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This is The Redeeming Productivity Show, where we talk about technology, techniques, and theology in the light Scripture, to help Christians get more done and get it done like Christians. Hosted by Reagan Rose.
5 Episodes
In this episode we look at the phrase “redeem the time” from Ephesians 5:16 and how having an appreciation for the preciousness of our time changes how we live. From the writings of Jonathan Edwards, we examine four reasons why time is the most valuable resource on earth and what that means for how we spend it.
Ever dreamed of retiring early? How about retiring at 25 or 30? In this episode, we talk about a movement that is inspiring young people to be very productive now, so they can be far less productive later. The financial independence, retire early movement, or FIRE for short, has continued to gain traction among millennials, including some believers. But how should Christians think about this?
In this episode, we talk about why the foundation for a Christian's approach to getting more done is distinctly different from the world's. And why that means we must take greater care in how we approach the secular productivity advice we read and listen to.
In this episode, we talk about how what it looks like to email like a Christian and how personal efficiency is not necessarily at odds with having a good witness in the workplace.
In this first episode of the Redeeming Productivity Show, Reagan introduces what the show and blog are all about, tells a little bit about him, then the bulk of the program is about tips for seminary students to be successful in their studies while staying close to the Lord.
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