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Author: Room 4216 - Pastor Dave Andrus

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Reading the Bible can be difficult not to mention understanding it. Having a disability, like blindness can be difficult too. At times a person even wonders if God is there. Nevertheless in room 4216 God shows us His path and we find we are not alone (Isaiah 42:16)

Content Copyright, Dave Andrus 2015-2016
131 Episodes
Jesus gave marching orders to the 72 and then sent them into villages ahead of him. Their message met with good results. What happened for those who did not accept the message? Listen and find out.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
We speak of mountain top experiences as super, wonderful and beyond belief. We speak of valleys as those times of discouragement despair and frustration. Today’s lesson moves from the mountain tops to the valley bottoms of life and faith.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Years ago just before a battle the king would speak and motivate the troops. In today’s lesson Jesus gave a rally cry but it was different than one would expect.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
We heard in the last lesson, how Jesus word had power and authority. In today’s lesson, Jesus sends out before him the 12 disciples to speak the Word of god. “Who is this Jesus?” people are now asking. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
In today’s lesson we hear how the Word of god controls a storm, demons, a woman’s bleeding and a dead girl. We also will learn how this impacts our lives today. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
As humans we use words all the day long: good words, bad words, nonsensical words. By definition God is almighty. It follows then, that the words of God when spoken control the universe. Today we read and study some of what the Word of God is doing. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
One of the people groups pushed aside by society in Bible times were women. In today’s study we read how Jesus accepted and used women in his ministry. Jesus accepts and uses us too.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Jesus finished the sermon on the plain by noting the inner heart is more important to God than the outward actions of people. Jesus then demonstrated through his actions that he love people; even those pushed aside by society. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Hyperbole makes exaggerated statements not meant to be taken literally. This is what some believe Jesus was doing when teaching the crowd. But then Jesus pointed out this is what God the Father does all the time. So where does that leave us? Listen and find out.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
The story of these two men is similar and yet different. They both loved Jesus and were led by him. The path of life took each man in different directions with different situations. Both men can inspire us today to follow Jesus.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
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