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Robert Martellacci is the founder and president of the International award-winning MindShare Learning Technology. He's a champion for igniting student success to help all students thrive through innovative solutions and partnerships in Canadian schools. The post Episode #136: The Art and Science of Designing Inspirational Learning Spaces of the Future with Robert Martellacci first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Celeste Endo leads the way in Honolulu, Hawaii with CODE dance parties and Cosplay was the 2020 Kaimuki McKinley Roosevelt Complex Area Teacher of the Year and is a 2022 Hawaii KidsCAN Legislative Champion. The post Episode #135: We Learn From Everyone with Celeste Endo first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Dr. Devin Vodicka is the Chief Executive Officer at Learner-Centered Collaborative. He is the author of "Learner-Centered Leadership" where he shares the power of reimagining schools as centers for the intellectual and social development of lifelong learners prepared for a rapidly changing world.  The post Episode #134: Learner-Centered Leadership: Blueprint for Transformational Change with Dr. Devin Vodicka first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Dr. Sheldon Eakins. is the Founder of the Leading Equity Center and host of the Leading Equity Podcast. He is also the author of Leading Equity: Becoming an Advocate for All Students. The post Episode #133: Discovering Your Journey to Advocacy with Dr. Sheldon Eakins first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Dr. Colleen Kelley has graduate-level courses in medicinal chemistry and most recently in her 100-level course at the University of Arizona that led to a series of chemistry mysteries in a comic book format for students ages 8 to 12.  The post Episode #132: Potpourri of Clues with Dr. Colleen Kelley first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Kecia McDonald from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, is the EL Resource Teacher for the West Hawai'i Complex Area. She is one of 49 public school educators chosen to be a 2022 Global Learning Fellow by the NEA Foundation. The post Episode #131: Making Schools Places of Wellness with Kecia McDonald first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Episode #130 is with Vernon Wright, an entrepreneur, speaker, life coach, consultant, and leader, is committed to a life of elevating others with a relentless focus on informing minds and touching hearts around the globe.  The post Episode #130: Let’s Connect, Level Up, and Then Level Up Others with Vernon Wright first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Debbie Tannenbaum is a School-Based Technology Specialist in Fairfax County, Virginia who is passionate about helping students and teachers use technology as a tool for creation to activate and amplify learning. The post Episode #129: Transform Education by Making Learning Sticky with Debbie Tannenbaum first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Dr. Walter Greason, history professor, and dept. chair at Macalester College, MN developed the Wakanda Syllabus. He uses advanced technology to transform schools and communities around the world. The post Episode #128: Igniting Change through Global Conversations with Dr. Walter Greason first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Episode #127 is with Hedreich Nichols, an author, educator, and consultant who helps educators and districts amplify the voices of all students. Hedreich’s YouTube series and podcast, SmallBites, further help campuses focus on equity in education. Hedreich shares stories of her life in this podcast with Barbara Bray and about her purpose to make change around equity issues happen one small bite at a time. The post Episode #127: Amplify the Voices of All Students with Hedreich Nichols first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Rita Wirtz reflected with Barbara Bray for Reflection #18 about why teachers are burning out that was based on a cross-post about Teachers Packing Suitcases Filled With Dreams- Walking Out Classroom Doors. The post Reflection #18: Why Teachers are Leaving Now, Helping Them Stay with Rita Wirtz first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Episode #126 is with Dr. Julie Schmidt Hasson, a professor teaching graduate courses in educational leadership, a researcher, and a teacher advocate who researched the ways teachers influence students’ lives. She interviewed hundreds of people about the teachers they remember. This research became the Chalk and Chances project with what those stories mean for teachers. The post Episode #126: Helping Students Feel Safe, Seen, and Stretched with Julie Schmidt Hasson first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Episode #125 is with Joshua Freedman, a specialist on emotional intelligence, an author, and the Chief Executive Officer of Six Seconds, a non-profit dedicated to emotional intelligence (EQ). He has helped co-develop EQ assessments and published a number of books and articles on the topic, creating an international network of consultants and coaches. The post Episode #125: Growing Empathy So We Connect More Deeply with Joshua Freedman first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Hal Roberts has had an amazing journey as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and educational consultant. Hal is the author of Make Waves! and started Safe Harbor Academy as a school for kids with incarcerated parents.  The post Episode #124: Touch the Heart Before You Can Reach the Brain with Hal Roberts first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Naomi Toland has researched a variety of areas such as nutrition, neuroscience, and psychology through the lens of education which she shares on her Empathetic Educators platform. The post Empathy as our Superpower with Naomi Toland (Podcast Episode #123) first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Noa Daniel is a consultant and Chief Building Officer at Building Outside the Blocks, co-founder and executive director of The Mentoree, hosts the weekly OnEdMentors Podcast on voicEd Radio. Noa is a TEDx and the author of the newly released children’s book Strum and The Wild Turkeys. The post Reflection #17: Becoming the Mentor Kids Deserve with Noa Daniel first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Traci Browder, M.Ed. is a trailblazer in education inspiring and is known best for her innovative, out-of-the-box teaching style with a mixture of Montessori, gifted/talented, and special services all rolled into one classroom environment. The post Episode #122: Being an Advocate and Champion for Equity with Traci Browder first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Episode #121 is with Sean Arnold who has had a number of roles in his life from construction worker to actor to musician to salesman to a bartender to tv news crew and a number of things in between. He is also a special educator and STEM Coach who has taught in New York City’s District 75 citywide special needs program since 2005. The post Episode #121: Being Brave Even in Uncertain Times with Sean Arnold first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Livia Chan’s true calling was to be a classroom teacher. Her journey led her to serve on the District Staff Development Team in Learning Technologies and recently returned back to the classroom as the Head Teacher at Burnaby School District - SD41 in British Columbia, Canada. The post Episode #120: Many Gifts to Discover with Livia Chan first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Reflection #16 is with Stephanie Rothstein Stephanie Rothstein who is an Educational Leader focused on making education more collaborative and less competitive modeling the risks we expect of our students. "Model the leaps we expect." The post Reflection #16: Learning from Every Interaction and Opportunity with Stephanie Rothstein first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
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