DiscoverRespectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled
Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled
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Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

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Each episode addresses a reader's parenting issue through the lens of Janet's respectful parenting philosophy.

Janet is a respected parenting adviser, author, and guest lecturer whose website ( is visited by millions of readers annually. Her work informs, inspires, and supports caregivers of infants and toddlers across the globe, helping to create relationships of respect, trust, and love. Her best-selling books “No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline without Shame” and "Elevating Child Care: A Guide to Respectful Parenting" are available in all formats at Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and free at Audible ( with a subscription. Episodes of "Sessions," a collection of intimate recorded phone consultations with parents, are available exclusively at

Recommended Best Parenting Podcast by "The Washington Post" and "Early Childhood Education Zone"

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Comments (11)

Kirsty Bowles Heath

I literally have shared this with every single mom mate of mine with boys. xxx

Apr 5th

Kirsty Bowles Heath

I just loved this!!! thank you!!

Apr 4th

Melinda Waldron

very strategic

Dec 8th

Kearra Williford


Dec 6th

Rosane Vieira

I feel the same way this person feels. I live my daughter from the bottom of my heart, but sometimes she irritates me in a way that I feel guilty for wanting to be alone sometimes. I've been working on it but it's still hard to manage do many things and feelings at the same time.

Nov 28th

Astrid VW

I've had this exact situation with toothbrushing! I decided a year ago to stop having the fight with my daughter, I talked to her about it, and things have been brilliant ever since. This reminds me too CONNECT.

Nov 22nd

Amy Prater

this was exactly what I needed to hear and literally the situations eith my girls. thank you!

Oct 18th

Laura Perry

This podcast is the best parenting one I've found! Thank you!

Jul 31st

Ayrin Zahner

please keep the podcasts coming.

Apr 6th

Concrete Angel

i have a comment. my son started hitting at 20 months too but it was out of discovering. at some point he would bite. but now he hits out of jealousy when fighting over toys. he is very cheerful and playful but i think he hits when he is angry to compensate for his small size. i try to b supportive but my in laws and family are very judgemental and they put him down bcz of this. they let my son who is now 3 years old feel like he has to b perfect. what do i do? they make him say sorry all the time and so do i.

Mar 4th

Ariana Clark

This is my number one parenting go-to for support and guidance. Whenever I'm struggling as a mom, I turn this on and remember my role and find strategies and perspective that work. I am so grateful for this resource!

Jan 28th
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