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Whether you call it football or soccer. If you want to immerse yourself in the rich history of the beautiful game. Then welcome home!

Round History podcast brings you the dark, the tragic, the crazy, the amazing and the inspiring stories of heroes, legends and villains of the beautiful game from the world over.

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Jasveer Singh is a journalist by trade with a lifelong obsession with football. Born and raised in London now residing in Vancouver, he has covered football at various levels as a journalist and participated in the game in all manner of ways as well. Follow Jazz on Twitter: @JazzTheJourno. The post RH Call Up #8 with Jazz Singh appeared first on Round History Podcast.
Robby Smukler is the creator of Icarus F.C., one of the most creative football kit manufactures in existence. Along with designing and producing uniforms for clubs, Icarus F.C. started a line of historical shirts envisioning what classic civilizations of the past would've worn, had the beautiful game been a reality for them. A few examples include the Kingdom of Kush, the Ottoman Empire and more. With these historical designs in mind, we got together to discuss their creation. The post RH Call Up #7 with Robby Smukler of Icarus F.C. appeared first on Round History Podcast.
Marcelo Barreto(@CeloCRF) is the creator of the @FlamengoENG, a twitter account dedicated to English speaking fans of the Brazilian club Flamengo. He is also a contributor to @Flahistoria, an account dedicated to the club's history. Marcelo is known as an underground legend for bringing Flamengo videos and online streams to fans around the world going back years, when doing that kind of thing was still unheard of. He has amassed an insane catalog of clips which he uses to enhance his twitter account and give Flamengo's English speaking fans and sympathizers all the updates and happenings in and around the club, helping foreign fans understand the nuances of being a Flamenguista. The post RH Call Up #6 with Marcelo Barreto appeared first on Round History Podcast.
Pete Watson is an academic in Spanish and Latin American Studies, who did his PhD at the University of Sheffield on the use of football for nation building in Colombia during the presidency of Juan Manuel Santos. Apart from specializing in the history of Latin American sport and politics, he also lectures on Spanish and Latin American film, Latin American history and Latin American literature and culture. He has written academic articles for the Bulletin of Latin American Research, the Journal of War and Culture Studies and has a chapter in a forthcoming book called Fútbol y sociedad en América Latina, edited by Thomas Fischer, to be published by Iberoamericana Vervuert. He has also written football-based articles in English and Spanish for Football Paradise and Razón Pública and is the resident 'expert' for the These Football Times video podcast series 'The South American Files'. The post RH Call Up #5 with Pete Watson appeared first on Round History Podcast.
From winning the Golden Double to the brutality in the infamous Lubyanka prison and the GULAG. Football will reveal itself much more important to their lives than the Starostins had ever imagined. Nikolai sees hope for early freedom and makes a deal with the devil. The post Ep. 7: Starostin’s Spartak Brotherhood Part 6 appeared first on Round History Podcast.
Stuart Horsfield is a writer and member of the Senior Leadership Team for These Football Times, where he also hosts These Football Times podcast. For his day job he lectures in sports and on a Football Coaching degree program. He just wrote his first book, it's about the greatest team never to win a World Cup and some would argue they were better than most teams who've actually won it! That magical 1982 Brazilian side. The book is titled: 1982 Brazil, The Glorious Failure. The post RH Call Up #4 with Stuart Horsfield appeared first on Round History Podcast.
Jim McGough founded Ajax USA, a prominent unofficial supporters club of AFC Ajax Amsterdam, which he operated from 1996 to 2007. Over the past two decades, he has conducted extensive research on the life of Eddy Hamel, the first American, and first Jewish player of AFC Ajax Amsterdam, for a book in progress. He was interviewed in 2019 by Sports Illustrated for an article about Hamel: Remember the Ringleader. He lives in California. The post RH Call Up #3 with Jim McGough appeared first on Round History Podcast.
Jordan Florit is a freelance writer currently writing 'Red Wine and Arepas: How Football is Becoming Venezuela's Religion.' The book uses football as the lens through which areas of Venezuela's culture, society, and politics are explored. Jordan's work has been featured on These Football Times, Pundit Feed, The Terrace, and more. The post RH Call Up #2 with Jordan Florit appeared first on Round History Podcast.
From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. The Starostin brothers and Spartak Moscow achieve unprecedented success on the pitch. They earn recognition from the public as well as the State for their accomplishments, receiving the highest honors in front of Joseph Stalin himself. As one Lavrentyi Beria ascends to the top of the NKVD and rivals Dynamo, off the pitch they will face their darkest days yet when the iron fist of the Secret Police comes swinging at full force against them. The post Ep. 6: Starostin’s Spartak Brotherhood Part 5 appeared first on Round History Podcast.
In this episode, we talk to the guys at Saltair FC, Andy Munoz and Josh Clark about the history of this very "real" and legendary club from Salt Lake City, Utah. I know, it sounds weird, but it was a grand ol' silly time and hopefully fun for you listening as well. Make sure to check them out on Twitter and Instagram, their handle is @Saltairfc, they just released a dope jersey that only the cool kids will have. You can get yours and find out more on The post RH Call Up #1 with Saltair F.C. appeared first on Round History Podcast.
Part 4 begins in the year of 1934. The Soviet Union opens its borders for diplomatic reasons which in turn exposes their football to the outside world. The Starostins will encounter new ideas, opponents and different styles of play, helping them push the evolution of the Soviet game. Nikolai will lead the creation of a new club, Spartak Moscow, and will challenge Dynamo Moscow's growing supremacy on and off the the pitch. As great as their achievements are, it will begin to bother some folks, enemies will rise and with that, an ever present danger surfacing in the background. The post Ep. 5: Starostin’s Spartak Brotherhood Part 4 appeared first on Round History Podcast.
In part 3 of the series, we pick things up in 1926. We see Krasnaya Presnia achieve a new levels of success and popularity. The Party's constant changes in its fight against Capitalism will steadily create more problems, but thanks to the work of Nikolai Starostin and company, the club and players will keep uncovering new ways to grow, ultimately finding themselves on the verge of something big. The post Ep. 4: Starostin’s Spartak Brotherhood Part 3 appeared first on Round History Podcast.
Part 2 of the series spans from 1918 to 1925 and in that time frame, we see the Starostins deal with life in the post revolutionary landscape of the Soviet Union. Consequently, they will go from tragedy to the promise of a bright future ahead and along the way, there will be lessons to be learned, examples to be followed and cautionary tales. The post Ep. 3: Starostin’s Spartak Brotherhood Part 2 appeared first on Round History Podcast.
There's no other story in world football like that of the Starostin brothers'. Born in a family of hunters from a peasant background in the Russian Empire, they fell in love with the beautiful game, grew up in the revolutionary Presnya district in the middle of the Bolshevik Revolution. Led by their eldest brother, Nikolai, they created Russia's most popular football club, Spartak Moscow, and became champions. Then suddenly, from night to day, they would go from sporting heroes to enemies of the state and thrown to the wolves in the Gulag. After 10 long and horrible years of suffering, they come back to cement their position as some of the most important figures in all of Russian football history. To better understand how everything happened, we take a look at all the moving pieces and watch them fall into place to get a complete picture of this beautiful story of determination, success, glory, injustice, tragedy and survival. It's nothing short of incredible. The post Ep. 2: Starostin’s Spartak Brotherhood Part 1 appeared first on Round History Podcast.
This decorated WWI veteran turned French international footballer is the subject of our first episode. We dive into this forgotten man's journey through the early days of French football, his rise to fame and how it all came to an end in tragic fashion. The post Ep. 1: Pierre Mony: Seeing Red appeared first on Round History Podcast.
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