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What does a man loving his wife as Christ loves the church mean to you? Is how you love and treat your wife lining up with how Christ loves the church? If not, it's NOT of God, therefore it's wrong and of the flesh. If you think it's of God, maybe you're serving someone else you've made your God. In the Bible, the True and Living God, tells a man how he should love his wife, which is how His Son Jesus, loves the Church. Anything less is NOT of God! So stop with the slave master mentality concerning your wives, because it's not how Jesus treats you or the Church!
The unwillingness to love yourself puts you in a position of never truly knowing how to give or receive love. Sadly, too many people are in relationships with individuals who don't love self and because of it, they'll give and give or take and take. You CAN be different, but also equally yoked!
The lies some pastors and some men are telling when it comes to scripture. If a woman is supposed to worship her husband as Christ, why do she need Jesus in her life? What if her husband died or they divorced? She would be lost, because while she was busy worshipping her husband as Christ, (because it's what the pastor told her), she would have lost her connection to the real Christ (Jesus). What the pastor told her was wrong, misleading, and foolish! He is NOT of God if he's thinking that way!
If you're not sure, then you need to make sure you are sure, before making a decision to be with anyone. If you don't, I guarantee you problems will unfold in your relationship.
Suffocating, controlling, dominating, draining etc., etc., your significant may cause you to end up losing him or her.
Most people think about the love they have or think they have for their significant other, but ignores what they're actually receiving from them. Instead they only see what they want to see, because they are blind by what they want, feel, and desire. People gauge their relationships by who they want the individual to be, instead of by who they've shown them they are.
Many people dive blindly into relationships only to find they're struggling to make their relationships work. It's hard to make a relationship work when you're doing it all by yourself. Wake up! Know where you stand in your relationship, before you go falling in what you think is love!
In societies there is an apparent doube standard between men and women in all areas (parenting, pay, positions, things said and done, and the list goes on. Men get away with things and then society says it's because he's a man. Ridiculous! I really believe it pertains to immature men and people who are immature just like them. Liked mines think alike. Just a thought I'm expressing.
This doesn't apply to every listener, but we all know someone who have gone to meet a person they met online, but don't really know, only to end up hurt or dead. This world is full of people who have dark hearts and mindsets. They have full intention to cause mayhem. You must not allow your yearning for love and attention to get you got! Be careful, because most people aren't who they pretend to be. Do your research, be careful, and vigilant. Never go to meet someone you never met, on your own. Be smart and use caution! If you don't learn to love yourself first, you'll continue to chase love, but most times never experiencing it, because you have no clue what is is or what it isn't!
All I'm going to write is what I've always said "people treat you how you allow and accept."
Some people don't realize when they make work more important than their significant other/therelationship in general, how it causes major relationship issues.
If it seems you can't ever find someone to want to be with you, stop being angry, mad, sad, etc. Look at yourself! You can't expect anyone to want to be with you if you are choosing to live life complaining and blaming others, when you need to be looking at yourself and becoming the best you can be. Change your mindset for the better and it will change your life!
It's not love nor is it healthy, If you willfully give up the ability to think and speak for yourself. You're treated how you allow yourself to be treated.
No matter how you try, you can't and won't change your significant other. The person who needs to change the most is you! Peace!
Many people are facing this situation. They thought who they loved were in love with them until they could no longer do what they had been doing for them. It was never love!
Many people are in unhealthy relationships of freewill. If you would see past your feelings, wants, and desires, lives would change. If you bypass loving yourself, you'll never know what love is and you won't be able to love anyone else. Drama will follow you, because you'll do whatever for love and you'll allow yourself to go through unnecessary headache and heartache!
Nothing changes in your life until you choose to implement change. Change doesn't come from your significant other, it has to come from you and vice versa,
There are a lot of individuals in relationships, but they're in love by his or herself. They would rather be with someone who doesn't love them, back than to be alone.
Many people are in relationships with individuals who mistreat them and really don't want them, but they don't want anyone else to have them either. They know their significant others are great, but what's inside of his or herself, prevents them from appreciating and loving back the person who loves and treats them well.
An inappropriate relationship with your child is wrong. Using excuses to do your wrong will never make your wrong right.
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