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Author: Lewis Convery

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Welcome to the Roughly Speaking Podcast, where we discuss and share the work of Clinical Psychologist, Jordan B. Peterson.

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<p>Joe &amp; Jordan delve into Joe's character here in this great interview. They cover many topics.</p><p></p><p>(Written by Jordan himself - Copied from YT description).</p><p>Joe's a very effective and engaging interviewer. He asks tough questions. He has his own point of view. But he listens, and he treats his audience with respect. They return the favour, with hundreds of millions downloading his podcast and watching the Joe Rogan Experience on YouTube (<a href=";v=pZKuwgcKXwY&amp;;redir_token=GsnAeOT3DiR2kwZFpYB8mi28Sml8MTU2MDg1OTY1OEAxNTYwNzczMjU4" target="_blank"></a>) with more than 5.5 million subscribers. </p>
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Depak Mc

I am seeing This episode podcast is not avilable message on all episodes? Reach out to podcast owner? Anyone else having same issue?

Jul 5th

Daniel Hawkes

Depak Mc Probably copyright issues

Jul 16th

Anil Palan

The production quality has skyrocketed! Good job man. You are a life-saver for those of us that don't have a continuous hour to spare, but many 20-minute breaks.

Jun 25th

Nic Alan

don't speed up his voice. it makes it so difficult to listen to...

Jun 17th


Could you eliminate that background music? It's disturbing. Thanks

Jun 15th
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