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Robert Cabral's Canine Conversations - Dog Training Podcast
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Robert Cabral's Canine Conversations - Dog Training Podcast

Author: Robert Cabral

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Canine Conversations tackles just about everything dog related: dog training, dog health, owning a dog, dog behavior problems, competitive dog sports, what to feed, rescue dogs, shelter dogs, talks with other dog lovers and so much more. Hosted by Robert Cabral, master trainer and behavior specialist. Robert has trained and worked with thousands of dogs through his work with Bound Angels at shelters throughout the US. He has also trained and titled competitive obedience and protection dogs worked with countless family dogs with clients and has shown dogs in AKC, IPO, Mondio Ring - covering obedience, protection, conformation and more.
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Kevin is a friend of mine for over 20+ years.  We met back when I was teaching karate and when he just moved here from England.   Kevin is an amazing human being, a great artist, world champion karate competitor.  This podcast has nothing to do with dogs, but everything to do with life.  We talk about our journey, his experiences as a young boy in England (which were so similar to mine), his discovery of his African father and the journey that led him to write his new book: These Are African Hands. Do yourself a favor....  READ THAT BOOK!
Avi Cohen has competed at national and international levels in Schutzhund / IPO/ IGP.  He is among the very best in the world and in our chat we talk about the dogs, the training, the mindset it takes to get to this level.  The differences in training and competition over the past 30+ years and more.   A fun, lively and very educational chat with a great guy!
Michael Goosby joins me in the studio to talk about the hard work of LAPD police canines.  What it takes to be a police k9 handler and a police k9.  What is the selection process and everything you've ever wanted to know about police dogs.  LAPD is one of the largest police departments and maintain a large team of canines and handlers.  This is a great conversation that you'll learn a lot from.
Sit down, buckle up and concentrate....  this podcast is full of mind blowing, head spinning info about health, medicine, nutrition and so much more.  Ron Penna is the founder of Quest Nutrition, Visionary Pet Food, Legendary foods and the Ket Pet Sanctuary which studied the effects of a Ketogenic Diet in dogs with various stages of cancer.  Did the diet cure the caner?  Did it help or hurt the dogs?  What is a keto diet?  We get down to all of it here!
Agility is a sport that dogs LOVE. It requires detailed training and communication between dog and human. No one knows this better than Desiree Snelleman USA World Agility Team member and competitor. In this chat we talk about her journey to the world team, her dogs, her training, what separates competitors from champions and so much more. Desiree is an awesome athlete, in the VERY top of agility competitors anywhere in the world and a good friend of mine. I loved doing this interview and learned a lot about agility. We shared some laughs and lots of great info for any dog lover and/or dog trainer. Whether you're interested in agility or not, this podcast will open your eyes to dogs in an amazing way.
David Latham of Fendawood is a legend in the IGL having won the championship 4x, something that has only been done 2x before in its 107 year history.  In this chat we talk about his journey, what makes him a winner, his dogs and his day to day outlook on dog training.  An awesome chat for any dog lover!
Eric and I go back many years.  Here's a great chat about dogs, the ones that bite when they're supposed to and the ones that shouldn't bite at all.  Malinois, Shepherds, PItbulls and Bandogs.
My guest Sandy Marcal from Vested Interest in K9's provides a life saving service for police dogs all over the USA.  Bullet and stab resistant vests are donated to departments that cannot afford them.  You'll love this podcast!
I find it interesting how just a few minutes with a dog can make even the worst day seem so much better.  With all the political and social nonsense going on in the world, we should look to spend a few minutes reflecting on how our dogs can really change our attitude.  
Selecting a shelter dog as a pet is the topic for todays podcast.  Answering all the tough questions and bringing up some important things to consider. This podcast is sponsored by Trupanion Pet Insurance.  Check the link on to learn more about Trupanion! Trupanion is the pet insurance I use!
Christmas time brings out a host of emotions in people.  In the light of the current situation people might even be more emotional than other times.  I delve into this in this weeks podcast.  But also touch on how our dogs can help us!
There are good things to do and not so good things.  In this podcast I talk about my own journey and those bad thoughts that plague us.  Heartfelt talk about the most painful time for many of us!
Not a day goes by where people who are trying to be loud and make themselves known, mess everything up.  Take for example those that insist that their potbelly pig is a service animal, or a peacock or more...  Anyway, looks like things are about to change.   And, if you're angered by people who use sites like Next Door to tattle tale on you, you'll love part 2 of this podcast!
If you're thinking of adding another dog to your household or having issues with the dogs in your house, this podcast is for you. Brought to you by my friends at Visionary Pet Food: Use this link for a discount off of your purchase:
How is our communication and what comes from it?  This relates to our interaction with dogs and with people as well.  A bit of a different podcast to start with, but it will all make sense - Just listen along!
The Belgian Malinois is one of the most magnificent breeds that is often misunderstood.  This podcast addresses some of the most common questions and is a great conversation with a good friend of mine.  I think you'll enjoy and gain some great info in this podcast!
I had a pet bird for over 30 years, a decision I regret every day...  Why?  Why did I find it so cruel?  What did I learn from my mistake that I think is so important to share with you?  I hope you'll listen to this podcast and come away with a better understanding of what being a responsible person to your pet means.
Caring for senior dogs is a privilege and in this episode I talk about many of the considerations.   This episode was recorded LIVE from a youtube LIVE Video. for all the best online dog training lessons.  
Buying a puppy online is generally not a good idea.  There's a host of reasons why and I address them in this podcast.  Also, there are several scams that are commonplace and you should know about them.  
It's a fact that most people never even do ONE training class with their dog, yet expect the dog to know what they want or understand what they are asking.  In this podcast I address what I think are the reasons for this dilemma.  
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Why am I only seeing episode 72? How can I listen to other episodes?

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Good, well rounded, common sense information as usual!

Jul 26th

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You are grate

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Glad you've started this podcast mate. Loving it already.

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