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Author: Alenka Tercic

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Rock The Midlife Show brings you fun and interesting conversations to inspire, motivate, and encourage women on their journey through midlife.
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Christa Norris is Intuitive Coach and Energy Healer and in this interview, she shares about her own spiritual path and what she is observing about our mental health and accepting our feelings and emotions.  We are often diminishing and putting down a woman's personal experience and her own autonomy and power in allowing her to express how she's feeling and what she's experiencing. Christa emphasizes how important it is to observe and listen to whatever your deeper parts, your deeper self is telling you. 
Midlife is an important part of our life cycle and we should celebrate it, not frown upon it and dread it. It gives us perfect opportunity to start anew but on the foundations of our past experiences, our skills and knowledge, our wisdom and insights.  We get to learn who we are, not what others told us to be. We have the chance to create the life we want. And we get to use all our past lessons for our advantage.  It's the beautiful time of our lives where we can fully accept, embrace, and love ourselves just as we are. We get to be us. We get to shine our light and use our powers to create a better future.
Taking care of ourselves is a very important part of a fulfilled life. Currently, though people seem to focus on everything physical and external. Our guest today is Zoë Foster – a life energy alchemist – and she believes that we need to transcend the physical and connect to our inner/higher selves to reach the state of wellbeing. In this interview, Zoë shares her own journey of healing multiple chronic conditions, and why she believes focusing purely on healing our physical selves is keeping us sick. She lets us in on how she has made a connection to her spiritual self.
The ‘rules’ made up by society feels like pressure for all of us. Being a perfect friend, perfect spouse,  perfect parent… We all want that, but at what cost? Usually, the most people that look the most perfect are actually the most unhappy. Rebel,  a word that has many bad connotations. Can it be seen as a positive quality of a person? Can we call a person, who goes for what he/she wants against all odds and all the struggles of life, a rebel? Petra Monaco says YES! In this interview, Petra will share what embracing your inner ‘rebel’ means and how you can get started today with small and perhaps radical changes in your life and business.
Females go through so many changes in their lives – they become women, sisters, wives, moms, grandmoms. These changes usually mean a change in the perception of self as well. All the social roles that are attached to women during their life become knotted and confusing in our minds, until we lose ourselves in all the advice that other people try to feed us every day.  But what about our own wisdom? That inner voice that gives us advice?
What does MAGIC mean to you? How can we get more into the space of creating magic? Tam connects neuroscience and quantum physics with the spirituality, creating change from the whole mind, body, and spirit. She and her clients use LOA, EFT, LOL and OMG a lot. In this podcast we talked about creating magic, why change is so hard and how to harness the power from within.
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