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Messages from Pastor Greg! We seek after knowing Him and making Him known!
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POINT #1 Protect what you allow inside in your heart and mindAPPLICATION #1 Renew the consecration of your eyes - your ears, and how your managing your thinking: work it OUT!POINT #2 The most important ability in the work of the Lord is availabilityAPPLICATION #2 Look for opportunities in your sphere of influenceATTACK #1 They attempt to demoralize Nehemiah by devaluing his efforts (Neh. 4:1-3)ATTACK #2 They threatened the people with bodily harm to create confusion (Neh 6:8-11)POINT #3 Renew your allegiance to the authority of THE KING (Jesus!)APPLICATION #3 THE KING is in the REVIVAL business - He has given us victory over the enemies of death and sin - so do Revival things!
POINT#1 Nehemiah was deeply moved with the heart of God for his generationAPPLICATION #1 We are NEHEMIAH’s in our generation: we need to understand “the wound of humanity” at its sourcePOINT #2 Nehemiah was “Prayed-Up”- Prepared & Willing APPLICATION #2 God Blesses the making of plans (it’s the difference between living reactive Vs. proactive!)“Once I identify the Priorities that are to define my life: it clarifies my Calendar (usage of time/ “redeem the time”)- and therefore fuels my Calling- builds my Confidence- expands my Connections- improves my Competence- strengthens my Character and increases my Commitment!”POINT #3 Expect opposition!APPLICATION #3 Beware of diversions/ distractions from fighting the “Good FIght of Faith!”POINT #4 It takes a TEAM to make the DREAM APPLICATION #4 Every “Stone” makes a difference: every prayer, every dollar, every demonstration of love, every invite, every availability saying “here I am send me” POINT #5 HOLD ONTO THE PROMISES OF GOD! APPLICATION #5 What promise of God are you holding onto today? 
POINT #1 Let us RISE in PRAYER!APPLICATION #1 God purposed PRAYER to be a first priority not last RESORTPOINT #2 Prayer coupled with FASTING - turns down the background noise in life - while turning up the VOLUME of GOD’S voice!APPLICATION #2 “Do you need a BREAK-THRU?” “Are you carrying a burden for the SALVATION of a loved one?”POINT #3 Prayer is a PREP for new BEGINNINGS...APPLICATION #3 In this month of September- let us be “the REMNANT” - and LET US RISE IN PRAYER & pray the PROMISES of God! (Isaiah 40:31; Matthew 9:35-38; Luke 11:13)
POINT #1 The Lord Wants To Touch Our Lives Over and OverAPPLICATION #1 Cut out the default “it’s all’s good ... no big deal ... no problem ... no worries” and in THIS moment in your heart pray, “Lord, I need your touch today!” (Eph. 5:18; James 4:10)POINT #2 There is the TOUCH of Revelation (& Illumination!)APPLICATION #2 Ask the Father for more illumination of the greatness of Jesus!POINT #3 There is the TOUCH of further clarity in God’s planAPPLICATION#3 Where is the Lord having you to suffer that others might be blessed?APPLICATION #31/2 Being radically committed to the allegiance of Jesus is the difference the world needs: Live for an audience of ONE!POINT #4 There is the TOUCH of Security in God’s planAPPLICATION #4 Stake your TRUST on the the FAITHFULNESS of the Lord!!
Five Perspectives on How Context Impacts Our Understanding of Communion#1 The Jesus & Nisan 14 Passover Connection#2 Jesus linked God's plan from eternity past through eternity future thru Israel.#3 Jesus inaugurated the New Covenant of Jeremiah 31:31-37 at the Cross that was given to Israel thru which the world is invited into.#4 Communion in Context helps course-correct Constantine's corruption!#5 The Context of Communion helps equip the church in the work of evangelism to Jewish friends that following Jesus the Messiah is not a "new religion," but the fulfillment of God's plan.
POINT #1 The Spirit inspires pro-activeness to live our God-given potential found in God’s purposes!APPLICATION #1 BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT: “God has not given us the Spirit of fear (paralysis) but power, love and a sound mind!” (Eph. 5:18; 2 Tim. 1:7)POINT #2 It is the Spirit who stirs up the people of God to action!APPLICATION #2 Question: “What is the Holy Spirit stirring up in your life?” POINT #3 Do not despise the days of “small things!” APPLICATION #3 Our small step of faith and obedience is used in a BIG way by the Spirit: so take the step when the Spirit stirs you up!
POINT #1 “...all Israel will be saved...” (Romans 11:26-27)POINT #2 Non-Jewish followers of Jesus (Gentiles) are engrafted into a divine plan that was revealed to ISRAEL and promised to ISRAEL -- a plan that is unfolding through the Messiah of ISRAEL (who is the King of ISRAEL and the world) -- who will one day rule from the city of Jerusalem in ISRAEL - at which time the entire world will be impacted from ISRAEL all the way into eternity (Vs. 16-18)POINT #3 Blindness in part has happened to the nation of Israel, but there will be a future extraordinary restoration of the nation of Israel (“life from the dead”) to live out it’s full potential! (Vs. 12-15; 28-36)POINT #4 The church is not to forget their “roots” but is to live in a way that provokes the Jewish people to jealously in the worship of the Lord God of Israel- the Messiah of Israel! (Vs. 11) (1.) Demonstrate unconditional love and share the Gospel with both Jew and Gentile (Romans 1:16-17)(2.) Remember the message is not calling Jews to convert but to be complete in the Messiah, Jesus (Jeshua!) Mt 5:17-18; Jeremiah 31:31; Romans 10:1-4(3.) Believe the whole Bible (2 Tim. 3:16-17)(4.) Support Zionism- the belief that Jews have a right to a national life in the land of Israel!(1 Chron. 16:17-18; Ez. 26:24; Romans 9:1-5; Joel 3)(5.) Fight anti-semitism: A Christian stands against the ignorance and madness of racism and anti-Semitism. (Zechariah 2:8; Duet. 7:7-9a) (6.) Celebrate “Communion” in its context (a Passover Seder) which will not only bless believers but equip the church to better communicate to Jewish friends that the Gospel is the unfolding plan of God (Luke 22:19; 1 Cor. 11:24)(7) Support THE REMNANT -Jewish believers- in Jerusalem! (Romans 15:22-29)POINT #5 There has always been a small number (remnant) of descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who have worshipped the Lord God of Israel- just as there are still a small remnant of Israel who are the Jewish followers of Jesus today! (Romans 11:1-5)
POINT #1 Like sheep - we are “lost” - we don’t find God - God finds us and rescues us!APPLICATION #1 Today, we MUST see the world thru the lens of the heart of our heavenly Father who sent His Son to find and rescue the lost! POINT #2 The world is made up of “big brothers” and “little brothers” both of which are “lost” living an illusion. APPLICATION #2 What we are all really longing for is relationship and intimacy with the Heavenly Father.
POINT #1 From eternity past, a divine “Peace Plan” was in place for eternity future! POINT #2 Christians are called to model THE PEACE PLAN today (“the new man”) as a preview of what is to come at the 2nd Coming of Jesus.APPLICATION #1 Let it sink in: As a Christian, you have the same spiritual DNA and the same Heavenly Father as every Christian past, present and future.APPLICATION #2 Listen and learn and love your brothers and sisters.APPLICATION #3 In the essentials, unity. In the non-essentials, liberty. In all things, love! 
POINT #1 What we often call ISOLATION is God’s incubation (which means life is developing and growing sometimes without any outer perceptible  signs)APPLICATION #1 Believe More (Romans 8:31-39) APPLICATION #2 Move Forward In the New Covenant 
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