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Author: Brian Howard

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The mission is simple, a platform where we seek to separate the truth from lies and light from darkness. Like peeling back the layers of an onion, we dissect current events and topics to include our YAH given rights, the right to travel freely and the instrument that is used…..the birth bond. Remnant’s awakening is at hand and that Day draws near. All praise and esteem to The Most High YAH, the creator of all!
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Breaking updates on the tragedy of 9/11. ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS for 9/11 TRUTH and LAWYERS COMMITTEE for INQUIRY are leading the charge for justice. A special Grand Jury will be presented with overwhelming evidence of the controlled demolition of the WTC towers I, 2 and building 7. The time for justice is at hand, we as a nation must come to the truth of the new "Pearl Harbor" event and the biggest cover up in our nations history. This single event opened the door for continued endless war for profit.
Shabbat music

Shabbat music


Shabbat Shalom! Enjoy some Shabbat jams!!
Israel - The Hebrews are the Hebrews!
Daughters of YAH
....some vibes for you brothers!
Comments (4)

Amanda Grace

Brian, I'm looking forward to listening here. This is right up my alley. "met" you on Roger's show.

Aug 12th

Cult Deception

brother I got your back I was fooled into this Straitway BS for a while they pushed me to join up but i can see right through there cult like tactics Ive even created a youtube channel to expose this man CD

May 21st

mydog REX

good show :-)

Feb 26th

Yohanna Ben Yah

Just the first 10mins is so enlightening!!

Nov 8th
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