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Conversations from, to, and about the Iranian diaspora.

Roqe is hosted by Jian Ghomeshi.
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A new episode of Roqe including a feature interview with outstanding and influential Iranian-American architect, Gisue Hariri. Known for her award-winning innovative designs and groundbreaking contributions to the world of architecture, Gisue joins Jian from New York to tell her remarkable story of rising from a life in the desert of Khuzestan with her sister to the heights of the global design world - as well as her pioneering role as a woman in the field. Plus, the show starts with a loud discussion between Jian and Pegah addressing the question, “Can we make unity happen in the Iranian diaspora?” and a Roundup of the most recent global day of action, Ronaldo in Tehran, and the most concerning elements of Raisi’s new visit to America.
A special edition of Roqe and a big new season launch, featuring prominent Iranian voices from around the globe all assembling on this show to offer perspectives and reflect on lessons learned at the one year anniversary of the killing of Mahsa Jina Amini. Jian is joined by a diverse and impressive group to give their heartfelt thoughts, and prognostications on the enduring impact of the pivotal events that have taken over the last year, both inside and outside of Iran. Feature guests include: Swedish MP, Azadeh Rozhan in Stockholm Musical icon, Faramarz Aslani in Washington DC Acclaimed poet and activist, Hila Sedighi in Dubai Surgeon and social media star Kayvan “Dr. Kay” Mirhadi in New York Comedian Tehran in Los Angeles Academic and activist Forouq Canaani in Munich YouTube star Bahador Alast in Toronto Broadcaster Kambiz Hosseini in LA Journalist and blogger Nikahang Kowsar in Washington DC Acclaimed dancer, Kosar Abbasi in LA LGBTQ activist Javid Jabari in Toronto Writer and performer Banafsheh Taherian in Toronto Guitar virtuoso and composer Babak Amini in Toronto Plus the debut of a brand new recording from Babak Amini dedicated to the uprising. And Jian begins the show with a stirring audio essay entitled, “We won’t count on the West to save Iran.”
A new season of Roqe launches next week (“The Uprising: One Year Later”), but in the meantime, we have a new edition - a season preview! Jian is joined by Pegah and journalist Mahsa Mortazavi in the Roqe Studio to preview next week’s star-studded launch, to look back at events of the summer, recap Jian’s trips to far off destinations, gawk at Pegah’s CN Tower climb, and to have a Roqe Roundup with Mahsa focusing on activities inside Iran and across the Diaspora in recent weeks including “hostage diplomacy” and a new “September Deal” between the United States and the IRI.
The final instalment of our Best of Roqe series for the summer of 2023, featuring an interview with the late Iranian-American star scientist, Dr. Firouz Naderi, who died in June of this year - creating a deep void and profound sadness across the Diaspora. He was the kid from Shiraz who ascended to the heights of the most American of institutions. Firouz Naderi was well known for his rise to the top-levels of NASA and his brilliant work in bringing humanity closer to Mars. But Dr Naderi was also increasingly speaking out about the world, politics, and policy in the United States and in Iran… and feeling the sting of those who disagreed with him as a consequence. Today, we replay a very special interview with Dr. Firouz Naderi - who joined Jian from Los Angeles for this conversation - about space, belonging and putting oneself out there with opinions and politics. He was candid, charming, elegant and eloquent in this interview. He will be missed.
Another edition of the Best of Roqe featuring one of our favourite guests, replaying a conversation from his first appearance on the program. Dr. Fathali Moghaddam is an Iranian-British psychologist, author, professor of psychology, and director of the Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Science at Georgetown University. Fresh off his start appearance in the Netflix series, “How to be a Tyrant,” Dr. Moghaddam joined Jian from Washington DC for an animated and memorable discussion about the psychology of authoritarianism and the state of democracy in Iran and the rest of the world. Plus another instalment of our most beloved Roqe Funnies is revisited when we deconstruct the strange and disproportionate attraction that Iranians in Canada seem to have with visiting the water wonder that is Niagara Falls.
Another edition for the Best of Roqe series featuring an interview with award-winning surgeon, entrepreneur, activist, and Netflix star, Dr. Sheila Nazarian, joining Jian from Los Angeles. Plus an all-time favourite of the Roqe Funnies revisited, “Mojtaba and the Garage.”
As part of The Best of Roqe series, two feature interviews with two preeminent broadcast stars of Iranian media. First up, Iran International journalist, TV presenter and entrepreneur, Fardad Farahzad, joins Jian for a comprehensive conversation about his career and personal journey to date. And then, popular BBC Persian TV personality, artist, and producer, Behzad Bolour sits down for his first ever major interview in English.
Another installment of “The Best of Roqe” series featuring an interview with acclaimed author, poet and scholar, Farzaneh Milani. Dr. Milani, a professor of Persian literature and women’s studies at the University of Virginia, joins Jian to recount her story of emigrating from Iran to America and becoming a foremost authority on Iranian women writers, her passion for female literature - and Forough Farrokhzad in particular - and what she has recently termed, a “threshold” perspective among writers in the diaspora. Plus, one of the team’s favourite comedic moments is revisited with a Roqe Funny about pizza and ketchup.
An action-packed episode from "The Best of Roqe," featuring two extraordinary fighters who have overcome incredible odds. First, Alireza "Razor Ali" Ghadiri, the resilient Iranian-British boxer, who has triumphed over tragedy to become a rising star in Britain's boxing scene. Then, we meet Pannie "Banzai" Kianzad, the Iranian-Swedish MMA star and UFC signee, shares her journey to the top and her quest for the world championship. Join us for inspiring stories of perseverance and determination in the world of combat sports.
As part "The Best of Roqe" series, a feature interview with leading attorney, professor and author, Mehrangiz Kar. Mehrangiz is a celebrated human rights activist who was one of the first female attorneys to oppose the Islamization of gender relations following the Iranian Revolution of 1979. She became an active public defender in Iran’s civil and criminal courts. She joins Jian in the Roqe Studio for a very intimate and personal interview about her life…from her early years in Ahvaz and her female role models, to becoming a prominent lawyer and her fight for human rights, to her imprisonment, her exile, and dealing with the tragic death of her late husband.
Another episode is part of 'The Best of Roqe' series, featuring Iranian-American political satirist, actor, TV/radio broadcaster, and monologist, Kambiz Hosseini. Kambiz joins Jian to discuss his life journey, his broadcasting style, and more. Plus, one of the team's favourite comedic moments is revisited with a Roqe Funny.
Another episode as part of "The Best of Roqe" series featuring a man hailed as the “finest translator of Persian poetry.” Award-winning British poet, and leading scholar of Persian Literature, Dr. Dick Davis, joins Jian to discuss his life journey, his love for Iran and Persian culture, and his mission. Plus, one of the teams favorite comedic moments is revisited with a Roqe Funny.
Featuring interviews with two prominent Iranian-American surgeons. First, Dr. Abbas Ardehali, renowned for his pioneering work as the first US surgeon to perform a "breathing lung" transplant, and then, Dr. Sina Joorabchi, an influential ENT specialist and facial plastic surgeon popularly known as Doctor Sina.
A new edition of Roqe including a feature interview with Kamyar. The popular Iranian-French hitmaker, singer, writer and instrumentalist joins Jian from Las Vegas to discuss his successful career from jazz singer to Black Cats member to solo pop star. In a detailed and comprehensive conversation, Kamyar also talks about his bouts of depression, his activism, and his strong identification with Iran and being Iranian. Plus Pegah joins Jian to discuss a festival weekend, the anxieties of doing interviews in a second language, and the lack of tact that some Iranians display when coming up to podcasters who MAY have gained weight in their face.
A special new edition of Roqe focused on the confusing culture of drinking in Iran. We all know that alcohol is officially forbidden under Islam. But we also know that most of the Islamic world, including Iran, has a long history that is drenched in drinking and culturally entwined with the consumption, celebration, romance, and medicinal practise of wine, beer, and alcohol drinking. So how do we make sense of this? Historian Dr. Rudi Matthee, author of the newly published book, "Angels, Tapping at the Wine Shop's Door: A Comprehensive History of Alcohol in the Islamic World," joins Jian to walk through the paradoxical past and present of alcohol and the Islamic world - including Iran under the Ayatollahs. Plus, a very special Roqe Roundup with Captain Reza and Smart Pegah discussing alcohol, hip hop lyrics and the latest from inside Iran including the latest reinforcement of hijab laws.
A dynamic new edition of Roqe focused on language, and the particular proposition: “Does having an accent make life harder?” Jian is joined by professor, author and President of the Linguistics Association of Canada, Dr. Jila Ghomeshi, for a vibrant conversation about accents (with some sibling teasing interlaced!). Jila, with over two decades of experience in the field of Iranian linguistics, discusses how the way we speak can affect the way we are seen, plus the intricacies of accents, the complexities of language, and the effects both can have on personal and professional lives. Plus, Pegah and Jian read through some of the many comments on this topic from the Roqe audience, and discuss the latest news from inside and outside Iran.
A dynamic new edition of Roqe including a feature interview with legendary Iranian-American journalist, Homa Sarshar. Ms Sarshar joins Jian from Los Angeles for an in-depth conversation covering her latest lifetime achievement award (presented at Stanford University last week), her thoughts on the future of the Iranian community around the world, and how media and journalists should deal with the prevarications of the Islamic Republic representatives (a subject that leads to some disagreement with Jian). Plus, broadcaster, producer and musician, Maral Mohammadi is live in the Roqe Studio for the Roundup chat ranging from her first experience in Canada to joining “Threads” to the actions of the Iranian government. And Pegah recaps some of the latest news from inside and outside Iran, while Jian tries to explain 90’s grunge music metaphors with limited success.
A special culinary-focused edition of Roqe with a dynamic debate amongst a panel of food enthusiasts and health experts addressing the simple but disputed question: “Is Persian Food Healthy?” Panelists joining Jian include Iranian-Canadian Doctor of Natural Medicine, and Ayurveda specialist, Dr. Rosa Moradi in the Roqe Studio, Iranian- American chef and culinary health coach, Tara Radcliffe in Los Angeles, and the founder of OvenHug and co-producer of the Modern Persian Food podcast, Bita Arabian in the Bay Area. The panel explores the health benefits of staples like saffron, pomegranate, and fresh herbs while demystifying some common misconceptions surrounding Persian cuisine…and the chat goes to some very fun and uncommon areas. Plus, Savvy Roham, Super P, and Smart Pegah are all present for an energetic Roundtable to discuss their personal takes on the topic of Persian food being healthy, Robert Malley abandoning his position, the continued fight for justice by the association of families of PS752, and more.
On a new edition of Roqe, the "khoresht" vs "khoresh" debate is in full flow (how is it said??), and Jian speaks to two talented visual artists who each share their personal stories and the profound influence that creativity has had on their lives. First, the Mohammad Rasoulipour, an acclaimed Iranian-American visual artist and technologist with a unique vision that intertwines history and art joins Jian to discuss his groundbreaking project, "Eranshahr," that meticulously reconstructs visual images of famous Iranian figures from the past through stunning renderings based on archaeological evidence. Then Aryasb Feiz, an Iranian animator and creative force who captivated audiences with his short film “Mr. Indifferent” - an animated film that went viral in the last couple of years - joins Jian from Tehran to discuss his upcoming project “Tomorrow,” his role as a character animator, screenwriter and director and the challenges of his work within Iran. Plus, Parissa, Pegah and Jian have an...animated...conversation about the correct spelling and pronunciation of “khoresh(t)” (stew) in Persian, and on the Roundup the team deals with the latest in news from inside and outside of Iran, including the new online campaign started by Iranian university students, a commemorative street sign put up in Ottawa to remember Mahsa Amini, and more.
A special edition remembering the late Iranian-American star scientist and NASA veteran, Dr. Firouz Naderi, featuring distinguished constitutional law expert, and pioneering human rights attorney, Banafsheh Akhlaghi in San Francisco, acclaimed technologist, entrepreneur, and former NASA scientist, Mehrzad Sajjadi in Chennai, India, and veteran Iranian-Canadian journalist Dr. Mohammad Tajdolati in the Roqe Studio. Jian begins the show with a heartfelt essay honouring Firouz Naderi, and setting the tone, commemorating the remarkable contributions of a visionary individual in the Iranian diaspora. Plus, Super P and Smart Pegah convene for the Roundup to discuss new atrocities inside Iran, the latest report on why the EU can, in fact, list the IRGC as a terrorist organization, and the “Liberty for Iran” event in Los Angeles.
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sharam tavakoli

مرسی بابت برنامه خیلی خوبتون. همیشه سبز باشین و برقرار

Sep 16th


15 u've got chubby 😅😅

Aug 10th

Hamid Zareian

Wow ! It was one of the most interesting and controversial and amusing episodes of Roqe for me. Im listening to you from Tehran and I love what you do.

Aug 8th


15:04 oh ma god 😂😂😂😂

Aug 8th


OMG, amazing. Tnx Jian for ur effort and hosting such an amazing guest, I learned so much out of this episode❤️❤️

Aug 6th


Dear Really thanks for good episod and Dr. Dive...🙏

Aug 5th

Azadeh Nazari

His voice was not clear. It would be great if he could talk louder. Nice interview though

Jun 6th

Kyle Kylee

there is no doubt that in any field there are supertalented folks that bedazzle the world but i still strongly disagree with the notion that anyone younger than 10 would be even remotely aware of what they want to do. again i am not questioning their talents.

May 28th


It was so great and inspiring; What a lovely artist and what a real human; The interview has discovered some new corners of his personality and career for fans.

May 21st

علیرضا باقری

We hope to see better days. Episode 250 was amazing thank you Jian.

Mar 29th


48:00 fighting to basic humanity rights. to be listened to be seen to dance to raise party to be on relationship without fear to just live

Mar 28th

roya chegini

I m really thankful und appreciate your Podcast

Mar 26th

علیرضا باقری

Jian I'm thankful of you for all your amazing podcasts, as an Iranian every day I feel like no one cares about us but when I see after 6 months you are talking about Iranians and the awful situation we are facing with I feel more hopeful. Thanks

Mar 26th


it seems you guys think pirooz was the last iranian cheetah which is not true. latest estimates is that there are around 30 cheetas remaining in iran which includes pirooz's parents "iran" and "firooz". so the situation is not promising but the iranian cheetah is not extinct yet.

Mar 3rd


bebin age mitooni hajme file ro kamtar kon.rahattar donlod konim❤️❤️

Mar 1st


So called Iranian revolution is just dumb females crying over a dresscode so they can become whores like their Western colleagues

Feb 7th

Leon u can express ur mean through Farsi cause most of audience are persian

Jan 31st

mohammrrf razavi

best English podcast about Iranian uprising revolution Woman Life Freedom

Jan 27th

Navid Rozbahani

no to #islamic_republic

Dec 9th

Navid Rozbahani

just I want say I can't thank you enough,you explain our situation in Iran very well

Nov 22nd
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