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This is a podcast we decided to create an order to share some of the more controversial theories. I have to warn you that you may be triggered or get some emotions going. It ok. Energy is meant to be in motion. E-motion. If you decide it’s too much for you today feel free to leave the group. I won’t be offended. We all have our path and some are on different levels
19 Episodes
EP:18 Current events

EP:18 Current events


In this episode, Romy and Harold give a sample of Buffalo Drums talk about some more serious topics dealing with current events. Reach Harold at infiniteyou77@gmail.com
Romy and Harold speak with Margaret Bryant in which they received #channeled validations.
In todays show Romy and Harold speak about the Nahko Bear allegations and shares stories of synchronicity.
After a short hiatus, Romy returns to RedPill Rapport Podcast and introduces a new Co-Host.Harold Hoenow is a community activist and leader in San Antonio's Spiritual community. He brings the wisdom and the balance that will benefit all who tune under construction @infiniteyou77
Replay of our livecast

Replay of our livecast


#RedPillRapport #Virus #podcastRomy and Josh discuss the virus scare, aliens and other topic coming soon to the RPR
Carl Marshall Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
Midnight Paranormal Society

Midnight Paranormal Society


We are back. Romy and Josh talk to the Midnight Paranormal Society in San Antonio TX. Facebook: paranormalmpsEmail:
Josh an Romy discuss an recent unexpected change in life's path, past episodes and future topics
Romy and Josh speak to Krista Raisa about spiritual awakening, channeling, and the super brain food OrmusKrista Raisahttps://galacticfaery.godaddysites.comprana tube center of body operates in 11 dimensions of brain waives making Ormus
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Alexis Buck is Spiritual Counseller & the creator of the Ascension Diaries. She has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and has spent years researching cosmic weather, disclosure, spirituality, energy work, "Ascension Symptoms" and counselling people going through their spiritual awakening. out Alexis Buck Twitter and Snapchat(@livein5d)
Romy speaks with Harold Hoenow a community activist and Romy speaks with Harold Hoenow a community activist and spiritual mentor. In this episode we take a phone call from a listener who tells us a story about what he saw in the sky. FB: infiniteyou77IG: infiniteyou77. In this episode we take a phone call from a listener who tells us a story about what he saw in the sky. FB: infiniteyou77IG: infiniteyou77
Romy In The Raw speaks to Zahra, creator of Guidance by Z
Romy speaks with Margaret Bryant Energy Oracle. During the conversation, Margaret channels a couple different collectives who bring some unfiltered answers to your cosmic questions.Enjoy with discernment
Ian Jacklin interview on Red Pill Rapport . Ian is a Author, Film Maker, Health Coach, Activist, Actor, Kickboxing Champ.
Romy sits down with author, artist, model and actress Kat Day#interview #podcast
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