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Ron Voyage! - Everyday Journeys with Ron
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Ron Voyage! - Everyday Journeys with Ron

Author: Ron Stauffer

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Ron's no expert or professional traveler: he’s just an average American guy that explores and takes trips to interesting places on occasion. On this podcast, you’ll hear Ron’s experience as he discovers locations far and near, spectacular and mundane, pleasant and challenging.

Each episode highlights a specific destination and offers unvarnished yet optimistic feedback, travel tips, helpful hints, and a collection of lessons learned about scams, rip-offs and more.
4 Episodes
In this episode, Ron Stauffer interviews his Dad (also named Ron Stauffer), about a trip he took across the USA in 1980. On this summer journey, he rode a bicycle from the West Coast (California) to the East Coast (Virginia). His trip took 42 days, and he saw 10 states, and rode more than 3,400 miles.
This episode is about flying in a hang glider. I got a chance to take a trip on a hang glider, flying 3,000 above Lake County, Florida... and it didn't cost me a cent! (Note: this episode is a "Day Trip," a new, shorter format than normal).
This episode describes my first experience flying high in a hot air balloon. On my maiden voyage in a giant bag of hot air, I had an exciting start, a disappointing end, and learned six lessons about flight in this remarkably old-fashioned fire-powered type of aircraft.
This episode is all about cruises! I took a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean, and learned a lot in the process. Here are 15 things I learned and 4 specific travel tips I discovered while floating on the sea in Carnival Cruises’ “Carnival Dream” ship.
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