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Chris Mejia discusses how a late-night drive for Taco Bell turns into a road rage encounter.
Comedian Quinton Jones tells the story of when he impersonated a divine 9 fraternity and almost got beat up .
DB Frick tells us the story of how an adventurous hook-up turns into an awkward encounter. 
A Hike FT Lorna Rose

A Hike FT Lorna Rose


Lorna details the story about how a hike would have gone wrong if not for a bit of luck and the help of a good samaritan. 
Jay Shifman discusses, how being misdiagnosed as a child led to a suicide attempt and drug addiction. 
Comedian Oz Morris details his experience trying to get his life back together after dropping out of High School.
Albuquerque FT Seidr

Albuquerque FT Seidr


Comedian Seidr reveals how a night of drinking in the town led to her being assaulted by a police officer.
Comedian  Sam Miller shares the story about how a few rogue decisions at a rural bar led him to be robbed and almost freezing to death.
Axl details his life growing up and how he dealt with the foster system.
Ray had a  crush on this girl in high school Anna. She had trouble with her boyfriend so they started hanging out and she started making moves on him.
Jordon Ferber details the story of a set that he wish had gone differently. 
Andrew discusses his spiritual journey that led him around the world in search of a guru.
Comedian Cheri Hardman details a story of how a romantic evening went horribly wrong. 
Comedian Sonya Vai, tells us the story about how she was arrested for underage drinking, and received a summons to go to court. She could not tell her parents that she was in court and had to figure out how to resolve this without her parents knowing. 
The Bright Lights

The Bright Lights


Comedian Juan Carlos has a surprise guest tell a story to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Revisionary Podcast. The guest tells the story of the time, they forgot their line in the middle of their senior year musical and how they had to improve their way out of it while the whole school watched. 
Our Producer Phil Bowen, steps into the limelight on this episode of the Revisionary Podcast. He tells us the story of how a drunken night out led to an encounter with the police. 
Comedian Cavin Eggleston discusses how hitting his father's car almost got him murdered.
Kendra shares the story of a first date gone wrong!
Comedian Laura High takes us on a wild story that gives us insight as to life as an extra on a set. She talks about how meeting her idol lefter her frazzled.
Comedian De De discusses how she went to a private college and took out loans but never completed the degree. She mentions how now she and her parents are saddled with student debt for a degree she never received. 
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