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Author: Brian Howard

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The mission is simple, a platform where we seek to separate the truth from lies and light from darkness. Like peeling back the layers of an onion, we dissect current events and topics to include our YAH given rights, the right to travel freely and the instrument that is used…..the birth bond. Remnant’s awakening is at hand and that Day draws near.
16 Episodes
Special guest Ronald Dalton Jr breaks down his blockbuster documentary of truth "HEBREWS TO NEGROES - WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA". Hands down the most in-depth information on the true Hebrew Yahshralites and the hidden history behind the deception to hide their identity. Incredible documentary! Bless you Ronald!
Breaking updates on the tragedy of 9/11. ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS for 9/11 TRUTH and LAWYERS COMMITTEE for INQUIRY are leading the charge for justice. A special Grand Jury will be presented with overwhelming evidence of the controlled demolition of the WTC towers I, 2 and building 7. The time for justice is at hand, we as a nation must come to the truth of the new "Pearl Harbor" event and the biggest cover up in our nations history. This single event opened the door for continued endless war for profit.
Shabbat music

Shabbat music


Shabbat Shalom! Enjoy some Shabbat jams!!
British Israelism unmasked - nothing more than aryan racist deception dressed up as if it's true Yisra'el. Who also fits the description given at Rev 2:9, 3:9?
The Birth Certificate is your slave bond, the surety instrument the ancient ROMAN system has used to steal your likeness and entrap you into their system of the dead. The fraudulent hospital "birthing" process and recording system has been exposed! The ALL CAPS name is your STRAWMAN, it belongs to ROME.
TURKEY BOMB - The pagan origins of Thanksgiving. Giving thanks to foreign mighty ones, born in Babylon, the hidden truth behind the false day of Thanksgiving. The slaughter of the natives, the lies that have been dressed up in gravy!
Lew White from Fossilized Customs is a guest. Lew's long history and work on exposing the pagan religion of man while sharing the good news of the Besorah. If you have never read the book "Fossilized Customs" it's a must read,
The biggest hidden truth in the world. The Jesuits entire science model is based off of this lie. It's flat as a pancake and YAH sits above the firmament!
Israel - The Hebrews are the Hebrews!
music - Daughters of YAH

music - Daughters of YAH


Daughters of YAH
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mydog REX

good show :-)

Feb 26th

Yohanna Ben Yah

Just the first 10mins is so enlightening!!

Nov 8th
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