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Relationship Power at work

Author: Ric Lindberg

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This show is devoted to helping you connect more deeply to those you work with, by providing actionable tips you can take, today, to get more accomplished in your professional life.
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Relate to each other, asking ourselves how we RELATE not how we differ, judge or oversimplify into polarized either or. everything is a projection. everything is a reflection of us. Dont blame others, systems and subsystems. Own your intent, effort and behaviour. Currently around you its a lot of focus on being divided, bad at listening, more judgmental. We fool ourselves that its either or/black or white if I'm right you must be wrong: no grayscale Our axis never align perfectly, we can still be both mostly right learn the hard soft skills, everything else will get automated. scripts ignore all sunk costs   instead train on: * give and receive feedback * having difficult conversations * training in one area might transfer to all areas * Relate to each other, and teaching others how they benefit from that focus as well* helping others on their journey towards their destination, and seeing overlaps and when it's time to let go 3LQaVkKUenFXYUn0peQo
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