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Refuge Freedom Stories feature real life interviews with all sorts of people whose lives have been changed by the power of God.
125 Episodes
Interview with Guy Morris. Guy discusses a troubled beginning in life, and how Jesus has transformed him giving him an extraordinary career path involving AI, a visit by the FBI to his home, and, numerous award-winning books.
Interview with Dan Clouser. Dan talks about his life of teaching kids leadership and life lesson skills, and, how a sudden calling from God took his life in a completely different direction.
Interview with Johnathan Drayton. Johnathan discusses the philosophy of God, and, how it has blossomed his faith into a vibrant relationship with Jesus.
Interview with Dr. Michael Jaquith. Michael shares his journey of faith to victory over addiction, and, now specializes in helping men discover that same success with God.
Interview with Rich Kozak. Rich talks about his strong foundation of faith and giftings that have supported him throughout life and a very successful global career that focuses others now on their Purpose.
Barby discusses her hope in Jesus that grounds her to live out her God-given purpose in life even though she lives with multiple rare and chronic diseases.
Interview with Mark Sowersby. Mark talks about the nightmare of child abuse, and, his journey of forgiveness and victory through Jesus.
Interview with Richard Lynch. Richard talks about the goodness and blessings of God throughout his life and his country music career.
Interview with Gary Pratt. Gary talks about his love for country music and career, and, the reality of his everyday relationship with Jesus through the good times and the bad.
Interview with Cecil Ramos. Cecil discusses his call into the mission field of Thailand, and, how God is tangibly demonstrating His Love there.
Interview with LeeMann Bassey. LeeMan (aka 'HeIsTheArtist') talks about his journey with God through life, through music, and, what passion for God means to him.
Interview with Dorsey Ross. Dorsey talks about being born with a disability that required 68 surgeries in his life, and, how God has given him purpose through it all.
Interview with Rich Hall. Rich talks about his journey of faith that kept him grounded in life through rock music, alcoholism, service in the military, PTSD, and, a near-death experience.
Interview with Trent Clark. Trent discusses the challenges of personal gifts and talents, his own spiritual faith journey,  working 12 years in MLB, and, what Godly leadership really means and requires.
Interview with Mandy Capehart. Mandy discusses her journey of grief, how Jesus led her to victory through it, and, how He taught her to combat grief misconceptions and empowering  other grievers in their journey.
Interview with Miss Freddye. Miss Freddye talks about how her faith was tested in life and God’s miracles that redirected her into His purpose, and, sharing that hope through the Blues.
Marcus provides some sound advice about what lifelong focus leads to a real relationship with Christ and then becoming who we are supposed to be.
Interview with Jon Edward Fugler. Jon discusses the emptiness he experienced in life through ‘performance-based’ Christianity and how he discovered true freedom via relationship with Jesus Christ.
Interview with Patricia Doucet. Patricia discusses her life as a Christian woman, and, how God was with her every step of the way on her journey from broken to beloved.
Interview with Edwin Carrion. Edwin discusses success and failure in life, and how he found real success and blessing after giving it all over to Jesus.
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