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Rob Anspach interviews talented entrepreneurs who demonstrate an eagerness to share their experiences, their knowledge and their stories to help others succeed. Each one of us has the power to be better at what we do. Yet, sometimes we are stuck and not sure the direction we need to go. The key is to learn from others and to become the next hero to a new generation of entrepreneurs.
11 Episodes
Ep 58 – Fearless Vision

Ep 58 – Fearless Vision


Rob Anspach interviews Heather Picken on how to have a fearless vision, rebooting your mindset and embracing your genius zone.
Rob Anspach interviews Juliet Easton about selecting the right clients, the importance of poetry and music in copy and learning from the masters like Gary Halbert.
Rob Anspach interviews serial entrepreneur Brad Szollose about cutting out the noise, lightning strikes, Atari, boomers, millennials and sci-fi.
Ep 55 – Avoiding Divorce

Ep 55 – Avoiding Divorce


Rob Anspach interviews Pasadena Family Law Specialist Kelly Chang Rickert on charging for initial consultations, reducing clientele and saving marriages.
Rob Anspach interviews Tony Rubleski about time management, cell phones, Napoleon Hill, leadership lessons and his new book Trailblazers.
Rob Anspach interviews Case Erickson about authentic momentum, gift of contrast, overcoming constructs and creating a space of happiness.
Ep 52 – Interview Valet

Ep 52 – Interview Valet


Rob Anspach interviews Tom Schwab of Interview Valet on the importance of podcasts, how to get booked as a guest, and how to find their ideal customers.
Rob Anspach interviews Manny Wolfe on creating consistent content, utilizing daily video in your trust creation process and learning how to improvise and go off cuff.
Rob Anspach interviews Tony Policci about focus, the Wise Guys Copywriting Handbook and our new joint venture podcast.
Rob Anspach interviews Parthiv Shah about how Dan Kennedy contributed to his life, his independence and freedom and how Parthiv earned the nickname Annoying Little Indian.
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