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Jordan and Jevon talk shop, discuss some ongoing irons in the fire at Roasting Room, talk some Jevon news, discuss bands briefly, and dream about the future.Bands mentioned:The HeadJoji
Jordan & Jevon chat up Kyle Wareham and Nick Poulin of Pretty Darn. Pretty Darn is a local up-and-coming act that has garnered a quick following of devoted fans. Jordan and Jevon want to know more.
043 // Jevon Daly Chats

043 // Jevon Daly Chats


Jevon Daly, local legend, chats with Jordan on an array of topics.
Jordan and Trevor chat with Dan Snyder of Paper Lights about his incredible National Parks project, as well as his upcoming show at the Roasting Room with Nicholas Roberts, whom Dan had a chance meeting previously during an all-night songwriting session.
In this episode, Jordan talks with Matthew B. Mayes, the co-founder, principle songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist of Jupiter Coyote, about 30 years on the road, taking time for yourself, and the future of the jam band.In the course of their 27-year history, Jupiter Coyote has played over five thousand shows, traveled everywhere and done just about everything a touring band can do. The innovative group has independently sold close to a million CDs, tens of thousands of downloads, and who knows how many bootlegs they cut loose to fans for free. JC is brand name, and a pioneering cornerstone in the jam band scene. They have been called the new twist in southern rock and they deliver it with a relaxed, worldly view. Their sound has been labeled “Mountain Rock” — a mixture of Southern Appalachian boogie, bluegrass-infused, funk-rock.
Jevon Daly is the type of artist that creates his own path: sometimes reactionary, sometimes poignant, always original.  He's a member of the hair metal tribute band Silicone Sister, the mostly original bluegrass band Lowcountry Boil, tight cover band JoJo Squirrel, and other iterations of original and cover duos/trios.  His insight follows.
In this episode, Jordan gives John Driskell Hopkins of Zac Brown Band a call. The Zac Brown Band is a multi-platinum selling country rock band, with 13 #1 singles to their credit since 2008. John is a founding member, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter for the band. He was gracious enough to spend a little time talking about the past, present, and future.
This time around, I sit down with Mark Bryan, the Guitarist, vocalist and writer in the world-renowned band Hootie & The Blowfish. Hootie & The Blowfish came on the scene with a bang in 1994 with Cracked Rear View their 14x platinum selling album that garnered critical accolades and almost immediate fame. Subsequent releases Fairweather Johnson in 1996 and the self-titled album in 1998 saw the band maintain a high level of success from a sales standpoint, as well as critical acclaim.Mark Bryan splits time between Charleston SC and Awendaw SC while working for his own upstart companies Chucktown Music Group and Carolina Studies, as well as a position as Artist in Residence at the College of Charleston and the creator and producer of Live at the Charleston Music Hall, a concert television show that airs on PBS.Mark was kind enough to allow into his home and onto his balcony in a rapidly growing area of downtown Charleston for a little chat.
In this episode we begin a series on the future of music distribution in the digital age, and speak with Kevin Bruchert, a now-local producer.  We also preview tracks from the upcoming acts The Sea The Sea and Lyn Avenue.
036 // Joe Pisapia

036 // Joe Pisapia


In this episode we go on the road to Nashville to meet and chat with Joe Pisapia about his new record, listen to samples of this week’s upcoming bands The Train Wrecks and Eric Culberson, and reminisce about the week prior with Levi Lowrey & Waits and Co.
In this episode we sit down with Kyle Wareham of Pretty Darn, listen to samples of this week’s upcoming bands Heather Gillis and Pretty Darn, and reminisce about the week prior with Peter Karp and Time Sawyer.
In this episode we interview Sam Tayloe of Time Sawyer, listen to samples of this week’s upcoming bands Peter Karp and Time Sawyer, reminisce about the week prior with Jesse Terry and Fireside Collective, and in our wouldn’t it be nice segment, introduce Joe Pisapia.
In this episode we sit down with Peggy Trecker-White of the Lean Ensemble and chat about the exciting theater experience they’re bringing to the Main Street theater, get excited about this week’s shows with Jesse Terry and Fireside Collective, and reminisce about the week prior.
In this episode we chat with Korby Lenker about his upcoming show, get excited about this week’s Shows with Korby Lenker with Violet Bell, and Josh Brannon Band with Greg Williams, and reminisce about the week prior.
Jordan spins Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones, The High Divers, Swingin Hammers, Kenny George Band, and Finnegan Bell.
Merry Christmas!  Herein lies a special 20-track musical review of artists recorded in the Roasting Room live in 2017.  Enjoy!Track Listing:01: Evan Bartels - The Wicked Kind02: Ed Roland & Sweet Tea Project w/ Angie Aparo - Shine03: Field Division - Hollow Body Weather04: Cranford & Friends - Lonely Leaks05: Joshua James - Coal War06: Nathan Angelo - Timeless07: Dangermuffin - Kindred Sun (The End)08: 10 String Symphony - On Christmas Eve09: Head For The Hills - Traditional Irish Jig10: Griffin House - Yesterday Lies11: Joe Robinson - Let The Guitar Do The Talking12: Tall Tall Trees - Picture Picture13: Jevon Daly - Cowpie14: Cedric Burnside Project - Shake Em On Down15: Timmy The Teeth - Some Things Never Change16: Parker Gispert - Volcano17: Sondorblue - More Than Reality18: As Husband & Wife - Words To Say19: Gabe Dixon - Black Hole Sun20: Kim Richey - Angel's Share
In this episode we take a look back at 2017, get excited about this week’s Cranford Christmas, drop some hints to future shows, and reminisce about the week prior. The Roasting Room 2017 Retrospective, in
In this episode we introduce three new sponsors, get excited about this week’s show A Celtic Christmas, ask an important question, and reminisce about the week prior.New Sponsors:AIC (Advanced Integrated Controls)Island Getaway RentalsSimpson Construction
In this episode we interview Parker Gispert, get excited about this week’s shows with Howard Duff and Parker Gispert of the Whigs, toss around some fresh ideas, and reminisce about the week prior.Other related links:Nicole Miller - nmillermusic.comBluffton Self Help -
In this episode we sit down with Doug Marshall and Davey Masteller about their upcoming show, get excited about this week’s songwriter showdown and shows with Akilavue and Angie Aparo, talk about the local music scene, the Hilton Head Jazz Camp, and reminisce about the week prior.For more information on the charity mentioned in the podcast, visit:
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