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Author: Elizabeth Meyers

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A weekly podcast where Elizabeth and her guests engage in real discussions about overcoming tragedy, trials, and trauma to experience a rewarding and fulfilling life. Join us to learn how to have a winning life by building a strong spirit, soul, and body. Get the life hacks you need to live the life you you want. You were created for victory!
21 Episodes
Tom O'Toole is the author of a children's book entitled The Crabapple Tree, a story of courage and resilience in the face of relentless opposition and criticism. He inspires readers to listen for God's "Greatest Voice" of love over the din of judgement from other voices. He speaks to the importance of daily prayer, deliberately choosing to connect with God and others, and walking in fellowship with others even if they disagree. Tom is also a musician and an avid amateur photographer. He is an established professional in the nonprofit sector with over 35 years of management, resource development, and information technology expertise in various faith-based, community development, and social service nonprofit organizations. Tom helps mission-driven people and organizations acquire the resources they need to advance positive and lasting change in the world. Tom and I had a rich discussion on how Christians who disagree on a handful of verses can still engage in meaningful conversation and relationships with one another. Please hear our hearts calling for unity among believers in spite of different understandings of Scripture. This episode was bathed in much prayer from both of us and we offer it to you as a model for heartfelt fellowship. May you always listen for God's greater voice speaking of his infinite love for you in spite of the challenges you face.  Tom's website
Connie Baker inspires people to thrive with grace and ease regardless of their circumstances. She learned about resilience when she desperately needed it in 2008 and began exploring tools and techniques to begin self-regulating her response to the stress in her life. Then, 10 years later, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew she was equipped to navigate the uncertainty ahead, which led her to write her book, Stay On: Build Resilience and Thrive While Facing Cancer. Her book offers practical steps to grow more resilient. Connie has been involved in healthcare for decades. After graduate school, she became a child life specialist, working with pediatric patients and their families. During that time, she co-created a pain assessment tool that is used around the world, the Wong-Baker FACES® Pain Rating Scale. Perhaps you have seen it. She is the executive director of the Wong-Baker FACES Foundation as well as an encourager to people experiencing life challenges. And today, most people are. Stay On: Build Resilience and Thrive While Facing Cancer Website: 
Bonnie Werner is the author of From Darkness Into God's Light in which she shares her journey from a powerful addiction to a thriving relationship with Jesus. Through her experience, she realized the religion she had grown up with was powerless to rescue her. Bonnie has enjoyed an addiction-free life for 50 years now. She attended Bible college and learned how to study the Bible effectively. Her three children are grown, and she is Grandma to five grandchildren. She was married to her husband for thirty years when she was widowed in 2001. Since her widowhood she has been blogging her Bible studies daily at Bonnie's BibleMusings. She has also written "Why Christianity Isn't Working for You: Going from Religion to a REAL Relationship with God." Her interest is to reach out especially to others who only have a religion but no power, and she wants them to experience the same joy and peace she has found in Christ. Website: Book: 
Brianna Ruelas is a Dallas Based Performing Artist Consultant, Realty TV Music Coach, Online Course Creator and Best Selling Author to Make Reality TV Your Reality. As a singer and performer for thirty years, Brianna has studied internationally and performed all genres, from jazz to rock to pop, received a BA in Theatre Arts from Pepperdine University, and spent years honing her musical theatre chops. After graduating college, Brianna departed from the theatre to pursue music as a solo artist and also worked as a commercial voiceover actor. Brianna has fronted her own rock band and experienced the reality television craze in its early days, as a Top 100 finalist on American Idol, Season 4. Acting as a restaurant owner with husband Victor Hugo, has also been a huge contributor to Brianna’s entrepreneurial journey and she passes along these business strategies to her clients. Brianna is passionate about supporting her clients to reality singing show success & leveraging that experience to ignite their music careers! Learn More about Brianna here: and follow her on social media @briannaruelasmusic  Get her books here:   
Meredith Swift endured abuse from her husband for many years before she was finally able to break free and find safety. She shares her powerful story as well as solid Christian counsel to other women (and men) enduring this silent horror at home. Her book, Heart for Women, is a 40-day devotional for women healing from domestic violence. Meredith Swift is the bestselling author of four books. Her books address a variety of topics such as transforming from New Age philosophy to born-again Christianity, struggling with drugs, alcohol, depression and domestic violence, and overcoming the challenges of raising a daughter with significant special needs. She enjoys allowing God to use her life experiences and books to help others who are on similar journeys, giving them encouragement and hope that they are not alone. Books:  Website: Instagram: If you or a friend or family member needs help, please don't delay. The National Domestic Violence Hotline (U.S.) has qualified and compassionate people ready to help you confidentially. Visit: online live chat is available Or call: 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) TTY 1.800.787.3224 God does not want you or your children to endure abuse. Get help now. You are worth it. You are loved. You are stronger than you know.
Susan Jagannath is an adventurer, book coach and bestselling author. She writes about adventure hikes that anyone can do or read about. Her books are all about fulfilling your dream, and the practical steps you need to accomplish to grow into making your dream a reality - from preparing your feet to hike 100 kms, to clearing your mental blocks. She writes about the Camino in Spain, a spiritual pilgrimage walk over a thousand years old, and about hikes in the Himalayas, high enough to touch the heavens, sensing the divine, while making every gasp count. Susan also loves to help busy entrepreneurs write their bestselling business books using her bestseller canvas method. Book a strategy call with Susan to ask any questions you have about publishing a book:
A volleyball injury was the catalyst for Dr. Nancy Miggins to become a "different" kind of doc providing individualized solutions rather than a pill for an ill. Instead of quitting after her injury, she went on to play college volleyball and be nominated all-American. Dr Nancy Miggins is now a double board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in Functional Medicine. She is the best-selling author of Mastering the Health Continuum: 8 Daily Practices to Boost Energy, Optimize Health and Age Gracefully. It gives the solution to reclaim your power over your health and achieve your healing potential. Dr Nancy helps health seekers take the guesswork out of what diet and lifestyle approaches are best for their unique body. She breaks down the science and transforms it into a "why" that motivates action. Her heart-felt compassion and shameless approach inspires an "I can do this" attitude. She promotes a radical gradualism approach to complete health transformation. Dr. Nancy Miggins has helped thousands of patients and clients reclaim power over their health and healing potential. Website: Book: Facebook: Instagram: Freebies: Health Continuum Masterclass - 8 week journey of self-discovery that results in the creation of your individual health blueprint/ more one size fits all! Sugar Crush: 30 Days to Sugar Freedom Program Contact Dr. Nancy: 
Honni is a qualified counsellor, EMDR therapist, wife, mum of five and creator of the Empowering You Program. For almost 20 years, she has been helping people live their best life. Honni specialises in working with women who face challenges in business, at work, at home and in relationships. She is a Christian woman who is passionate about helping others overcome adversity and live their best life. Honni has created an online course called Empowering You  Honni's Website Honni on Facebook 
Brenna Blain is a Christian speaker, teacher and podcast host of the award winning “Can I Say That?” podcast. She graduated in 2020 with a degree in Theological and Biblical studies. Brenna loves spending time with her son and husband, collecting skull stuff and spending time with high schoolers and young adults in ministry. She ended up hospitalized for suicide prevention in 2017 in the middle of working as a youth pastor. Brenna was 22, newly married, and had just started going back to school. She thought there was nothing left for her but God met her where she was and now she has a message to share with you. Brenna's Podcast Brenna's Instagram Brenna's Facebook page
Dr. Liz has endured multiple dramatic traumas throughout her life, including childhood sexual and physical abuse, death of her little brother as a child, drug and alcohol addiction, depression, a suicidal spouse, and more. In her latest book, Life Launch!, she shares her life-long lessons of self-care (traditional and non-traditional), and how that fuels her passion for life. After overcoming numerous experiences, any one of which could render a person undone, Dr. Liz has a message of hope to share with all those who suffer. Dr Liz's website: LinkedIn: Amazon Author page: Facebook: YouTube:
Robin Luftig was given ten days to get her affairs in order when doctors discovered a large brain tumor. How she spent those ten days changed her life and ministry. They just might change yours too! Listen as Robin shares her harrowing testimony and the lessons she learned from her intense experience. Robin's book: God's Best During Your Worst Robin's website: Robin on Facebook:
Eliminate burnout, achieve balance, and go after your dreams! You can gain more control, find time for self-care, rediscover yourself again, and confidently go after your own dreams – even if you think you’re too busy or overwhelmed. Our guest, life coach Ama Brew, is the author of "Self Care Made Easy". Grab your copy on Amazon now! Freebie! Guide to overcoming burnout Free find your balance strategy session with Ama! Write to her at
Zookeeper PJ Beaven shares her journey to greater strength, endurance, and energy. PJ shares: "I had a dream job working with some of the most incredible animals on the planet (dolphins, penguins, elephants, and more), but I was miserable-- I was tired all the time, overweight, weak, moody, and suffered from chronic pain. When I realized I couldn't take care of the animals unless I started taking care of myself, I changed my life and my impact on the world. By implementing my own philosophies of ZooFit, I lost 50 pounds and gained a whole new life-- full of energy, love, and hope. I became a better zookeeper, and even a better conservationist. I wasn't just talking the talk, I was a radiant exemplar, walking the walk of healthy actions for myself and for the planet. And when others noticed, I was able to help change their lives for the better with my practices as well." PJ has created a fitness program unlike any other. Drawing upon her fifteen years experience as a zookeeper, she makes fitness empowering, engaging, and impactful by using the principles of positive reinforcement, enrichment, and conservation. Animals have been her greatest coaches, teaching her how to take better care of the planet by taking care of herself. HELPFUL LINKS: ZooFit Safari book on Amazon Contact PJ for access to her exclusive fitness challenge. Get all the tools and support you need to eat well and live strong: Learn more at
Life is hard, especially now. The past several months have been hard on many of us in multiple ways. How do we respond to all the evil and negativity swirling around us? Sometimes life goes off the rails, everything tilts off-kilter, and we get so spun around we aren't sure which way is up anymore. Can you relate? Here is my quick and simple hack to overcome evil with good in those bewildering situations. Check it out and let me know if it helps you! Get your handy cheat sheets for life hacks here!
Our culture seems more divided now than ever. Jesus has the ultimate solution if we are just willing to take him up it. The world will be able to recognize followers of Christ by their love for all people, not by their self-righteous condemnation of everything they disagree with. Hear the double-sided message Jesus has for sinners who are publically shamed AND the judgemental religious people ready to throw rocks. Consider this our rally cry to wake up and love like Jesus, because He's the only one with the credentials to throw stones and he chose not too. HELPFUL LINKS: How to handle your enemy Free prayer guide journal and eBook
Author Ginger Harrington shares with us her keys to victory in overcoming anxiety. Her message is chock full of practical tips and principles to help you overcome anxiety and live with boldness by inviting Christ to make you whole and holy in each moment. Selah-Award finalist and dynamic speaker, Ginger Harrington is the author of Holy in the Moment: Simple Ways to Love God and Enjoy Your Life. Wife of a retired Marine, she is mom to three young adults. Helping women discover biblical ways to experience wholeness and healing in Christ, Ginger writes for and Connect with Ginger on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or request to join the Holy in the Moment Community group on Facebook. HELPFUL LINKS: Free Emotional Health Workbook Holy in the Moment Community Ginger's Website Ginger's Facebook Ginger's Instagram Ginger's Pinterest Ginger's Twitter
Author and podcaster Jennifer Loehding shares her story of struggle with a debilitating nerve condition. Facing perplexed doctors and unrelenting pain, Jennifer refused to give up hope and continued to work towards healing. Today, she is pain free and coaches others on how to overcome their worst obstacles to be their best selves. HELPFUL LINKS: Jennifer's book, Overcoming the Worst Obstacles Jennifer's website Jennifer on Instagram Jennifer on Facebook StarterGirlz Podcast
The game-changing factor to overcoming challenges, persevering through trials, and living with purpose and significance is prayer. Jesus tells us, "I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." (John 15:5). We stay connected to God through daily, consistent, heartfelt prayer. But carrying on a conversation with a God we cannot see, hear, or touch can be difficult for us. Join me as I walk you step-by-step how to pray in a deep and meaningful way. Powerful prayer is not about saying the right words, it's about sharing your heart with your heavenly father. Get your own copy of my free prayer guide and start your journey to a more powerful and meaningful life right now! Click here to get your FREE prayer guide!
Join us as we chat with Elizabeth Clamon, author of Beauty Rising From Brokenness. She has an incredible story of resilience. From childhood trauma to an accident that left her bedridden and disabled for 12 years, Elizabeth is one who knows how to persevere and overcome obstacles. You'll be blessed by her story and message of hope and encouragement to all who walk the path of suffering. HELPFUL LINKS: Elizabeth Clamon's website Beauty Rising From Brokenness book
Join us for episode #2 of Resilient Life Hacks as we discuss ways to overcome adversity. I'm sharing my 10 Keys to Overcoming Adversity with a Winning Mindset. These short, power-packed lessons are taken from my book, UNDEFEATED: From Trial to Triumph, How to Stop Fighting the Wrong Battles and Start Living Victoriously. Mindset matters. Give yours a tune up today! HELPFUL LINKS: UNDEFEATED: From Trial to Triumph, How to Stop Fighting the Wrong Battles and Start Living Victoriously Download your own pdf copy of the 10 Keys to Overcoming Adversity Created for Victory ~ Overcoming Adversity video series and workbook to help you dig deeper to climb higher More information on Overcoming Adversity Join the Resilient Life Hacks podcast page on Facebook so you never miss a live episode!
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