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Author: Room 4216 - Pastor Dave Andrus

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Reading the Bible can be difficult not to mention understanding it. Having a disability, like blindness can be difficult too. At times a person even wonders if God is there. Nevertheless in room 4216 God shows us His path and we find we are not alone (Isaiah 42:16)

Content Copyright, Dave Andrus 2015-2016
122 Episodes
The story of these two men is similar and yet different. They both loved Jesus and were led by him. The path of life took each man in different directions with different situations. Both men can inspire us today to follow Jesus.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Doubting Thomas and Matthew the tax collector; each of these men had a reputation added to their name. Once Jesus touched their lives however, these reputations dropped away. Listen and find out what God did with them and through them. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Most know Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus. Do you know the possible reasons why he might have? Do you know why 30 pieces of silver was the cost? Listen to find out these answers and more.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
The Apostle John was called the beloved, a son of thunder, but also the son of Mary. Not only was this the longest living apostle, but also the most contrasting and colorful one as well. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did preparing it for you.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Before Simon and Jude were apostles, they were part of an extreme militaristic group. Once they met Jesus, Simon and Jude remained full of zeal but no longer to overthrow the government. Listen to learn what they did for the Lord.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
We finish our look at Peter and then consider three more apostles; Andrew James the lesser and James the greater These are four different people with four different personalities. Even so they all served Jesus with their different gifts.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Jesus chose 12 men from the disciples to be apostles. So who is Peter? What did he do? How does his life help my life?Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Jesus ministry was not just about miracles and healings. In fact these point to and supported his teachings. Today’s teaching reminds us not to institutionalize religion. When we do we forget the real point of religion; to know God and to have eternal life.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry he was baptized. At the end of Jesus’ ministry he commanded his followers to baptize those who became his disciples or followers. So what is baptism. How, when, where, why and who should be baptized? Today’s lesson considers all sides of these questions.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
It is those amazing or surprising events that are remembered and recorded. Every day things often go unnoticed. So it was with Jesus. Today’s lesson looks at when he was 12 years old and the beginning of his ministry. And yes there are some amazing and surprising things about these events.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
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