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A weekly Podcast featuring the best Ska, Rocksteady & Skinhead Reggae from yesterday and today as featured on Boot Boy Radio.
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Welcome back to another Episode of Rocksteady Tonight. While I have been love the traditional sounds from the 60's this episode I marry that sound and vibe with some performers from today for a truly awesome look at what is and what will be. One of the real winners if the name sake of todays' show performed by East Standard Time.  So come on in, take your shoes off and enjoy the ride!You can also tune in Live on Sunday (5:30 pm - 7:00 pm EDT), Tuesday and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT) As always thanks for listening~Phil - our Sponsor - Use the code BOOTBOY at checkout to Save 15% off your order.Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:Soul Shot w/ Dion Knibb - Let Her GoEek-A-Mouse - AssassinatorThe Snails - I'll Be Back SomedayMoon Invaders - Pick up the PiecesSkavoovie & The Epitones - Cat JuiceTokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - WalkinEastern Standard Time - Housewive's ChoiceDoreen Shaffer - Turn Your Lamp Down LowLos Aggrotones w/ Derrick Harriott - Oops I Love YouJazz Jamaica All Stars - ConfuciusWestbound Train - Why You CryLord Tanamo w/Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars - In the Mood For SkaHouse Of Rhythm - RudiThe Brooklyn Attractors - Salt Lane RockKingston Rudieska - Double HappinessThe Drastics - Good Time TonightThe Stingers ATX - Can't WaitContratempo - Funky Reggae TonightTop Shotta Band w/ Screechy Dan - Rude BoyThe Duppies - Don DrummondMelbourne Ska Orchestra - Singalong Day
Earlier this week Rick and I were presented with a rare opportunity to interview a few of the folks from the legendary band The Skatalites. Needless to say we were a bit dumbfounded, but embraced such an awesome opportunity. Once the nerves wore off I think we put together a pretty great interview. Would like to thank Ken Stewart, James K. Smith and Natty Frenchy for their time and a glimpse at their awesome history what makes them tick! Don't forget to check out their live stream this Friday October 30, 2020 @ 9:30 pm !You can also tune in live on Sunday (5:30 pm - 7:00 pm EDT), Tuesday and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT) As always thanks for listening~Phil & Rick - our Sponsor - Use the code BOOTBOY at checkout to Save 15% off your order.Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:The Skatalites - Guns Of NavaroneThe Skatalites - Marcus JuniorThe Skatalites - Eastern Standard TimeThe Skatalites - Street CornerThe Skatalites - SmilingThe Skatalites - LalibelaThe Skatalites - Rough and ToughThe Skatalites - (Music Is) My OccupationThe Skatalites - Bamako SkaThe Skatalites - ReburialThe Skatalites - Meet To ComeThe Skatalites - Phoenix City - LiveThe Skatalites - Rock Fort RockThe Skatalites - Requiem for Rico 
Thanks for stopping by for a listen. I had been feeling rather chill a recent Sunday spun out a pretty awesome set of Trad tunes.  So pull up a slice of the sofa, your favorite easy chair, a hammock or a workout bench if that's your speed and take 90 minutes and decompress with a nice vibe and some pretty sweet tunes .You can also tune in on Sunday (5:30 pm - 7:00 pm EDT), Tuesday and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT) As always thanks for listening~Phil - our Sponsor - Use the code BOOTBOY at checkout to Save 15% off your order.Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:King Hammond - Return of The Kung-fu SkinheadThe Ethiopians - What a FireAlton Ellis, The Flames, The Baba Brooks Band - Don't Trouble PeopleThe Sensations - Born To Love YouDerrick Morgan - Moon HopKing Stitt - Lee Van CleefThe Maytals - Pressure DropRoland Alphonso - Phoenix CityByron Lee & The Dragonaires, Monty Morris - Oil in My LampPhyllis Dillon - Leave It In the Hands of LoveMerlene Webber - Stand By Your ManThe Harmonians - Oh My BabySymarip - Soul CrashDesmond Dekker, The Aces - Rude Boy TrainDuke Reid's All Stars - The Rude BoyClancy Eccles - Guns TownThe Heptones - Gunmen Coming to TownDerrick Morgan - Guns FeverPrince Buster - Judge DreadThe Slickers - Johnny Too BadThe Silvertones - True ConfessionBob Andy - Desperate LoverThe Maytones - Loving ReggaeThe Melodians - Last Train To Expo 67The Gaylads - It's All in the GameOwen Gray - Running AroundBongo Herman, Les Chen, Eric Lamont - Chairman of the BoardLynn Taitt & The Jets - Napoleon SoloThe Mad Lads - I'll Always Love YouThe Soul Chance - Welcome to Reggae CityJackie Mittoo - Black Organ 
So while 2020 has been a less than stellar year for people, and the ska community especially we took a different approach for this episode. Rick and I had been talking about having people come on and co-host with us for a while so I spoke with Danny and Ali from Stop The Presses about this. They were excited to do it, now I will tell you this episode is our mulligan. The first time through was a bit of a mess, but this one came out MUCH better - Live and Learn !! So on this episode we have our first guests on Rocksteady Tonight where we talk collaboration, creativity, the past the future and about Stop The Presses 10 Year Anniversary which is October 31, 2020. So fire this baby up and get ready to get down with Rocksteady Tonight!You can also tune in on Sunday (5:30 pm - 7:00 pm EDT), Tuesday and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT) As always thanks for listening~Phil & Rick - our Sponsor - Use the code BOOTBOY at checkout to Save 15% off your order.Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:The Melodians - Sweet Sensation Operation Ivy - Sound SystemThe Void Union feat Steve Jackson - The News CycleChainska Brassika - Higher SideGentleman's Dub Club - High GradeMungo's Hi Fi w/ Soom T - Did You Really KnowThe Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression That I Get The Classy Wrecks - SanteriaStop the Presses - Hold YouStop the Presses - Stop the PressesStop the Presses - Rude SkankStop the Presses - Dead Man's Party Sammy Kay and the East Los 3 - Heart so TrueThe Cabrians - BabazookaThe Caroloregians - From the Congo SquareThe Scotch Bonnets - Just Say WhoSmooth Beans - Don't Knock On My DoorJazzbo - Skanking The Blues Away Judge Dread - Big SevenJackie Mittoo - Black Organ
Before you tell me I know #49 is missing. This was a special episode, so I jumped #49 to get this out. With Toots Hibbert currently suffering from Covid 19, and his family requesting prayers this needed to be done today. I know not everyone is religious so praying may not be in the cards. Everyone is a fan of Toots though, so by playing my music and singing it out loud we can generate some positive mojo to help pull The King through this most difficult time. Like I said 54-46 might be his number but the Good Lord has not called it yet, so shout it out loud for Toots and let the music play !I invite you all to tune in @ Sunday (5:30 pm - 7:00 pm EDT), Tuesday and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT) As always thanks for listening~Phil & Rick - our Sponsor - Use the code BOOTBOY at checkout to Save 15% off your order.Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:Willie Nelson & Toots Hibbert - Still Is Still Moving To Me - Live (2004/Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles)Byron Lee & The Dragonaires w/ Toots & The Maytals - 54-46 That's My Number (feat. Toots and the Maytals)Toots & The Maytals - Got To Be ToughUB40 & Toots Hibbert - C'est La VieByron Lee & The Dragonaires feat Toots & The Maytals - Bam BamSugar Minott, Toots Hibbert, Sly Dunbar, & Friends - Good FriendsToots, Maytals - Hold OnToots & The Maytals feat Ziggy Marley - Three Little BirdsToots & The Maytals - Pressure Drop (Ska Version)Toots & The Maytals - Funky KingstonSarazino, Toots Hibbert & Albert Watson - PeopleToots & The Maytals - Sweet And DandyToots & The Maytals - Ole TimeToots Hibbert - Dreams To RememberToots & The Maytals - Pressure Drop - Single VersionToots & The Maytals - Pomps & PrideToots & The Maytals - Monkey ManToots & The Maytals - I'll Never Grow OldToots & The Maytals, Suga Roy, Conrad Crystal, Lil' Mo - God Bless YouToots & The Maytals - Reggae Got SoulToots & The Maytals - Louie LouieToots Hibbert - Country RoadsToots & The Maytals - One-Eye EnosWilliam Shatner& Toots Hibbert - Walking on the Moon
Recognizing skinhead culture as a vital component of the Ska Scene has always been very import to us.  Like many of you we grow tired of the culture being incorrectly branded because of the bad seeds. So this time out Rick and I put together an awesome show that features the word skinhead in every show to illustrate just how closely knit these 2 really are.  There should not be any racism, discrimination or hatred in any scene period. This is place one where that will always hold true. So my brothers and sisters lace up those boots it's time to mash up the Dancehall and Fire up that Skinhead Disco!I invite you all to tune in @ Sunday (5:30 pm - 7:00 pm EDT), Tuesday and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT) As always thanks for listening~Phil & Rick - our Sponsor - Use the code BOOTBOY at checkout to Save 15% off your order.Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:The Architect - Who's the Real SkinheadJudge Dread - Bring Back the SkinsDesmond Riley - Skinhead a Message to YouBusters All Stars - Skinhead Love AffairHot Rod All Stars - Skinheads Don't FearHot Rod All Stars - Skinhead Speaks His MindDance Hall Crashers - Skinhead BbqOxo86 - SkinheadMr. Symarip - The Skinheads Dem A ComeVarious Artists - King Hammond / Skinhead RevolutionJoe The Boss, Joe's All Stars - Skinhead RevoltSymarip - Skinhead GirlSymarip - Skinhead MoonstompClaudette, The Corporation - Skinheads a Bash ThemCharmers - Skinhead TrainBooze & Glory, Vespa & The Londonians - London Skinhead CrewScrapy - Skinheads,Boots and ReggaeThe Boils - Skinhead Reggae Beach StompOi-SKALL MATES - Skinhead RunningDakka Skanks - You Ain't a Skinhead - Dub  
Don't let the name fool you. This episode is not about Rick Flair or being in love. Well not with anything other than the greatest music on Earth. This week Rick and I have some great talks and spin some timeless classics and discover some new gems including some brand new music out of Quito Ecuador. So tie them boots tight and come and do some Moonstomping with Rocktseady Tonight.I invite you all to tune in Live Tuesday and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT) at As always thanks for listening~Phil & Rick - Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:Toots & The Maytals - Pressure DropDave Collins, Ansel Collins - Double BarrelJohn Holt - Ali BabaThe Silvertones - RaindropsRoy & Yvonne - Believe in YourselfDennis Brown - Money In My PocketEric Donaldson - Cherry, Oh BabyMr. T-Bone - Sweet ChildLos Barrelshots, Lady Lex - I'm Coming HomeLos Barrelshots, María Katherina - SoulfulQuito Ska Jazz, Fred Reiter - Luca BrasiPyrotechnist - Bye Bye BeachThe Specials - Blam Blam FeverManchesta, Sergio Pangaro - Love Me TenderThe Higher Notes - Dusk Till DawnJim Murple Memorial - Come What MayRude Boy George - Tainted LoveBeta7 - CharlieSka-J - The Pink PantherRoland Alphonso, The Beverley's All Stars - Stream of Life
This week Rick and I assembled a pretty epic set of traditional Rocksteady tunes to help you work your funk out, pep you up, put a smile on your face and dancing shoes on your feet! Its a work in progress but we are getting our mojo back as the best Ska Spinning Tag Team on the East Coast. Don't believe me give a listen and you will see! So ties those boots tight and fire up this Episode of Rocksteady Tonight.  Much Love & RespectI invite you all to tune in Live Tuesday and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT) at As always thanks for listening~Phil & Rick - Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:Byron Lee - DumplinsGlen Adams - She's So FineThe Viceroys As The Hot Tops - Give It To HimBlues Busters - There's Always SunshineJunior English - In Loving YouDerrick Morgan - Moon HopPotato 5, Laurel Aitken - Rocksteady PartyJudge Dread - Ska FeverThe Moonstompers - Johnny ReggaeInternational Beat - Sign Of The TimesRoland Alphonso & The Originals Orchestra - A.B.C. RocksteadyRoland Alphonso - Humpty DumptyDesmond Dekker - (Where Did It Go) The Song We Used to SingAustin Faithful - I'm In A Rocking MoodDerrick Harriott - You've Really Got a Hold On MeClancy Eccles - What Will Your Mama SayThe Conquerors - Lonely StreetBob Andy & Marcia Griffiths - Always TogetherThe Upsetters - Return of DjangoHarry J Allstars - LiquidatorGene Rondo - Then You Can Tell Me GoodbyeRoland Alphonso - Hop Special (Whiter Shade Of Pale)
This week Rick returns! It is our first show together since the pandemic started. Not in the same location, but we sort of figured out how to record remotely. So we do some catching up, spin some killer tunes and and fumble our way through socially distancing podcasting all while enjoying some adult beverages.I invite you all to tune in Sunday (5:30 - 7:00 pm EDT) and Live Tuesday and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT) at As always thanks for listening~Phil & Rick - Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:Toots & The Maytals - Warning WarningCatbite - Scratch Me UpThe Bar Stool Preachers - Bar Stool PreacherThe Pietasters, DJ Selah - Can't Stand ItThe Slackers - Old DogThe Skoidats - Smash Your Fucking HeadInspecter 7 - See YaThe Melodians - Rivers of Babylon - Long VersionThe Piranhas - Fiddling While Babylon BurnsSecret Affair - Sorry Wrong NumberMark Foggo's Skasters - Ska PigThe Toasters - Talk Is CheapArthur Kay's Originals - King of the JungleReggae Roast, Brother Culture, Donovan KingJay - Mash Up the Dancehall (Stop That Train)Macka B - Never Played A 45Dr. Ring Ding - Boss Reggae PartyDub Princess, Dreadsquad - Too Much JugglingJames Shaw - Pure SoulJim Murple Memorial, Emmanuel Ferraz - Que Sera SeraThe Magnetics - Poison Heart
This is the last Traditional Sunday for a little while. After months of waiting Rick comes back into the fold starting next Sunday. But this week I have an episode steeped in tradition and primed for drinks by the pool, perfect for a Sunday or any other day that ends with a Y. So kick back relax turn this episode up loud and help everyone you to develop an appreciate for tradition. Also I invite you all to tune in Sunday 5:30-7:00 pm EDT and live Tuesday and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT) at -  Until next time stay safe and take care of one another.As always thanks for listening ~Phil & Rick - Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:The Slickers - One Upon a TimeJimmy Cliff - Wonderful World, Beautiful People - Single VersionEasy Star All-Stars, Toots & The Maytals - Let DownPeter Tosh - Treat Me GoodThe Jamaicans - Things You Say You LoveAlton Ellis - Rock SteadyThe Zodiacs & The Baba Brooks Band - RenegadeCultural Warriors, The Heptones - Street of GoldThe Heptones - Country BoyThe Heptones - Tougher Than the WorldThe Heptones - Suspicious MindsThe Heptones, U-Roy - Freedom Train aka Freedom to the People (feat. U-Roy)Sonny Burke - Rudy GirlDuke Reid Group - Soul StyleThe Melodians - You Don't Need MeThe Termites - We Gonna Make ItThe Tennors - Weather ReportLord Tanamo - My Sweet Jamaica (A Dash of the Sunshine)Hopeton Lewis - This Music Got SoulKen Boothe - ArtibellaPhyllis Dillon, Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Perfidia (with Tommy McCook & The Supersonics)Pat Kelly - Talk About LoveThe Kingstonians - Singer ManDesmond Dekker, The Aces - Intensified '68Errol Dunkley - The Harder They ComeCollie Buddz, Dread Mar I - Love & Reggae - Dread Mar I Remix
The live shows are going pretty good, but I still like to sprinkle them with fairy dust before posting them. This is another show where I have a smattering of both new and Traditional Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae tunes along with some new releases from the likes of Rhoda Dakar, Mango Wood and Macka B. So Rude Boy and Rude Girls tie the boots tight and get ready to dance to Rocksteady Tonight! I invite you all to tune in live Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT) at but if you don;t I still have Unconditional Love for all of you!  Until next time stay safe and take acare of one another.As always thanks for listening ~Phil & Rick - Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:Toots & The Maytals - Louie LouieThe SkaLites - Johnny Stop OutDeath Of Guitar Pop - Ska Is the BollocksThe Specials - Do The Dog - 2002 Remastered VersionNeville Staple, Sugary Staple, Roddy Radiation - Rebel DownJaya The Cat - Unconditional LoveJazz Jamaica All Stars - Vitamin ALeroy Sibbles - Do Your ThingDandy Livingstone - Double BarrelThe Punchers - Horror ReggaeThe Petty Thieves - WeedsHEY-SMITH - Buffalo SoldierSkandalous All-Stars - Take The Skinheads BowlingSkatune Network - Basket CaseDub Spencer & Trance Hill - This Is EnglandAddis Records, Freddie McGregor, Natty King, Daddy Rings - Downtown MedleyDub Pistols, Rhoda Dakar - Stand TogetherMango Wood - Fattie Me Gwan SoMacka B - Warrior StyleGregory Isaacs - Rude Bwoy BawlGregory Isaacs - Dreadlocks Love AffairGregory Isaacs - Night NurseThe Aggrolites - Pop the TrunkJr Thomas & The Volcanos - 2nd Time AroundJohn Holt - I'd Love You to Want MeJohn Holt - They Will Rob YouUB40 - (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You
Well this show was not a stinker so I figured I would post it online. As the virus continues so do my weekly live shows on Boot Boy Radio. I would welcome you to tune in live Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT).  This show take after my favorite style, which is pretty typical for a Thursday, which is free form. I like to shake the Ska, Rocksteady & Reggae Tree and see what falls out.  This is a pretty well rounded show featuring some of my favorite songs and artists from the 60's all the way up to today.  So turn it up, grab a bevvy and relax in the sprinkler. It is Summer in North America and these tunes are sure to fire you up and get you dancing.As always thanks for listening~Phil & Rick - Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:Val Bennett - Reggae CityThe Clarendonians - Lonely HeartachesDeath Of Guitar Pop - You'll Be Fine SunshineMadness - Night Boat to CairoCommon Rider - Carry OnLong Beach Dub Allstars - Tell MeLa Tremenda Korte - SomosLos Fastidios, Francesco Fiorente De Veggent - The Sound Of RevolutionRudebeard - As You Walk AwaySally and the Monkeys - Life´s a KnifeBuster Shuffle - You Spoke Louder Everyday (Unsung Heroes- Iqbal Masih)Pyrotechnist, David Loos, Rolf Langsjoen - Blazing ComandoWicked Dub Division - Roots and WingsIssac Chambers & Dub Princess - Life & DedicationJim Murple Memorial - The Story of Jim MurpleShaggy, Josey Wales, Mr. Vegas, Barrington Levy, U-Roy, Beenie Man, T.O.K., Cocoa Tea, Marcia Griffiths, Singing Melody, Tony Curtis, Ce'Cile, Christopher Martin, Leroy Sibbles, Freddie McGregor - The Voices Of Sweet Jamaica - All Star RemixJohnny Reggae Rub Foundation - Reggae BitchThe Pietasters - Change My WaysAlpha Boy School - Found My FreedomThe Red Stripes - Made In Hong Kong DubDakka Skanks - Ska RhythmStarnger Cole - Darling Jeboza MacooThe Ethiopians - Fire A Muss Muss TailThe Ethiopians - Reggae Hit The TownThe Ethiopians - What A Big SurpriseThe Ethiopians - What a FireThe Ethiopians - International SkaThe Hacklers - Bring It BackThe Kubricks - CriminalsSir Lord Comic - Ska-ing West
This week I am back with a new show.  My apologies for not updating sooner but I have been doing all live shows on Boot Bot Radio, and while they are fun I hold myself to a higher quality. What this means is they were not so good to start with, and required some fine tuning if they were meant to ever be posted. This is one of the older ones, and I have at this point ironed out some kinks. Anyway I started to edit this one and had to see it through in order to get some newer ones posted. Hopefully this is the start of at least one or two new shows a week until I get the back issue updated. Make sure you are listening at - My live schedule is Sunday 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm EDT, Tuesday & Thursday 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT - Sometimes I Stream live on Facebook as well. And on a brightnote Rick is looking into getting a microphone so hopefully we can start doing some shows together again!As always thanks for listening~Phil & RickRocksteady Tonight is also available on iTunes:The Playlist is as follows:Carlton and the Shoes - Love Me ForeverThe Statement - Motor RunningThe Caroloregians - Fat Is BackNew York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, Jack Ruby Jr - ButtahSmooth Beans - Our TrainNeville Staple - Johnny Too BadDakka Skanks - Ain't a SkinheadDakka Skanks - Sir ActionRotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation - No More SorrowDerrick Morgan - Fat ManMango Wood - The WayWicked Dub Division - Roots and WingsReggae Roast & Brother Culture - SoundsystemMacka B - SoundmanHouse Of Rhythm - RiddimShinehead - Gimme No CrackThe Slackers - Spin I'm InDavid Hillyard & The Rocksteady Seven - The FoolThe Xplosions - Do ItThe Hacklers - Signs (For James)The Toasters - Hard Man Fe DeadThe Toasters - Run Rudy RunThe Aggrolites - Countryman FiddleCommon Rider - Carry OnCrabs Corparation featuring King Hammond - Bring Down the BirdsThe Aggrolites - Dirty ReggaeTim Timebomb - 30 Pieces of SilverWarsaw Poland Bros. - Rude GirlWarsaw Poland Bros. - Gangster SkaSkinnerbox, King Django - Club 68 The Dualers - Take It Easy
This episode I spin some of my favorite tunes from Traditional right up until today. The point was just to get me and you up dancing to shake off some of the blues.  This quarantine is really sucking but I hope and pray that by staying in and safe it will pass sooner than later. This was the last produced episode before I started going live.  And as the live show get better I will start to post them too, but be warned the first few are stinkers !~Phil & Rick - Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Track listing is as follows:Rocksteady Tonight - Episode #40: Something To Dance ToThe Pioneers - Long Shot Kick De BucketSteady Social Club - Friend of FoeThe Aggrolites - Pop The TrunkThe Aggrolites - Burning BushThe Slackers - Have The TimeChris Murray - Let There Be PeaceDerrick Morgan - Don't Play That SongThe Skatalites - Lucky SevenPrince Buster - Wash WashThe Dualers - It's a Wonderful LifeMr. Kingpin - Ease Your MindJudge Dread - One Armed BanditJudge Dread - Dr. KitchTim Armstrong - TranslatorDesmond Dekker, The Aces - Tips of My FingersJustin Hinds & The Dominoes - Botheration - Ska VersionDesmond Dekker - I BelieveBluekilla - Skinhead ReggaeLaurel Aitken - Sally BrownThe Valkyrians - Career OpportunitiesClancy Eccles - Guns TownSymarip - Holidays By the SeaPrince Buster - MadnessThe Pepper Pots - My Little GirlDandy Livingstone - Salt of the EarthDuke Reid and His Group, Laurel Aitken - Low Down Dirty GirlThe Upsessions - BackstabberThe Gadjits - Bad GadjitThe Toasters - Pirate RadioJustin Hinds & The Dominoes - Try MeHepcat - I Can't WaitThe Pietasters - Out All NightRude King - GoneStubborn All-Stars - From Time To TimeScrapy - Rude Boys Better Wake UpMr. Review - The Street Where I'm LivingGo Jimmy Go - MountainviewThe Busters - Don't Worry Be Happy
This week was our 2nd week of Self Quarantine and it's been difficult. But with music all things are possible, and because we are all bonded by music together we are strong! This show is a little bit of everything some trad, some brand new, some 3rd Wave and a couple of 2-Tone tunes. Had to represent everything in order to represent everybody listening. Very soon I am hoping to start doing a live 1 Hour show every week as well.  So if you are not check out you better get over there, Awesome shows 24/7!As always thanks for listening~Phil & Rick - Tonight is also available iTunes:The Playlist is as follows:The Upsetters - Return of DjangoAlpheus - We Are StrongThe Slackers - No More CryingThe Dropsteppers - I'll Be Missing YouDetroit Riddim Crew - Cane RiddimThe Delirians - Man Fi DeadThe Delirians - Hot PlateBlob From Outer Space - SlothBob Andy - Peace in Your Mind (Peace of Mind)Delroy Washington - Help One AnotherChupaskabra - Chupa StompThe Prizefighters - KashmirR.W.W. - Bump in The NightThe Tellways - You're Really SomethingHalf Past Two - See You AgainThe Twilights - Rainy DayJ Navarro & the Traitors - Fancy ThingsThe Suicide Machines - Cheers to YaEastern Standard Time - Thing of the PastThe Insteps with King Stitt - The DragonRocker-T, Mykal Rose & Mr. Williamz - DisgraceThe Debonaires - Music in My SoulRiddimates feat Kodama Nao - Love LandRiddimates - For The BeatsThe Aggrovators - Gun Man JohnnieHepcat - Dance Wid' MeDesmond Dekker & The Specials - Take It EasyThe Aggrolites - Freedom Street (Live at Sugarshack Sessions)Bluekilla - Dr. Deadlock StyleeBite Me Bambi - CrazyThe Snails - Stong FoundationWestbound Train - SalvationNew York Ska-Jazz Ensemble - You Are So FineTokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Jamaica SkaJudge Dread - Bring Back the SkinsThe Communicators - MOD Scene
Over recent times I have taken to picking up 45's when I can find good ones. I got to the point where I figured I could throw together a decent show based on these, so that is exactly what I did.  Made me feel like a old school selectah but I was working off a single deck! The show took a long time, but was so worth the effort. It's a heap of traditional ska mixed in with some newer selections and a special segment featuring from tune by The Aggrolites. Hope you enjoy the show and thanks for listening !~Phil & Rick - Rocksteady Tonight is also available on iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:Pat Kelly with The Bunny Lee All Stars - How LongSuzan Cadogan - Hurt So GoodThe Heptones - We Are In The MoodJohn Holt - The Further You LookDobby Dobson - I wasn’t Born YesterdayStranger & Patsy - When You Call My NameStranger Cole - Ruff & TuffDave & Ansil Collins - Double BarrelThe Maytals - 54-46Billie Tam - My Boy LollipopSteve Alaimo - I Don’t Wanna CryThe Angels - Jamaica JoeHamilton King - DianaTracey Day - Ska -Doo-Dee-YahMarketts - Come See Come SkaRockin’ Rebels - Bongo Blue BeatJeff Bowen - Suzie SkaPussyeats - Come On And SkaStop The Presses - Daddy Issues Vol II & Bird or PlaneRanking Roger feat Sly & Robbie - CivilizationThe Pogues - Murder (Version 1)Two Tone Club - I’m Not For Sale With Your LoveMelbourne Ska Orchestra - Perfect StormT-Killas - Shake ItJohnny Reggae Rub Foundation - This Is SkaRed Soul Community - All I needSolomon Jabby - Train To GloryThe Aggrolites - The HeatThe Aggrolites - Enemy DubThe Aggrolites - Eye Of ObarbasThe Aggrolites - The Aggro Band Plays OnLyn Taitt & The Jets - Soul FoodThe Melodians - Sweet SensationThe Jay Boys - Can’t Get Next To YouLloyd Terrel - Bang Bang LuluJo Jo Bennett with Mudie’s All Stars - Leaving Rome
Rick and I got together just before St. Patrick's Day to revisit one of our favorite shows, cover songs. Ska music has always been rich in cover tunes, to the point of straight up ripping off one another. Things today are much more civilized, but it doesn't make cover songs any less fun.  This show we look at some really awesome and obscure covers from the legends or yesterday to the up and comers of today.  Hope you all enjoy it, Rick and I had a blast putting it together.PhilRocksteady Tonight is also available on iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:Toots & The Maytals - Louie, LouieThe Scotch Bonnets - Let's DanceSublime Reggae Kings - StrangeloveSkapeche Mode - Personal JesusThe Georgetown Orbits - Son of a Preacher ManThe Cabrians - Suburban RebelsDelroy Wilson - This Heart of MineByron Lee, The Dragonnaires - Bridge over Troubled WatersDerrick Harriott - Some Guys Have All the LuckDenzil Dennis - Mama We're All Crazy NowThe Interrupters - Bad GuyThe Toasters - Sweet Home Town JamaicaToots & The Maytals - Country RoadThe Big Ska Band - Rock & Roll Part 2 / My SharonaThe Offenders - Because you're youngThe Offenders - Teenage KicksJimmy Cliff - Ruby SohoJohn Holt - Help Me Make It Through the NightLynn Taitt & The Jets - Batman (Early Take)Tony Tribe - Red Red WineArsenals - Take a Chance on MeThe Bluebeats - The Long Black VeilThe Orobians - Don't GoThe Busters - Wish You Were HereAlton Ellis - You Made Me So Very HappyWinston Francis - Always Something There to Remind MeThe Supervillains - Careless WhisperThe Beat - The Tears of a ClownOwen Gray - The Great PretenderThe OzSkas - Takin' My LoveThe Porkers - Burnin' LoveJerry Jones - See You Later AlligatorKen Boothe - Susie Q.The Pietasters - Can I Change My Mind
This  Episode I take another time in the wayback machine to the land of Sunshine and smiles to bring you a truly magnificent Rocksteady Dance party. This particular show I sifted through a bunch of complications, some on wax, some digital and yanked out some really boss tracks for your ears holes. So now I have brought the party it is up to you, as to what you do with it.  I suggest you tie your boots tight and shake that ass with Rocksteady Tonight!Enjoy the show and thanks for listening. ~Phil & Rick - Rocksteady Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:The Melodians - Last Train to Expo 67Richard Ace - Hang 'Em HighThe Heptones - I Am LonelyThe Tartans - Dance All NightPatsy w/ The Count Ossie Band - Pata Pata RocksteadyThe Techniques - You Don't CareThe Wailers - HooliganAudrey - You'll Lose a Good ThingThe Pyramids - Train Tour to Rainbow CityStranger Cole, Gladdy Anderson - Just Like A RiverThe Aces - If You See JaneClancy Eccles - Don't Brag, Don't BoostThe Hippy Boys - Moon WalkThe Ethiopians - Woman Capture ManKing Stitt & The Dynamites - The Ugly One The Soul Rhythms - National LotteryThe Tennors - Do the ReggaeDelroy Wilson - Once Upon A TimeKen Boothe - Everything I Own - 7" MixThe Gaylads - The Soul BeatThe Mad Lads - I'll Always Love YouThe Inspirations - Down in the ParkEric Donaldson - Never Get AwayKing Horror, Million Stylez - The Youths of TodayNehemiah Reid - Give Me That LoveThe Tennors - Baff BoomCount Machuki & The Destroyers - Movements [The Joe Gibbs Way]Rico Rodriguez - Japanese InvasionHot Rod All Stars - Ten Commandments from the DevilVal Bennett - Reggae CityThe Bunny Lee All Stars - Ten Thousand Tons Of Dollar BillsRudy Mills - John JonesThe Cimarons - We Are Not the SameThe Viceroys - Jump in a FireThe Versatiles - Spread Your BedLaurel Aitken - Moon RockDennis Walks - The DrifterDesmond Riley - Skinhead a Message to YouThe Caribbeans - Let Me Walk ByThe Reggae Boy & The Upsetters - What is This (Ba Ba)Jackie MIttoo - Get Up and Get It
Episode #15 - Ska & Soul was one of our first shows we did was a Ska & Soul show, and it was one of my favorites.  After starting to broadcast on Boot Boy Radio I wanted to dust it off but it was only about an hour in length, so I begrudgingly re-recorded it. I wish Rick would have been here for this one as we just have a good chemistry and a lot of fun, but in the end it was a solid show and featured both of our tastes and influences.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Also if you are not check out you better get over there, Awesome shows 24/7!As always thanks for listening~Phil & Rick - Tonight is also available iTunes: The Playlist is as follows:Toots & The Maytals - Reggae Got SoulJohn Holt - Stick By MeSusan Cadogan - FeverThe Pioneers - Give and Take (Give a Little, Take a Little)Ken Lazarus - Games People PlayDobby Dobson - Halfway To ParadiseDesmond Dekker, The Aces - Rudy Got SoulThe Slackers - Don't Wanna GoSoul Radics - Two DevilsThe Slackers - Run Till We Can't OutrunDave Hillyard - OldiesEastern Standard Time - That GirlKing Hammond, Sound Syndicate - Gimmie Some SoulGo Jimmy Go - Every Road I'm OnDeal's Gone Bad - I'm SorryGreen Room Rockers - Bring It on HomeThe Delirians - Move AroundHepcat - Goodbye StreetThe Aggrolites - Love Me TonightThe Pietasters - Change My WaysThe Pietasters - Yesterdays OverThe Pietasters - Crying Over YouThe Pietasters - QuicksandThe Pietasters - Same Old SongMr. T-Bone - Give Me a CallTwo Tone Club - Never Give UpAlpha Boy School - No Better ReasonJohnny Reggae Rub Foundation - BabyThe Hacklers - Stay or RunScrapy - Girl of My DreamsThe Dualers - Truly Madly Deeply (Original Mix)The Dualers - I'll Take You over Anybody ElseThe Skatalites - Eastern Standard TimeLester Sterling - Tribute To a King
With a name like Rocksteady Tonight we spin a lot of traditional 60's Ska and Rocksteady Music. And while there are loads of songs and artists out there, the same handful tend to crop up over and over. While I love these songs, as I am sure you do to, I decided to kick this episode up a notch. In true Rocksteady Style I decided to bust open the book of love and load up on old school love songs and then took it one step further and tried to find some of the most obscure artists, versions and B sides that I could.  So here you have Episode #35 - Obscure Love Songs - Hope dig it! Also if you are not check out you better get over there, Awesome shows 24/7!As always thanks for listening~Phil & RickRocksteady Tonight is also available on these 2 fine platforms: The Playlist is as follows: The Actions w / The Aggrovators - DJ PleaseJohn & Alton - Rum Bumper'sThe Soul Leaders - Mother's Advice (Shop Around)Hopeton Lewis - Take It EasyBasil Gabbidon - For You My LoveTheo Beckford - Take Your TimeDelroy Wilson - Once Upon a Time - RemasteredLloyd Robinson - You Said You Loved MePat Kelly - They Talk About LoveU-Roy, Hopeton Lewis - Drive Her HomeOwen Gray - I Can't Stop Loving YouFederal Singers - Don't Let Me DownBruce Ruffin - Mad About YouGreyhound - Black and WhiteEddie Perkins, Patsy - Take These Chains from My HeartCarlton and the Shoes - Love to ShareHortense Ellis - I'm Still In LoveJackie Edwards - Your Eyes Are DreamingJackie Edwards - We're Gonna LoveJerry Jones, Brentford All Stars - Still Waters Run DeepHugh Malcolm - Good Time RockThe Techniques - You Don't CareDennis Brown - Write Me a LetterKen Boothe - Why Baby WhyThe Gaylads - Falling in LoveThe Heptones - Our Day Will ComeJohnny Clarke, Hortense Ellis - DearestTartans - What Can I SayJunior Byles - Last of the Love SongsPhyllis Dillon - Make Me YoursBruce Ruffin - RainEric Monty Morris - You Really Got a Hold On MeFreddie McKay - Love Is A TreasureErnest Wilson - Private NumberStranger Cole, Ken Boothe, Patsy Todd - What A DayDave Barker, The Upsetters - Will You Still Love Me TomorrowTony Scott - What Am I to DoMillicent Patsy Todd, The Baba Brooks Band - You Took My LoveThe Gaylettes, Lynn Taitt, The Jets - Silent River Runs DeepLord Tanamo - You Belong to My HeartBrent Dowe - Come on Little Girl, Come OnStrange Tenants - Blue Beat Party
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