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Author: Kris Roley

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Podcasting since 2006, Roley is a look at current events, culture, creativity, and the trials and tribulations of a unconventional middle-aged man with an equally unconventional family.
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It's been about three years, but I did something about a month ago that got me thinking.
So, About Last Week

So, About Last Week


Today, we'll catch up from last week's podcast shortfall, and we'll address the podcast going forward. Spoiler: Making from for some opportunities.
Every once in a while I like to break stuff and see if I can make it better. Sometimes I get a little pushback. Sometimes, those people are surprised.
Compare and Contrast: Bernie spoke in generalities. Elizabeth came out with a plan and how to pay for it. Your move.Also, an op-ed by Philip Klein sets off a Rantasm of generational proportions.LINKS:
336: Past And Prologue

336: Past And Prologue


So, the Mueller Report is out, and depending on your point of view the system is working the way it's designed to.Also, Trump is working as he is designed to, which makes some people very happy indeed.LINK:
Day 5 of the Vacation. I'll be back on Monday with more.It was important to get my brain reset this week, so thanks for understanding. But, it was important to me to keep this promise.It's also important to me to present a truthful version of myself to you. So here we are.
334:  Disposable Yugo Policy

334: Disposable Yugo Policy


Day 4 of my time away. England will have set itself on fire, or it will have figured out how to kick the can down the road a bit farther.No one ever solves the problems, because then they have nothing to blame the other guy for. We delay, and defer.Then we elect the same people because they tell us they can solve the problem they've deferred.Yes, we're all crazy.
A bit on Self Doubt. I had a moment of that this week which derailed a bucket list item of mine. I chickened out.However, I think there are times when I think self doubt can be useful.
Day 2 of my Vacation, and I want to talk a little about the anti vaxx idiots in California.Anti-Vaxxers Are Paying Doctors for 'Fake' Vaccine Exemptions in California
I'm on vacation this week. But, I made some stuff for you to chew on while I'm gone.Today, a little bit of a deep dive on the Sovereign Citizen Movement, something I have a passing experience in mocking over the course of 25 years or so.Sean David Morton Karczewski
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