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Author: C13Originals

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From the Peabody Award nominated C13Originals Studio, and the creators of Root of Evil, comes a new documentary series about the stories, and family we can’t escape.

Jackee Taylor has been hidden in WITSEC, better known as the Witness Protection Program, for almost 40 years. But after a strange and violent incident reveals secrets about her past, Jackee begins a journey to find out the truth about herself, and her family. Hers is a twisted tale of darkness, murder, mystery, tragedy, and resilience, which traverses the country, and lands in the most violent era of one of the country’s most violent cities - 1970s Cleveland. At the heart of this story, is Jackee’s relative - a former member of the world’s most powerful motorcycle club, a sociopath, a killer, and an informant. Jackee can’t move forward unless she reconciles with his past, and she’s finally telling this story in the hopes that others don’t have to live the kind of life that she has.  

New episodes every Tuesday.

12 Episodes
Relative Unknown launches August 11th. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ep 1:  The Remains

Ep 1: The Remains


A tragic fire in East Texas reveals clues to a dark family history.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ep 2:  The Safe House

Ep 2: The Safe House


Jackee is ripped away from the only life she’s ever known. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ep 3:  Butch

Ep 3: Butch


Clarence Crouch becomes Butch.  Butch becomes a Hell’s Angel.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ep 4:  Bomb City USA

Ep 4: Bomb City USA


Cleveland in the 1970s is as violent as anywhere in the country, and Butch is caught in the middle of it all. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ep 5:  Rolling Over

Ep 5: Rolling Over


One phone call turns the Crouch family into the Taylors. And Butch confesses to an unsolved murder.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ep 6:  Sure Gonna Miss You

Ep 6: Sure Gonna Miss You


Jackee and her family are dumped in a most unlikely place. She begins a new life, but being in WITSEC is nothing like the movies.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ep 7:  A Star Witness

Ep 7: A Star Witness


Butch cops a plea and testifies in front of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee. To those in attendance, Butch’s testimony is as entertaining as it is frightening. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The stakes are high as Butch takes the stand against his former Hell’s Angels brothers.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jackee realizes that she and her family were used as pawns.  And Butch is a witness in one last, horrifying murder. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ep 10:  Out of the Ash

Ep 10: Out of the Ash


Jackee meets Paul Dome for the first and only time. She tries to move on, but there’s one last thing holding her back. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It Was Said, a limited documentary podcast series, looks back on some of the most powerful, impactful and timeless speeches in American history. Written and narrated by Pulitzer Prize winning and best-selling author-historian Jon Meacham, and created, directed and produced by Peabody-nominated C13Originals Studios in association with HISTORY Channel, this series takes you through 10 speeches for the inaugural season. Meacham offers expert insight and analysis into their origins, the orator, the context of the times they were given, why they are still relevant today, and the importance of never forgetting them. Each episode of this documentary podcast series also brings together some of the top historians, authors and journalists relevant to each respective speech and figure. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Comments (11)


it's an interesting tale. An intimate story.. Sometimes though Im reminded of Sons Of Anarchy.

Oct 27th

Aimee Hunter

Thank you for sharing your story. Living in Ohio... wow. What a life u lived. Bless you.

Oct 7th


Loved this. What an uplifting positive ending to a story which began with so much hatred and pointless violence. Well done to you Jackie!! Your strength, determination and incredible attitude are humbling and an absolute inspiration. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Oct 7th

Chris Knerl DeHaan

Great story and well presented!

Oct 7th

Joseph L Mastroianni

amazing story. wonderfully done

Oct 6th

fred burdett

loving this

Sep 23rd

Danielle Benoit

I love this podcast is so good. Jackie's story needs to be told and Im so glad she's is telling it! I feel her story so intensely for personal reasons and I can't wait till the next episode comes out every week. Jackie thank you for being brave and sharing your story and Im really glad you are healthy today. it's been a long road ha mama xo

Sep 16th

Russ Peterson


Sep 14th


Amazing research and detail, harrowing stories of people living by a code completely foreign to me. Can't wait to hear more.

Sep 2nd

John Austin

As a 1% biker, this story so far is incredible! I truly wish I could have been old enough to be part of the early days of the H.A. I love hearing stories of bikers and the clubs of the late 60s, 1970s! Amazing work on this podcast.

Aug 20th

Heather Elise Foster

Beautifully written, narrated. Raw, honest and brave. I can't wait to know more of your story Jackie Taylor ♥️

Aug 14th
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