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Author: Will McBurney and Mark Sherriff

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Two college professors take a second look at questions and answers posted around the internet and give their take!

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46 Episodes
We are still here!  Back from vacation to record an episode!  Road alligators, Roman roads, Kingdom Hearts on billboards, the James Webb Space Telescope, and more!
Gravity vs. light, has Google found sentient AI, UVA software engineers are pretty good according to one testing company, and Joker 2 might be a musical.   Transcript of Google engineer talking to LaMDA AI - Programming Note: We will be recording sporadically over the summer... okay, more sporadically than usual... but still.  At least this time we told you :-)
Grapes really are a thing for British hospital patients, Mark finally has fiber optic internet, cookies == Congressional seats, HB 20's interpretation of a "common carrier," and how to say goodbye ominously. Mentioned video:
Our long-delayed Graduation Special is here!  We talk about the origin of academic robes and the cool different colors, notable guest speakers at UVA for graduation, and can your degree be revoked. (And it takes the entire episode for us to realize this is our podcast's one year anniversary!!)
Let's learn a bit about the history of graduation ceremonies at UVA!  
It's exam season, so let's talk about how we come up with "good" assessments for students by examining Bloom's Taxonomy.
What is agile development, can you publish a paper without being at a university, how do live service games work, hidden messages in your money, and geese attacking Will at Notre Dame.
"Let Me Solo Her" is the celebrity of the moment in Elden Ring, a self-driving car gets pulled over in San Francisco, competitive Tetris is a thing, book bannings, and we try to figure out what "web3" is supposed to be. Sorry for the missed weeks!
Mark finally scored a PS5, so naturally we have to talk about Sony's new subscription service.  Also, the Ukrainian government is selling NFTs to raise money, why the color in VHS tapes fade, and more "no stupid questions"!
Apple's got a new desktop, Elden Ring is a great game, there is a suspicious job posting for a professor position at UCLA, and can werewolves eat chocolate?  Gotta say - there's a little bit for everyone in this episode!
McBurney takes over Office Hours this week and goes super in-depth on what professors actually do in their job.  Surely all we do is just teach three hours a week and spend the rest of the time playing Elden Ring and other video games, right? Right?
We took our show on the road last week to the SIGCSE Technical Symposium!  Well... kinda.  It was the "SIGCSE Coffee Break" show, sponsored by Google.  (HEY!  We DID get a sponsor!)  We thought we'd share some clips from the show!  If you want to watch the full video versions, you can go to
Has Wordle gotten harder since it move to the New York Times?  Why is gold valuable?  Why did an AI pay more for a guy's car than he paid for it at the dealership over seven years prior?  How would you change the board game Monopoly?  And why you shouldn't tweet about playing Hearthstone during faculty meetings.
Nintendo has announced they are closing the 3DS and Wii U eShops, which will remove the ability to purchase thousands of titles across the two platforms.  Not to mention the loss of the Virtual Console on both systems!  What is being done to preserve games from previous generations?
We're all over the place this week - from the Winter Olympics to Moderna's vaccine getting an official name to what makes up most of the traffic on the internet.  Come join us! Today's Syllabus - 1. Modern's new name and Pokemon vs. Medication, 2. Building a new computer, 3. What makes up most of the traffic on the internet, 4. Where do videos go if YouTube dies?, 5. Facebook lost a LOT of money this week!, 6. Curling is awesome.
I know, I know... you've heard all you want to hear about viruses... probably enough to last a lifetime.  But how about computer viruses?  The ILOVEYOU virus hit the internet in May of 2000 and has been rated in the top 10 most impactful computer viruses of all time by the Smithsonian Institute.  Interested in how the virus came to be? Well, it all starts with a rejected fourth-year thesis proposal from a Computer Science major...
Classes have started back for Will (but not for Mark!) and we are back with some more questions! Today's Syllabus: Speedrunning for 7-year olds Blue Light Special (Glasses) Why do we sign things? What is the right number of people for a board game? Shower curtains that attack you!
As Will gets ready for classes to start, Mark gets oddly fascinated by his new Instant Pot and starts to think about all the different types of small computers in everyday devices.  (These are called "embedded systems," by the way!)
We are back after a long winter's nap!  The end of the fall semester took quite a toll and we needed a break, but we're back with a new episode to start off 2022! Today's Syllabus: Professor Motivational Mantras Is Latin a dead language? Yelling at dumbbells Stable space orbits Phone numbers spoofing
In this post-shopping frenzy episode of Office Hours, we talk about what you are really buying when you buy a piece of software.  What are you allowed to do with it?  Should you feel bad when you click past all those dialog windows when you are installing?  Can you use iTunes to create nuclear weapons?  Find out here! Helpful information about interesting EULAs courtesy of
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