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Author: Brian Howard

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The mission is simple, a platform where we seek to separate the truth from lies and light from darkness. Like peeling back the layers of an onion, we dissect current events and topics to include our YAH given rights, the right to travel freely and the instrument that is used…..the birth bond. Remnant’s awakening is at hand and that Day draws near.
23 Episodes
Connect the dots of just how we have been deceived into contracting with the Beast system in this #6 BlogTalk with Pastor Dowell. A 1 hour "30 foot view" of how the system has been setup to enslave us all. This is a condensed version of the prior 5 recordings. Time to Come Out of Her My People, by the Contracts of an ancient cult religion called Mithraism! Rome.....just in disguise!
Breaking updates on the tragedy of 9/11. ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS for 9/11 TRUTH and LAWYERS COMMITTEE for INQUIRY are leading the charge for justice. A special Grand Jury will be presented with overwhelming evidence of the controlled demolition of the WTC towers I, 2 and building 7. The time for justice is at hand, we as a nation must come to the truth of the new "Pearl Harbor" event and the biggest cover up in our nations history. This single event opened the door for continued endless war for profit.
Continuing the series with Pastor Dowell on exposing the contracts of the Beast. In this episode the STRAWMAN and BIRTH CERTIFICATE (BOND) is exposed! They have claimed ownership of us from the day we are born through the false identity or person known as your ALL CAPS name, your STRAWMAN!
2019.02.08  #4 DOG LATIN

2019.02.08 #4 DOG LATIN


DOG LATINUncoding the matrix of our bondage, the secret hidden latin language in ALL CAPS. Ever wondered why your birth certificate, drivers license, mail, court contracts etc are in ALL CAPS? Yes it's your STRAWMAN but the rabbit hole goes even deeper.
Special guest Ronald Dalton Jr breaks down his blockbuster documentary of truth "HEBREWS TO NEGROES - WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA". Hands down the most in-depth information on the true Hebrew Israelites and the hidden history behind the deception to hide their identity. Incredible documentary! Bless you Ronald!
2019.01.25 #3 The Timeline

2019.01.25 #3 The Timeline


In this session we lay out the historical time-line in our countries past that has lead us to this point in contracting with the beast system. Slow increments is how they have achieved the fraud. Our country is not at all what we have been brainwashed to believe it is, it's nothing more than a bankrupted corporation, owned by Rome and ruled by Britain in disguise.
Break down the big picture view of Contracting with the Beast. How did we get here?
Shabbat music

Shabbat music


Shabbat Shalom! Enjoy some Shabbat jams!!
1st in a series "Contracting with the Beast", we break down the big picture view of Contracting with the Beast.
British Israelism unmasked - nothing more than aryan racist deception dressed up as if it's true Yisra'el. Who also fits the description given at Rev 2:9, 3:9?
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mydog REX

good show :-)

Feb 26th

Yohanna Ben Yah

Just the first 10mins is so enlightening!!

Nov 8th
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