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A nostalgic weekly podcast where a married couple rewatches and reviews our favorite 90's and 2000's movies to decide if they hold up to our adult standards. New episodes now every Tuesday.
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We rewatch the 1998 "classic" Urban Legend! Happy Halloween Spooky time!
Ooooklahoma...where there are so many tornados in one day! This week we take on the 1996 "classic" Twister. Thanks to everyone that voted in our Instagram poll.
This week's episode is brought to you by Pauly Shore. (Pauly Shore is no way affiliated with Ruining Our Childhood, we just enjoy rewatching his 90's classics.). Listen as we discuss the 1992 "classic" Encino Man.
We discuss the recent Instagram poll winner, Coyote Ugly. We talk about all the bedazzled fashion and question why Violet didn't look for a job before moving to New York City.
To celebrate Ashley's birthday enjoy a brand new (to the regular feed) bonisode previously exclusive to our Ruiners Club members. This episode was originally released on September 25th, 2020.
This week we rewatch the 1998 comedy, A Night at the Roxbury! Does it hold up? Pfft...shh...pffft...listen to find out.
Our latest poll winner (sort of) was the 2001 "classic" Glitter. We discuss Mariah, the 80's and movies set in the music industry.
This week rewatch the 2000 "classic" Scary Movie. We discuss spoof movies as a genre and try to name all the movie references in this film! We also go on a tangent about the music industry.
We woke up from our month long hibernation and finally recorded Face/Off. The 1997 "classic" starring Nicolas Cage & John Travolta. Don't forget to check out this week's latest poll our Instagram stories on Thursday!
Welcome to season 3 of Ruining Our Childhood. We took a small break, made some changes and are back now with a brand new episode, Airheads. Listen now to see if we think this film holds up!
Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 Trailer


Season 3 premieres May 25th!! Don't forget to subscribe to be notified when new episodes are released.
We finally finished season 2! This week, we rewatched the much anticipated winner of our Loser Bracket, In the Army Now. We apologize for the delay...and also the first twelve minutes of the episode Ryan sounds like he is in another room. We hope you enjoy and we will be back in May with season 3!
Episode 86 - 2012 (2009)

Episode 86 - 2012 (2009)


This week we rewatch the 2009 "classic" 2012. We talk about the impressive cast, plot holes and decide if this disaster movie holds up to today's standards. Thanks for everyone that voted in this week's poll!
This week we rewatch the 1996, Jack starring Robin Williams. We are almost to the end of our Loser Bracket! Don't forget to vote in our finals on Twitter @ROCmoviepodcast and Instagram @ruiningourchildhood this Thursday and Friday!!
Why hello there! This week we rewatch the 2001 "classic" Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Listen now to see if we think this comedy holds up to our adult standards.
This week we rewatch our latest poll winner: Pineapple Express. We are down to our FINAL FOUR so don't forget to vote on our Twitter @ROCmoviepodcast on Thursdays & Instagram @ruiningourchildhood on Fridays!
We rewatch the 1998 "classic" Dr. Dolittle. A recent winner of our weekly Loser Bracket polls! Want to help us decide which movie to watch next? Check out our polls every Thursday on Twitter: @ROCmoviepodcast & Instagram: @ruiningourchildhood. Head over to for show notes, links to merch, & The Ruiners Club!
This week we rewatched the recent poll winner, The Day After Tomorrow. Don't forget to vote in our weekly poll on Twitter: @ROCmoviepodcast and Instagram: @ruiningourchildhood Also head over to for show notes on this episode!
WE ARE BACK! We are picking right back up with the FINAL 8 of our Loser Bracket! The winner this week was 2005's Wedding Crashers. Listen now to see if we think this "classic" holds up!
MERRY CHRISTMAS RUINERS! In the spirit of the holiday season, we decided to share out last Bonisode of the year on our regular feed! We discuss a favorite holiday classic, Home Alone and talk about your answers to our recent Ruiners Club Survey! We also discuss some highlights from movies and tv shows we watched in 2020. Join the Ruiners Club at to get access to all of our other exclusive bonus episodes and awesome giveaways! Okay bye!
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