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Portland Mountain Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through rescue and education. Rescue Radio was created to reach a wider audience to prevent emergencies in the greater outdoors.
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2012 Pole Creek Fire

2012 Pole Creek Fire


Created by: Mari Feher, Hosted by:  Ania WiktorowiczA fire erupted on  Sept. 8, 2012, and burned about 26,000 acres, or about 40 square miles at the Pole Creek trailhead.  The fire that was caused by lightning cost about $18 million to fight. The surging blaze destroyed four cars at the trailhead in the Three Sisters Wilderness, endangering 30 hikers and campers who had to be rescued out of the forest. One of those climbers was our very own Ania, who just completed a climb to the top on North Sister, a rugged, dangerous mountain on its own. Come, listen to the harrowing story of how Ania and her team run out the fire while trees burst into flames along the way. How did they make it out? By being prepared and by using their rational navigational system.  Fire preparedness resources mentioned: - Oregon department of -North West Interagency Coordination Center
Created by: Mari Feher,  Hosted by: Ania WiktorowiczAre ice caves the same as glacier caves? Should you be taking your selfie with them or explore them on your own? Did you know that the PNW has one of the few remaining ice caves inside glaciers  on our back yard volcanos in the entire country? Eddy Cartaya, the Indiana Jones of Glacier Caving , TED Talk speaker and  will give you the scoop of the intimate details of these majestic formations. Cartaya and his climbing partner, Brent McGregor  explored the frozen caves created in the Sandy Glacier and in 2011, they  identified and explored three caves which they named Snow Dragon, Pure Imagination and Frozen Minotaur. As one of the couple of  dozens of glacier cave rescuers in the world, not only does Eddy work with NASA and  is a co-founder of Glacier Cave Explorers he is one of the most esteemed members of Portland Mountain Rescue  with countless rescues under his belt. Come and listen to Eddy's fascinating, geek-out worthy stories about a part of the world only a few lucky people get to venture to: the belly of the beast. 
Created by: Mari Feher,  Hosted by: Ania WiktorowiczHave you ever experienced a whiteout?  Imagine 2 feet visibility where you can not even see the steps you've just made, blowing ice, temperatures dropping drastically. Now add, that you are in this whiteout as the last team up, close to the summit of Mt Hood with extreme angles below you, with the  danger of your next wondering step possibly taking you into a crevasse or down into a fumarole. How do you save yourself? Luckily for our next rescuees, Portland Mountain Rescue's team members are always ready to face a challenge even if it sometimes comes to a non-in person rescue. 
Created by: Mari Feher,  Hosted by: Ania WiktorowiczTom Gall, one of Portland Mountain Rescue's Rescue Leader takes you down to the Grand Canyon where a canyoneering trip when horribly wrong.  Tom's years of experience as a 20 year PMR veteran, a fire lieutenant and as a paramedic came in handy to control the situation and organize an aerial evacuation.  As a bonus, he will also share a  story of a cross country skiing outing turning into a midnight rescue in the frozen Mt Hood forest, where being prepared for anything literally saved a friend's life.  Do you want to know what was in his pack? Come and listen to the stories. 
Created by: Mari Feher,  Hosted by: Ania WiktorowiczHave you ever wondered how long  it is and what it takes to complete a full rescue? Ania is picking the brains of Clackamas County Sheriff's  SAR Deputy Scott Meyers and PMR's rescue leader Chris Baker. See the entire time line, the technical support system of a rescue as well as hear some interesting stories.
Created by: Mari Feher,  Hosted by: Ania WiktorowiczPMR is recruiting! Every 2 years Portland Mountain Rescue holds try outs for new members and the time has come for you to apply if you were ever interested in belonging to one of the most advanced rescue unit on the West Coast. Come and listen to the ins and outs of the application and try out process.  As a member, you'll have access to a wealth knowledge and skills along with finding life long partners and friends. Our community is one of the most inviting, inclusive and supportive group of well respected experts. We invite women and people of diverse backgrounds and cultures to apply specifically.  The  strength of a unit comes from a diversity of its members' various talents and inputs. If you think you may not  have the skills to qualify, come and listen and allow  Dave Sherman and Ben Swerdlow talk you into filling out that application. Come and join us saving lives!
Created by: Mari Feher,  Hosted by: Ania WiktorowiczNWAC's own Peter Moore avalanche specialist gives you an insight into avalanches on Mt Hood.  Avalanche science, weather and preparedness is the center points of this interview. If you are a beginner in the  backcountry and need advice on how and where to look for information and avalanche safety equipment, Peter  will walk you though the use of the NWAC website as well as giving you several pointers in acquiring current data.
Created by: Mari Feher,  Hosted by: Ania WiktorowiczCan you survive falling into a fumarole?  There are very few people that can claim such fame. May 24th, 2014 was the last climb on Mt Hood for Mike Adams. Take a listen to his story as there are not many that live to tell the tale.  As always, PMR walks you through what to do to avoid getting yourself into the belly of the mountain and what are your best chances to survive. 
Created by: Mari Feher,  Hosted by: Ania WiktorowiczWhat is Psychological First Aid?  Whether you are affected by the pandemic, you've suffered an accident in the outdoors and it limits you from doing the things you love, many of us are having extra stress in our lives nowadays. When the level of stress exceeds what that person can cope with is when one develops a stress injury. Learn how to notice the symptoms, how to diffuse it and how to recover from it so you can get back to the life you love, return to climbing and get back on that mountain trail. Pearce Beissinger is Portland Mountain Rescues  leader of PFA as well as our Assistant Medical Director. He is here to help you get back to that summit. Follow these links for additional information:
Created by: Mari Feher,  Hosted by: Ania WiktorowiczOn May 30th, 2002 9 members of a climbing party fell into a crevasse on the South side of Mt Hood.  The well televised rescue is bought to you by one of our 25 year veteran rescuer Steve Rollins, who was on scene when a rescue helicopter crashed into the side of the mountain.  The rescue made it into the national news due to its complexity and severity. Take a listen to the harrowing account of the events unfolded.
Created by: Mari Feher,  Hosted by: Ania WiktorowiczMemorial Day weekend in 2020 was a very busy weekend for Portland Mountain Rescue. PMR was already on a standby knowing that people tired of the pandemic lockdown would head to the hills.  On Friday, May 22nd a rescue call came in about a  lost snowboarder that got stranded in whiteout conditions on Mt Hood.  The rescue took over 17 hours, 2 different rescue companies and 15 rescuers from PMR. Here is the account of what happened both from the rescuee and the rescuer's point of view. Have a listen. 
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