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Revisionary Podcast is a story-telling podcast where guests tell host/stand-up Comedian Juan Carlos a non-fiction story from their past which they wish had gone differently. It could be an old argument that they replay in their head and wish they had come up with a witty response. Possibly, a story of when they were not their best self and wish they could take back what they said or did. After telling their story, they have an opportunity to re-tell the same story, but this time they can change any fact or detail from their story. Lastly, we discuss the impact of their changes. Support this podcast:
54 Episodes
Kendra shares the story of a first date gone wrong!
Comedian Laura High takes us on a wild story that gives us insight as to life as an extra on a set. She talks about how meeting her idol lefter her frazzled.
Comedian De De discusses how she went to a private college and took out loans but never completed the degree. She mentions how now she and her parents are saddled with student debt for a degree she never received. 
The Pacific Northwest's very own Trista Bloom joins Juan Carlos to discuss her experiences traveling the country selling magazine subscriptions. This episode gives us an inside look into a pyramid scheme. IG: trista_mb_ FB: Trista Bloom Support this podcast:
This week, the writer, comedian, private chef, Manny, a retro DJ join us on the Revisionary podcast. Keith never smoked weed as a kid or teenager, and started to in his early 20s, around the time he moved to New Zealand. He started smoking weed with his girlfriend at the time and went on vacation with her family. He would take walks and go smoke on the beach near their vacation home. One time, he came back just as her dad and their female Norwegian exchange student were getting in a rowboat, and they invited them to go for a boat ride. So he did, and since he was the only other guy, his girlfriend's dad asked him, to take over rowing, but he was so stoned he couldn't do it. And the 14-year-old exchange student girl had to row for him, embarrassment ensued.--- Support this podcast:
Kelly Taylor is an NYC comedian who details the story of the time she went to a bar in Brooklyn and decided to go to the bathroom. She wakes up the next morning locked in the bathroom. --- Support this podcast:
* Trigger Warning*   James Crowley revisits the story of his abusive relationship. --- Support this podcast:
Comedian Sharita details the events and stories which unfolded during her 22-year Military career.--- Support this podcast:
Comedian El-Hadj get kicked out of an Uber in Florida, and wakes up as a John Doe in the hospital--- Support this podcast:
While working in Seattle as a barista, She decided she needed a vacation. Her husband wanted a road trip, she wanted a trip to Mexico. They did both. While on their road trip they got incredibly lost in the backcountry of California. The road turned into a gravel trail and they were driving through pastures. No cell service, google maps. It was getting dark. Finally, they saw a giant pickup truck with old cowboys in it. They were like “which way to California?” And they pointed in the right direction. They finally found their campsite. There was only one other person there, who they assumed was a murderer. So they slept in their car. The next day they finally found a town and ate a ton of bad breakfast food.--- Support this podcast:
After his mother and father met at a Yogananda-inspired spiritual center, they answered an anonymous job ad in the local newspaper to be the head gardener and chef for Michael Douglas’ family. Born in Douglas’ basement, Aaron was raised between the working-class activism of his parents and the affluent fame of Montecito, California. This is the story about how a Nazi punches Aaron in the face while he was growing up.--- Support this podcast:
Michele shares her story and how divorce sidetracked her from her dreams of acting.--- Support this podcast:
Twitch Streamer UnderDogNobody, or Dogo as everyone affectionately calls her sits down to discuss the time an ex-partner performed witchcraft on her.--- Support this podcast:
Drag Queen Bella Biscotti, has a huge opportunity to make all his dreams a reality when meeting a VH1 executive out on Fire Island. But their meet-up quickly turns into calamity and the opportunity is blown!--- Support this podcast:
Sam is an NYC-based comedian. He is a writer on Blind Date currently airing on Bravo TV. He has participated in some of the most prestigious showcases in the country. He was selected as a Stand-Up NBC Finalist, the network's nationwide talent search. The same year he was selected to perform at The Tonight Show Showcase, named Best of New Talent at the New York Comedy Festival, and performed at RuPaul's DragCon. He has been featured in the NY Times, Time Out, GQ, Vanity Fair, Buzzfeed, National Lampoon, The Independent, The Guardian, Metro UK, and his writing has been published in Chortle. You may have seen him on the Travel Channel, PBS, or heard him on SiriusXM.He headlines clubs and colleges around the country including his sold-out Breakout Artist performance at Stand Up NY ('19). His solo show Hello, Daddy! was critically lauded at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and he is slated to return to the Festival at Pleasance Theatre in 2021 produced by Mick Perrin.He co-hosts Thrift Shop and Queerotica, a monthly showcase of LGBT+ comedians at The Strand Bookstore.Sam shares the story about the time he got into a crappy situation on the NYC Subway. --- Support this podcast:
Comedian Camille Theobald shares stories, about how she used to trick her best friend into making out with her.--- Support this podcast:
Emily Winter is a writer for NPR's "Ask Me Another," a standup comedian,  and has a book of trivia coming out next year!  She shares the story of how she majorly messed up with her family. She details how some of her actions during the 2020 election cycle have severely damaged her relationship with her family. --- Support this podcast:
Real estate agent Cristiana tells us her story about how she immigrated to the US from Romania and tells us the story of how she thought the US was under attack. --- Support this podcast:
Birungi shares the story about how he  had to beat a drug test in order to get a job and stay in the US--- Support this podcast:
Juan Carlos reunites with childhood friend  Damaris, who is known in the sneaker world as kicking it with DD. They reminisce about growing up in the Bronx together and discuss sneaker culture. DD explains how the sneaker world works and explains the appeal of collecting sneakers while telling a story about how collecting sneakers put those around her in danger. --- Support this podcast:
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