DiscoverRod Squad: The Urology Podcast for Students
Rod Squad: The Urology Podcast for Students

Rod Squad: The Urology Podcast for Students

Author: Parker Adams

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A medical student uncovers the niches in urology through specialist interviews, delivers simplified overviews of urological concepts, and details his personal experience through the match process.
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In this episode, I talk about the strategy I used to get multiple publications and poster presentations on my ERAS application quickly with a couple being first author pubs.
In this episode, I discuss with Dr. Vidovic her path from being unmatched in '19/'20 cycle to her matching last Monday! We both listened to the SAU info session and discussed (with her great insight and advice) different options for unmatched applicants and what type of applicant each option fits best with.
In this episode, I talk about the results of match day for me and where my wife and I are getting dinner tonight. Congrats to all of you that matched. Everyone I've met has been incredible and I hope this podcast accomplishes the thanks that you all deserve.
In this episode, I update listeners on where I'm at in the match cycle 4 days before match day. It is an exciting yet stressful time and I will share it all with you.
In this episode, I talk about interview offers, how interviews are going, and some hickups I have personally encountered along the way.
In this episode, I discuss with the VP of engineering and clinical at Exact Imaging, Dr. Wodlinger, about micro ultrasound's use in the detection of prostate cancer. We discuss cost, integration of this technology, and further advancements and research needs.
In this episode, I discuss residency life with Peter Liu, DO who I had the pleasure of working with on a sub-internship. Peter talks about the advice he has for medical students and his own challenges through residency and how he overcame them.
Featuring Vanderbilt's Urology Residents George Koch, MD and Christy Peterson, MD, the creators behind Urology Game Night, this episode goes over everything including residency life, medical student advice, women in urology, and the future of the specialty.
In this episode I talk about my general surgery rotation and what I learned. I also talk about where I am at with my applications with one month left before they are due. I spend the last little portion of this episode going over some improvements I think the application cycle could do.
In this episode, I talk about how to manage stage II and III testes cancer including when to do RPLND, chemotherapy, or radiation and the escalation of those therapies.
In this episode, I go over stage 1 seminomas and non seminomas and their respective management strategies.
In this episode, I quickly overview the high points of testes cancer, the intitial steps to take, and how to stage the cancer.
In this episode, I go over my first week of my detroit rotation. I go over some of the things I've struggled with and some advice that I feel I can give after the first week.
I interviewed and discussed the COMLEX Level 2 and STEP 2 with SD Upahvan Rai. She does an incredible job detailing how she shredded her boards and we discuss the stress of the ominous 2020 cycle.
In this episode, I spend time giving some updates. Notably, I just made a twitter account for this podcast (@rodsquadpod). For the content, I go over the basics of the physiology and the important signaling loops and structure you should know.
In this episode, I talk with Dr. Megan McMurray about her residency, advice for medical students going through training, and some other topics in urology.
In this episode, I talk with the two MAs I work with; Annie and Adriawna. We discuss what their role looks like, what suggestions they have for medical students, and their view on physicians and clinic workflow.
In this episide, my wife, Sarah Jensen, and I sit down and talk about how we have made our relationship work with medical school. We give advice, talk about the areas that we still need improvement on, and some things to consider as you progress through your training with an SO.
In this episode, I go over the surgery and things to look out for. I also talk about the differences between the textbook surgery and the one I was able to watch.
In this episode, I go over the most common benign tumors that you will come across. What makes diagnosing them difficult, and what findings can change your management.
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