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Where we continue the return to our roots and present Matt's second in-the-moment summary of day two in New York City back in early February. This time he talks about autobiographical art by Winfred Rembert, paintings by Jennifer Packer, contemporary ceramics and craft, and of course Jasper Johns and the beauty of a retrospective. He wraps up with his failed visit to a Nikola Tesla themed bar and instead stumbles upon a semi-secret candlelit bar in Koreatown and some super satisfying Korean fried chicken. --- Send in a voice message:
Where we return to our roots and present Matt's in-the-moment summary of his first day in New York City back in early February. He tells the story of why he took the semi-impromptu trip to NYC, his visit to the MoMA (with lots of "musings" on art), a great meal at a Japanese izakaya, and an unexpectedly delightful visit to the top of the Empire State Building. --- Send in a voice message:
Where we talk about Matt's recent solo trip to see the Jasper Johns retrospective at The Whitney with stops at the MoMA and the Poster House; a surprise highlight of the Empire State Building; and tons of Korean food and drinks. --- Send in a voice message:
Where we talk about our recent trip to the Western Slope of Colorado - covering an update on the tiny house, a drive through Colorado National Monument, the unimaginable size of the sky in the mountain west, a failed drive to Steamboat Springs, COVID testing, and the pleasant surprise of Grand Junction. --- Send in a voice message:
Where we discuss The Little Apple (Manhattan, KS), the Civil Rights Trail and Brown v The (Topeka) Board of Education, the splendor of the Konza Prairie Nature Trail, cocktails at The Plaza in Kansas City, the expansive Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and the amazing National Museum of Toys and Miniatures. --- Send in a voice message:
Where we spend the afternoon walking the Atlanta Beltline, stopping along the way for snacks, cocktails, wine tastings, and (according to Alton Brown) possibly the best Philly sandwich in Atlanta. Since we recorded this one mostly live while walking you can hear the sounds of the Beltline and learn about some of our favorite cocktails in the city. (This episode is not sponsored by any on the businesses we discuss.) --- Send in a voice message:
Where we discuss rocket museums, food, beer, lost luggage, and ducks (we don't actually discuss the ducks enough) during our recent trip to Huntsville, AL. --- Send in a voice message:
This time we travel by planes, trains, and automobiles (well a pickup truck) during our journey to and across Colorado to prepare for the tiny house we're building. We discuss our first flight since COVID, reminisce about airport beers, give pointers for surviving IKEA on too little sleep, and talk about our experience so far in building a tiny house. --- Send in a voice message:
Where we wrap up the 2021 Road Trip cycle by talking about the states and attractions we visited in the US southeast and midwest, where we we look forward to visiting again, where we might consider moving, and what we regretted. Check out the planning and first two parts if you want to hear more. Let us know where you've been road tripping and what our closing tag line should be! --- Send in a voice message:
Where we talk about our short stop in Wheeling, a few days in Morgantown, a short trip to see Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, and fun times playing pinball and checking Roanoke after talking about masks for a little too long. --- Send in a voice message:
Where discuss our first post-vaccine trip since COVID to visit friends in the Midwest and Southeast. We've hit four states so far, seen some random attractions like Cocaine Bear from MFM, and plenty of local businesses for books, booze and food. Let us know your favorite attractions and local businesses in these states as well as WV, VA, and SC coming up in part two! --- Send in a voice message:
Where we discuss how we decide where to go and what to do during our travels using our upcoming road trip as context. We're planning a 1,500 mile loop with 24 hours on the road as we visit 6 states through the US Midwest, Appalachia, and Southeast. Spoilers: Don't over plan, do what you find fun, and try the unexpected - like visiting the infamous Cocaine Bear. --- Send in a voice message:
Where we discuss some of our favorite meals from COVID times, both take out/pick up and homemade. How we try to make eating special, keep meals interesting, and what we plan to maintain after the pandemic. We cover some tips and recipes and look forward to hearing what others are enjoying! --- Send in a voice message:
Where we talk about our experiences traveling without renting a car. It works and can definitely be cheaper. We cover trains, trams, taxis, subways, buses, ride shares, and funiculars. It takes a bit of planning but makes for a great travel experience. Benefits are how it can get you closer to the locals and give you some extra decompression time. --- Send in a voice message:
Where we skip out of Atlanta for an extended weekend in the North Georgia Mountains try to stay reasonably safe while visiting breweries and wineries in three states - Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. We also take brief interludes to discuss comic books, podcasts, and airbnb kitchen essentials. Have a great holiday season if we don't talk before 2021! --- Send in a voice message:
Where we discuss various issues and lessons we've learned over our years traveling - and Rachel says f*** a lot. We cover various mistakes with planes, trains, AND automobiles from Europe, South America, Japan, and right here in our backyard of North Georgia - but most of all laugh about most of them and hopefully share a few tips to help others be better prepared. --- Send in a voice message:
Where we discuss caving to social media advertising and our recent stay at a Getaway in Northern Georgia. In the second half we unbox snacks from Egypt and compare them to the last box from Thailand. --- Send in a voice message:
Where we attempt a minisode while opening another international snack box in an attempt to travel from home - this time to Thailand! Salty, sweet, sour, and savory with a touch of Rachel's archnemesis - mayonnaise! --- Send in a voice message:
Where we talk about some of our recommened collaborative games and ramble on about our love of Arkham Horror Card Game. Most are good for 1 or 2 players since we're all still stuck at home and unable to travel here in the states. --- Send in a voice message:
S2E6: UK Snack Unboxing

S2E6: UK Snack Unboxing


Where we take a break and try to approximate a little travel in the times of COVID with an international snack unboxing from the UK - savory, sweet, trivia, and more. --- Send in a voice message:
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