use. Email address:, Website is If you are ready to expand your business, let’s schedule time to chat. Click Here - sure you subscribe on iTunes, Google-play, Soundcloud.Podcast Website: http://redlipstickchroniclespodcast.comBe sure to join my community on Facebook, Branding, Marketing and Selling Strategies with Shaniece: www.shaniecemwise.comJoin Shaniece's Business Community: YouTube: Page: Music By: Christopher BrownContact Information:
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