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Right-wing authoritarian and extremist movements are on the march worldwide. This podcast will host some of the globe's leading experts on the radical right to help us understand the development of these extremists. Each episode, hosts and guests bring their specialist insights to break down the critical people, places, organizations, actions, and ideas of the radical right. Produced by the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right
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The Year in Review

The Year in Review


Guests Eviane Leidig, Ashley Mattheis, and William Allchorn rejoin Right Rising for a roundtable discussion of the radical right's activities throughout the past year of the podcast. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Eviane, Ashley, and Will take us through an overview of key developments in the far right over the past year, including the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, the continued ravages COVID-19 pandemic, and the growth of the Q-Anon conspiracy. Together we speculate - what can we expect the far right to do next? Check out CARR's 2020-2021 Yearbook ( and the forthcoming partnership ( Richmond University for an MA in Terrorism Security, and Radical Right Extremism. See the links here for the articles mentioned by Ashley on the Marshall Project (, Ashli Babbitt (, Institutional Responsibility (, and for the UNC Dataset ( Special Guests: Ashley Mattheis, Eviane Leidig, and William Allchorn.
Guest Dr. Sara Kamali joins Right Rising to discuss her new book Homegrown Hate: Why White Nationalists and Militant Islamists Are Waging War against the United States. As part of Right Rising's first "New Book Spotlight," Sara talks us through some of the critical aspects of understanding white nationalism explored in Homegrown Hate. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Sara breaks down commonly misunderstood concepts - from Christian identitarians to white ethnostate - to help us grapple with the big question - what ultimately can we do to stop these groups? Order Homegrown Hate here (! Special Guest: Sara Kamali.
Guest Sabine Volk joins Right Rising to discuss PEGIDA - a German far-right organization with a distinctly pan-European agenda. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Sabine walks us through the demographics of PEGIDA and how she gained insight into the organization's mobilization tactics by conducting participant observation. Breaking down how PEGIDA uses a particular historical memory around anti-communist revolution over anti-Nazi resistance to church reformer Martin Luther, Sabine reveals how PEGIDA persists as an organization amidst the German government's crackdown and the COVID-19 pandemic. Special Guest: Sabine Volk.
Guest Haley McEwen joins Right Rising to walk us through the anti-gender movement, a transnational coalition of conservative activists and civil society organizations working to counter political and social gains made by local and international feminists and LGBTQI+ movements. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Haley explores how the anti-gender movement spread across Southern and Eastern Africa by mobilizing against sex education in schools. Breaking down these activists' agenda's in Kenya and Nigeria, Haley reveals how the anti-gender movement is genuinely transnational, forging connections with U.S. and European organizations. Special Guest: Haley McEwen.
Guest Dr. Katherine Kondor joins Right Rising to give us a deep dive into the growth of the Radical Right in Hungary. Along with host, Dr. James F. Downes (Head of the Populism Research Unit) Katherine also discusses the recent ideological transformation of the governing party Fidesz alongside the uniqueness of the political landscape in Hungary and the turn towards 'illiberal' democracy. Katherine draws on her unique academic research relating to radicalisation, political activism and the radical right, in discussing about the ongoing ideological transformation of the opposition radical right party Jobbik and the 'new' radical right Our Homeland Movement Party (Mi Hazánk Mozgalom) in Hungary. Katherine also speaks about the important differences between the radical right in (a) Central-Eastern European politics, compared to the radical right in the (b) Western European political landscape. Katherine's recent article, published at Fair Observer: “Amidst the Pandemic, Central and Eastern Europe Witnesses an Erosion of Democracy” can be found at the following link: Special Guest: Katherine Kondor.
Memes and Chan Culture

Memes and Chan Culture


Guests Blyth Crawford and Florence Keen join Right Rising to give us a deep dive into Chan culture and the particular media - and memes - created by Chan users. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Blyth and Florence explore the ambivalent relationship between mainstream social media and Chan sites and how that complicates de-platforming efforts. Breaking down the Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on Chan culture, Blyth and Florence explore how Chan platforms use humor to dispense racist and misogynistic messages. For the study conducted by Blyth and Florence - now publicly available - visit here ( Special Guests: Blyth Crawford and Florence Keen.
Guest Mario Peucker joins Right Rising to walk us through the history of the radical right in Australia. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Mario explores some of the critical issues for the radical right leading to the Christchurch terror attacks in 2019 and how Australian far-right activism has changed during the COVID-19 crisis. Mario also grounds us in the key actors, organizations, and locations of radical right activism in Australia. In today's discussion, Mario and Augusta discuss the local drivers of the radical right in Australia and its connection to larger patterns of global extremism. Special Guest: Mario Peucker.
This episode from Bàrbara Molas (York University) draws on her research on Canada's modern nation-building to discuss what she has termed 'white multiculturalism'. In this podcast, she uses this contradictory concept to describe a project led by (Continental) European immigrants to Canada who between 1934 and the late 1960s proposed the integration and 'amalgamation' of Christian white Canadians to create a superior 'ethnicity'. She further uses the term too to talk about European integration and Christian supremacy more broadly. Special Guest: Bàrbara Molas.
Guest Alexander Reid Ross joins Right Rising to breakdown the geography of the radical right. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Alexander takes us through a series of geographic hotspots of the far-right - specifically in the Pacific Northwest - to explain how location intersects with the development of radical right groups. He also walks us through the cartographic tools used by geographers in studying the far-right. In today's discussion, Alexander and Augusta not only discuss the development of the far-right but potential conflict hotspots between the radical right and anti-fascist activists. Special Guest: Alexander Reid Ross.
Guest Balsa Lubarda joins Right Rising to walk us through the basics of what scholars mean by "ideology" and how it relates to far-right ecologism. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Balsa takes us on a deep dive into the world of what he calls "far-right ecologism." He explains how various ideological threads of the radical right, far right, and Christian ecology intersect in far-right ecologism. In today's discussion, Balsa and Augusta consider some of the implications of the growth of far-right ecologism for the environmental justice movement and national green parties. Special Guest: Balsa Lubarda.
Guest Natalie James joins Right Rising to breakdown the Prevent Duty, a controversial counter-terrorism program created by the United Kingdom. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Natalie takes us on a deep dive into the Prevent Duty's evolution and how it demands individual responsibility for combatting radicalization. In today's discussion, Natalie and Augusta consider some of the Prevent Duty's controversial aspects, particularly the criticism that it disproportionately targets Muslim communities and how it identifies who is "vulnerable" to radicalization. Special Guest: Natalie James.
Guest Michael Zeller joins Right Rising to unpack why it's so important not just to study the online presence of far right groups, but also their demonstrations and mobilizations. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Michael takes us on a deep dive into the kinds of rallies and demonstrations undertaken by the far right. While today's discussion between Michael and Augusta occurred before the 1/6 violent riot at the U.S. Capitol Building, this episode offers important lessons about why the far right organizes and, critically, how that ends. Special Guest: Michael Zeller.
Guest Louie Dean Valencia-García joins Right Rising to discuss how far right movements create counter-narratives to accepted understandings of history. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Louie takes on a deep dive into how the far-right's "alt histories" circulate all over the globe and the role that historians play in combatting that spread. Louie also introduces us to a new segment on Right Rising - "Delve Into History" - short, ten minute episodes on specific episodes in the history of the far right. Special Guest: Louie Dean Valencia-García.
Guest Megan Squire joins Right Rising to walk us through how white nationalists are using popular live-streaming to make money. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Megan takes us on a deep dive into how far right actors - removed from sites like Twitter - have migrated to video platforms like DLive to engage in "monetized propaganda." Megan explains how much money these white nationalists are making, where it comes from, and critically, how these actors reach new, younger audiences through live-streaming. Special Guest: Megan Squire.
Guest Michael Cole joins Right Rising to break down how right-wing populist leaders are using some of the world's most popular footballers for political gain. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Michael takes us on a deep dive into some of the most famous examples of this budding relationship - like German footballer Mesut Özil and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Michael helps us understand how these relationships emerged and what these new partnerships could look like in the context of the 2021 European Championships. Special Guest: Michael Cole.
Guest Sophie Schmalenberger joins Right Rising to comprehensively break down the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party. Along with host James F. Downes, Sophie takes us on a deep dive into the significance of the contemporary German political landscape and the ideological evolution of the far-right AfD Party. Sophie breaks down her latest research on the AfD and the important regional differences (West vs. East) that have historically underpinned German politics. Sophie also provides analysis about the landmark electoral success of the AfD in becoming the first modern far-right party to achieve electoral representation in the German National Parliament (Bundestag) in the 2017 national parliamentary election. Sophie then discusses the current COVID-19 situation in German politics and what this means for the future of the AfD Party. Special Guest: Sophie Schmalenberger .
Guest Simon Purdue joins Right Rising to break down why gender is so important to the extreme right. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Simon takes us on a deep dive into some of the most consistent narratives around womanhood and gender in the U.S., U.K. and South African extreme right to help us understand why feminity is central to the ideology of these movements. Finally, Simon and Augusta explore how the extreme right uses narratives of womanhood to advance their racism and misogony. Special Guest: Simon Purdue.
Guest Ashton Kingdon joins Right Rising to break down the connections between Artificial Intelligence and far-right radicalization online. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Ashton takes us on a deep dive into the world of algorithims, social media companies, and disinformation to help us understand the connections between technology and radicalization. Finally, Ashton and I ask the ultimate question - can we really hold intelligent machines accountable for radicalization? Special Guest: Ashton Kingdon.
Guest Ashley Mattheis joins Right Rising to break down the QAnon conspiracy and its growth during the COVID-19 crisis. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Ashley walks us through the mainstreaming of conspiracy theories after the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and how these ideas spread across social media. Finally, Ashley takes us on a deep dive into the world of "Momfluencers" and how their conceptions of motherhood have catalyzed QAnon's reach into the mainstream. Special Guest: Ashley Mattheis.
Guest Dr. Julia DeCook joins Right Rising to discuss the growth of incel culture online. Along with host Augusta Dell'Omo, Julia walks us through how incels and other online far-right groups have responded to deplatforming efforts by social media companies. Finally, Julia and Augusta question just how successful deplatforming can ultimately be in the face of mainstream racism and sexism in U.S. culture. Special Guest: Julia DeCook.
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