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Legendary comedy radio show hosts Rick & Bubba double down on the week’s biggest political arguments and serve up lessons in common sense. At Rick & Bubba University, the curriculum is based on logic, not emotions.
10 Episodes
Rick & Bubba sit down with executive producer Calvin "Speedy" Wilburn. Speedy has been a part of the Rick & Bubba Show for all 25 years. In this episode you'll find out how he joined the show and all of the adventures that came with it. We dive in to his uncanny trouble magnet and the tragic day his best friend died in his arms. You'll cry, you'll laugh, and you'll learn so much about the history of the show.  
Rick & Bubba sit down with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. Mike is the epitome of the true American Dream. Here's the story of how this entrepreneur went from crack addict to self-made multimillionaire, his incredible story of faith, and his friendship with President Trump.
Rick & Bubba sit down with American economist Professor Walter E. Williams of George Mason University to discuss the state of our economy and the national debt — and some advice for President Trump. Dr. Williams dives into the differences between capitalism and socialism and speaks on the education decline in our country.  
Rick & Bubba sit down with staff member The Real Greg Burgess. Go behind the wall with the man you never knew. Greg breaks down his journey from pole-climbing Alabama Power lineman to nationally syndicated on-air talent. He opens up as a man who struggles with rude Tourette's, and shares his life as a new grandpa. All this and much more in this episode of Rick & Bubba University.
Rick & Bubba sit down with Alex Bobulinski, aka Bigfoot Bob. Alex is a fortean or paranormal investigator and is often found in remote and forgotten places, tracking mysterious beings in the wild. His field work includes Bigfoot, Dogman, lake monsters, Lizard Man, and various other monsters.  Whether you know them as Sasquatch, Bigfoot, yeti, yowie, or skunk ape, Alex has encountered it.  
Rick & Bubba catch up with UFO abductee Calvin Parker. What is certain about the night of October 11, 1973, is that something did happen to Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson. In this interview, Calvin recounts the terror of that day and his life after the event. He also discusses his new book, "Pascagoula — The Story Continues," which includes new witnesses and new details of what took place that evening on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi.  
In the first installment of their "Profile" series, Rick & Bubba dive into the wacky world of TV producer Chris "Eddie Van" Adler. From growing up a minister's kid to fighting women on the airwaves to how he got his job, Rick & Bubba cover it all in this interview with the youngest (and weirdest?) member of the Rick & Bubba Show.
Rick & Bubba take an in-depth look at the facts and figures of climate change and man-made global warming with Dr. Roy Spencer. What is really going on? Why is everyone freaking out and exaggerating? Are we warming? Are we dealing with a "climate crisis"? All of this and more addressed in this episode.Dr. Roy Warren Spencer is a meteorologist, a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and the U.S. Science Team leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer on NASA's Aqua satellite. He has served as senior scientist for climate studies at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.
Why are hunters disappearing without a trace for hundreds of years? Rick & Bubba have a few theories on what is really going on as they breakdown the documentary Missing 411:The Hunted. This film unwraps the haunting true stories of hunters experiencing the unexplainable in the woods of North America.
Coming soon! Legendary comedy radio show hosts Rick & Bubba double down on the week’s biggest political arguments and serve up lessons in common sense. At Rick & Bubba University, the curriculum is based on logic, not emotions.
Comments (5)

Sam Hall

I download every episode so i can listen to it during my trips in my car during the weekends. I hardly ever listen to music unless it's on the radio waiting for the show to come on! lol Thank you, sirs!

Oct 19th

Matthew Tilley

more more more

Sep 28th

Matthew Tilley

awesome guys can't get enough

Sep 28th

Julie Jones

Fully creeped out, but love that your theory at the end really makes the most sense. Now computer chips, whole different subject. Stay in it, guys!

Sep 23rd

michael gaskill

good job guys

Sep 22nd
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