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Revisionary Podcast is a story-telling podcast where guests tell host/stand-up Comedian Juan Carlos a non-fiction story from their past which they wish had gone differently. It could be an old argument that they replay in their head and wish they had come up with a witty response. Possibly, a story of when they were not their best self and wish they could take back what they said or did. After telling their story, they have an opportunity to re-tell the same story, but this time they can change any fact or detail from their story. Lastly, we discuss the impact of their changes. Support this podcast:
41 Episodes
Drag Queen Bella Biscotti, has a huge opportunity to make all his dreams a reality when meeting a VH1 executive out on Fire Island. But their meet-up quickly turns into calamity and the opportunity is blown! --- Support this podcast:
Sam is an NYC-based comedian. He is a writer on Blind Date currently airing on Bravo TV. He has participated in some of the most prestigious showcases in the country. He was selected as a Stand-Up NBC Finalist, the network's nationwide talent search. The same year he was selected to perform at The Tonight Show Showcase, named Best of New Talent at the New York Comedy Festival, and performed at RuPaul's DragCon. He has been featured in the NY Times, Time Out, GQ, Vanity Fair, Buzzfeed, National Lampoon, The Independent, The Guardian, Metro UK, and his writing has been published in Chortle. You may have seen him on the Travel Channel, PBS, or heard him on SiriusXM. He headlines clubs and colleges around the country including his sold-out Breakout Artist performance at Stand Up NY ('19). His solo show Hello, Daddy! was critically lauded at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and he is slated to return to the Festival at Pleasance Theatre in 2021 produced by Mick Perrin. He co-hosts Thrift Shop and Queerotica, a monthly showcase of LGBT+ comedians at The Strand Bookstore. Sam shares the story about the time he got into a crappy situation on the NYC Subway.  --- Support this podcast:
Comedian Camille Theobald shares stories, about how she used to trick her best friend into making out with her. --- Support this podcast:
Emily Winter is a writer for NPR's "Ask Me Another," a standup comedian,  and has a book of trivia coming out next year!  She shares the story of how she majorly messed up with her family. She details how some of her actions during the 2020 election cycle have severely damaged her relationship with her family.  --- Support this podcast:
Real estate agent Cristiana tells us her story about how she immigrated to the US from Romania and tells us the story of how she thought the US was under attack.  --- Support this podcast:
Birungi shares the story about how he  had to beat a drug test in order to get a job and stay in the US --- Support this podcast:
Juan Carlos reunites with childhood friend  Damaris, who is known in the sneaker world as kicking it with DD. They reminisce about growing up in the Bronx together and discuss sneaker culture. DD explains how the sneaker world works and explains the appeal of collecting sneakers while telling a story about how collecting sneakers put those around her in danger.  --- Support this podcast:
Kenneth Shares the story of the time he was almost killed trying to sneak into Nigeria to buy a movie. --- Support this podcast:
Former high school teacher turned comedian, Zilla Vodnas joins us to share the story of how, after watching a puppet show on child abuse she called ACS on her mother.  --- Support this podcast:
NYC Actor/Comedian/Musician Ohene Cornelius details the event of a wild night where he pursues a celebrity, and events do not unfold as he had hoped. --- Support this podcast:
He is  a comedian, born in Bosnia, came as a refugee to Sweden during the '90s. He grew up trying to juggle my identity as a Bosnian Muslim in a secular Swedish society. He grew up in something that would be considered a "ghetto"" to Swedish standards along with kids whose parents came from the Middle East, Latin America and the Balkans. He had to juggle growing up with cultural norms and expectations of two cultures, the Bosnian culture of his parents and the culture of Sweden. He is 29 and he started doing stand up when he was 23. His favorite comedians growing up were Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock, along with some Swedish comedians he grew up watching on TV. He prefers British and American comedy .  For the past 2-3 years he started to perform more frequently and he has had the opportunity to do some open mic gigs in Austria and Portugal. One time when he was 17 he was walking home from a friend's place. He lived pretty far away from his apartment. It was during wintertime, and it gets extremely dark and cold in Switzerland during that time. Well, at least then it used to, due to global warming it isn't as cold. Due to the cold weather at the time he had covered his face with a shemagh (it's that red and white scarf that you usually see Palestinians wearing) and a purple cap on his head. This was during his hardcore hip hop phase, so he was wearing some Ecko Unlimited baggy jeans and a Ecko Unlimited tracksuit if he remembers it correctly. He decided to go for a stroll before taking the bus home. After around 10 minutes of walking, a police car pulls up next to him. Two police officers come out of the car; one of them being a tall blonde Swedish guy and the other one a short black guy. They asked him for his ID, and he gave it to them. They both checked his ears and eyes with a flashlight. They proceeded with checking his pockets, shoes and his hat. They asked him why he was covering his face and he said "because it's cold.". One of the officers typed his social security number into the police computer they had in their car and found nothing on him. Before they let him go, he asked them "Why did you stop me? Is it because of my Yugoslav origins?" The black police officer chuckled and replied "What? No. You looked like someone we were looking for. Plus, I'm a N-word, I can't be racist!". Facebook: Kerim Hrustanovic Instagram: kerimhrustanovic Tik Tok: kerimthebosnian --- Support this podcast:
Robin Gelfenbien is the self-proclaimed Ambassador of Fun who's a comedian, writer, and host. Robin is a three-time Moth Story SLAM winner who has performed on PBS, RISK!, Mortified, and countless other shows. She’s also shared the stage with Hannah Gadsby, Trevor Noah, and more.  She is the Creator and Host of the storytelling series and podcast, “Yum’s the Word,” that features her homemade ice cream cakes. The show has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and named a New York Times and Time Out New York Critic’s Pick. Guests have included Tim Gunn,  Mo Rocca, Jerry from Ben & Jerry's, Jason Biggs, Joy Behar, and stars from “Orange Is the New Black.”  She used to drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. :) In 2000, She was living in San Francisco with her best friend, Kristen, who was juggling four guys while she could barely get one. She had been hanging out with a cyclist (Ted) for about a month but hadn't heard from him in a few weeks, so when another guy (Rick) asked her to go on a bike ride, she jumped at the chance. Everything is going great on her first date (bike ride) with Rick when on the return, Ted is riding alongside her.   Next thing she knows the three of them are riding together on what's supposed to be a romantic bike ride for Rick and her. They end up riding ahead of her agreeing to meet her at the bridge, and she ends up getting lost (no cell phone, no GPS) and hitching a ride back on a flatbed truck carrying 8 port-a-potties. She is hopeful that at least one of them would be waiting for her at the bridge. One guy does – Rick, but she winds up in the friend zone with him and not getting either guy. --- Support this podcast:
South African Comedian Karmen Naidoo shares a story about how  3 weeks after the first snow storm she took her pup, Charlie for a walk around the block, and he stepped in human poop. --- Support this podcast:
Army Veteran, Mom, and comedian Linette Paladino shares with us, the path she took to meet her husband. This episode explores the true story behind her jokes.  It walks you through the people she dated and her experiences with each of them.  --- Support this podcast:
When she was 17, Sarah started dating this guy, the summer after college. She decided she was in love with him and then decided to continue dating him for her first year of college. She was 18 and had lost her virginity to him. They decided to stay long-distance for almost the entire first year of college. During her fall break, she went to Arizona where he went to college. She tells the story about how he broke up with her and started dating her best friend. --- Support this podcast:
Ashley Gutermuth is a New Jersey-based stand-up comedian. She has appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon where she was chosen by Jerry Seinfeld to win the ‘Seinfeld Challenge.’ Her high-energy, positive style of comedy is irresistible. Ashley’s comedy is focused on her unusual relationships and observations about life. Ashley has performed in the New York Underground Comedy Festival and in June 2020, won Blue City Comedy’s Comic of the Month competition, based in Boise, Idaho.  When Ashley is not performing stand-up or voice-overs, she is usually running and has a daily running streak that spans over six years. For running, tips, and comedy videos follow @Ashgutermuth on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her newsletter on When she was a teenager, she dated the same guy for most of high school. I used to work at a movie theatre and I would save all my money and use it to buy him things. He loved video games so she saved up and for Christmas one year, bought him a PlayStation, tons of used video games, and a TV to play it on. It was way overkill but she was just trying to make him happy. She thought this was somebody that she was going to marry, she went to a small (less than 50 in my class) religious high school and just assumed that she would marry the first guy that she dated. So, he loved the gifts but then about three months later he broke up with her to date a woman whose sister he dated before her.  She was so devastated,  She told him that he couldn’t tell anyone for at least a month that they had broken up and had to return the PlayStation/tv. So, he had his Mom bring in everything and hand it to her in a grocery store bag.   She wouldn’t do that again, she feels bad about it now. A gift is a gift and she was just hurt. He ended up marrying that woman and having kids and she is thrilled for them. There is no way that it would have been a good idea for them to get married. He totally made the right call. --- Support this podcast:
Dara Jemmott tells us the story of how a bad first date led to a career in stand-up. --- Support this podcast:
NY Comedian Chris Hamilton shares a wild story, about how a bleeding stranger dashes into his apartment, and he is left with a difficult choice when the police knock on his door. --- Support this podcast:
Comedian/ Story-teller Will Green details his tumultuous relationship with his stepfather. He discusses everything that his mother endured to ensure that he and his brother could live a better life. --- Support this podcast:
Tracie Jayne is a stand-up comedian from a podunk town in the Midwest, who currently resides in New York City.  She has been seen touring in comedy clubs throughout the country and overseas entertaining the troops in Korea, Kuwait, and Iraq.  She has also appeared in Boston Comedy Festival,  the New York Underground Comedy Festival (named Emerging Comic of the Year 2006), Trail by Laughter on Comcast, TMZ, Spike, the Discovery Channel, as a host for LX TV and Atlantic City TV, and dancing on DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. Tracie shares the story of the time she fell asleep in the tanning booth of a strip club and gets locked in overnight. --- Support this podcast:
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