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The writers and editors of Rolling Stone take you inside the biggest stories in music. Featuring interviews with our favorite artists; what's playing in the office; expert insight on the week's biggest music news; and much more.
233 Episodes
We break down what's new on Rolling Stone's rebooted list of the greatest albums ever, with Brittany Spanos, Jon Dolan, and Rob Sheffield joining host Brian Hiatt
Inside the story of the late reggae pioneer Toots Hibbert, with Rolling Stone Editor Jason Fine, who wrote a definitive Hibbert profile, joining host Brian Hiatt. Plus: audio from Fine's interviews with Toots.
Etheridge looks back at her entire career in an intimate conversation with host Brian Hiatt, from writing her greatest hits to her time with Bruce Springsteen
Katy Perry talks with Brittany Spanos about her new album Smile, her hopes for the rest of her career and more. Plus: We break down Perry’s place in the pop universe
We preview Peter Jackson's Beatles movie and look back at the most heartbreaking band split ever, with Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos joining host Brian Hiatt
We discuss how the conservative freakout over Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's new song is just the latest in a long series of lyrical controversies, with Brittany Spanos and Rob Sheffield joining host Brian Hiatt
With his book 'Whatever It Takes' on its way, the Rage Against the Machine guitarist looks back on his life and career, explains how his style developed, and reflects on current events
Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos join host Brian Hiatt to go track-by-track through Swift's surprise release
From "Things Have Changed" on, we look at the best of Dylan's 21st-century catalog, with Angie Martoccio, Jon Dolan and Simon Vozick-Levinson joining host Brian Hiatt
The singer/songwriter talks about the early days of his career, the future of concerts, his encounters with Hunter S. Thompson and Bob Dylan and much more with host Brian Hiatt
The Birth of 'Hamilton'

The Birth of 'Hamilton'


With the 'Hamilton' film now streaming, we look back at the genesis of the show and more with musical director Alex Lacamoire
In a revealing conversation with host Brian Hiatt, Morissette talks about her new album, the 'Jagged Little Pill' musical and 25th anniversary, and her whole career
John Legend talks with host Brian Hiatt about his just-released album Bigger Love, why the current wave of Black Lives Matter protests have made him hopeful, life as the sexiest man alive, and much more
Killer Mike talks with Jamil Smith about Run the Jewels' great new album, the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, and much more
In a 2015 interview, Ice Cube looks back on the N.W.A. classic that’s climbing the charts again now – and tells the story of the birth of N.W.A
With the new documentary 'Once Were Brothers' out now, Robertson looks back on the story of the Band, his time with Bob Dylan and much more
Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos join host Brian Hiatt to look back at Spears' classic second album. Plus: video director Nigel Dick on his time with Britney
We celebrate the barrier-smashing career and timeless music of a rock n' roll founding father, with Rob Sheffield, David Browne and Patrick Doyle joining host Brian Hiatt. Plus, Steve Van Zandt pays tribute
A journey through the entire catalog of Fiona Apple, one of the most consistent artists of her generation, with Claire Shaffer, Brittany Spanos, and Rob Sheffield joining host Brian Hiatt
The pop star on on her great new album 'Future Nostalgia,' whether she's a "female alpha," and much more
Comments (24)

Western intellect

She’s always been like meh to me

Sep 1st

Pietro Bini

If this is the best music in 2019, then I l’ll give up

Aug 23rd

Lucienne Letya

The Life and Music of Little Richard

Jun 25th

Thomas Alan Rugg

Relatory isn't a word. I swear they let anyone be a "journalist" nowadays. 6th Grade it.

Jun 15th

Whitney Rodden

Rest in peace - one of the best pop songwriters of his generation. 😞

Apr 9th

Paul McAnallen

Nothing wrong with Thin Lizzy

Mar 15th

Karen Gonzalez

I wish they would pronounce Zack's last name correctly he's Chicano not Italian.

Nov 14th

Steve Harrison

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Oct 31st

Michael Bailey

I'm hearing what sounds like overlapping audio around 31 minutes in

Aug 27th
Reply (1)

Karen Gonzalez

I can't believe they did not even mention Michael Jackson's supurb Super Bowl Performance. He set the bar for artists in the future. I don't think anyone has met it yet.

Jun 7th

Pat Pfeil


Jan 13th

Cole May

great interview but the host needs to turn his mic volume up.

Dec 31st

Brandon Butler


Dec 28th

Louis F

Vocal fry is annoying

Oct 24th

Bruno Raphael

they're fuckin' awesome....

Jul 19th

Melvin downey

bunk radio

Jul 12th

Ramiro Chavez

música en español

Feb 9th

Jemal Kadir

Jemal music

Jan 8th

mary duke

hi 🤗

Dec 25th

Eamonn Daly

That dude's crackly voice is terrible for radio or podcasts. someone give him a glass of water or a lozenge

Dec 7th
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