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A weekly podcast where we remove our childhood goggles and put on our adult bifocals to rewatch and review our favorite movies from the past. Follow us on our Facebook, Instagram @ruiningourchildhood, and Twitter @ROCmoviepodcast. New episodes every Tuesday!
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This week we hit the action genre again with none other than a James Bond film The 1999 classic The World Is Not Enough starring Pierce Brosnan We discuss who we think is the best Bond and speculate on the future of the franchise We get excited about some of the Well Hello There cameos in this film and not just because a Ruining Our Childhood favorite makes another appearance If you have listened to our Gone in 60 Seconds episode you will know this one As always we hand out the awards for the best and brightest of this film along with our worst and dimmest and decide if this Bond film holds up to our adult standards While youre reading this why not check out our social media and let us know who you think the best Bond is and who could be the future of Bond films after Daniel Craig
To celebrate Ryans birthday we rewatch one of his all time childhood faves Ace Ventura Pet Detective This 1994 classic starring Jim Carrey and Courtney Cox Ryan talks about his VHS copy of the movie and we get on a tangent about other movies we watched this past week We question the logistics of Ray Finkles career as a police officer and how Ace never got in trouble for hitting two police officers with his car As always we award our favorites and not so favorites and decide if this comedy holds up to our adult standards
On this very special episode of Ruining Our Childhood Ashleys brother and sister in law join in on our rewatch of 2002s Orange County Listen as we struggle to record with only two mics and four people Have fun adjusting your volume guys In this episode we reminisce about the concept of video stores and all the California bands that are jammed into this films soundtrack We list some amazing cameos in our Well Hello There category and Rupert chimes in because there is never enough background noise in this podcast As always we award our favorites and not so favorites and decide if this early 2000s classic holds up to our adult standards
Its the last week in our Halloween SPOOKtacular and Ryan picked out 1991s The Addams Family We agree that as children we got this particular family confused with another classic sitcom The Munsters Ashley talks about how much it blew her child mind that Uncle Fester was also the iconic Doc Brown We get off topic by discussing why the Hollywood Elite are all about hating on Marvel movies and Rupert and Quinn stop by to make sure we are not messing up the episode You can hear them occasionally walking around in the background As always we give our coveted awards to the best and worst in this move and decide if this childrens classic holds up to our adult standards
As we get closer to All Hallows Eve we continue our SPOOKtacular ugh with the 90s remake of the zombie classic Night of the Living Dead We discuss how this version started a young Ashleys obsession with zombie flicks We joke about how this movie might have just been an excuse for some home renovation and decide that Ben must have found Uncle Reges cocaine stash somewhere in that farmhouse As a special treat we name our favorite zombies of the film and best zombie kill of the movie Listen as Ryan struggles to say Judy Rose as we decide if this 90s classic holds up to our adult standards
We are back with another episode for what Ryan now calls our Halloween Spooktacular This week we take on one of Ashleys childhood traumas The People Under the Stairs We reminisce about watching movies like this one way too young and question some of the movies more memorable scenes We discuss the amazing Roach who is just trying to stay optimistic in his bleak situation and talk about Fools next door neighbors Which happen to be just a pack of wild dogs sharing an apartment in the inner city always fighting over an animal carcass Sounds like a new CBS sitcom if you ask us As always we award our best and worst and decide if this super creepy film holds up to our adult standards
We continue our celebration of Halloween with 1997s Scream 2 If you havent listened to our rewatch of the original Scream go have a listenwe will wait In this episode we reminisce about the anxiety from trying to sneak into Rrated movies as kids We jump into the 90s fashion world of baggy beige clothes and discuss how the opening scene is scary for different reasons as an adult Our minds explode thinking about how these college students are now well into their 40s and yes we know how time works but sometimes it sucks to be reminded In this special episode we add a new category best and worst death scenes and decide if this horror sequel holds up to our adult standards
Episode 28 - Casper (1995)

Episode 28 - Casper (1995)


ITS OCTOBER Which means that we are choosing some of our favorite Halloweenhorror movies for the next couple of weeks This week we take on a childhood favorite Casper We talk about how this Halloween themed movie was released in the summer and how that was confusing for us as kids We discuss the hit and miss CGI featured in this film and how Caspers back story made us never want to go sledding again We question what Caspers real unfinished business is and why he is still a ghost and the end As always we award our favorites and decide if this classic holds up to our adult standards Dont forget to follow us on social media so we know that our listeners do exist and are not just Casper like ghosts
Its a special week for Ruining Our Childhood our wedding anniversary To celebrate we rewatch the movie we went to on our first official date The 2006 classic Employee of the Month starring Dane Cook Jessica Simpson and Dax Shepard We recount the popularity of Dane Cook in the mid2000s and how as a couple we saw most of his movies in theaters We break down all that this movie gets wrong about working retail and talk about how many great trailers there are from the DVD We also discuss how no one is safe in this movies offensive quest to be funny As always we award the best and the worst of the film and decide if this movie that is so dear to our hearts holds up
This week we take on one of teen Ashleys favorite movies The 2000 classic Whatever It Takes starring Shane West James Franco Jodi Lyn OKeefe and Marla Sokoloff Its about two boys who make deals to help each other win over two girls We discuss how this movie introduced the world to Aaron Paul and remember when Furbies were a thing We discuss why Palo Alto native James Franco sounds like he is from Brooklyn and how this movie really tried to convince us that Shane West wasnt good looking We reminisce about how regular phones were our main source of communication at one point in time As always we award our best and worst of the movie and answer the ultimate question does this movie hold up to our adult standards
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