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Sex, Success and other Slippery Rabbit Holes.
A sex-positive, intersectional & inclusive podcast about life.
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Fuck YES! In this episode, Kimbree from Vibin' tells us all about her upcoming sex-toy subscription business centred around fat femmes of colour and their self-pleasure. In her search for representation within the sex-toy industry , she found little but frustration and turned that energy into entrepreneurship! The site goes live in about a week so YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! We discover her childhood in upstate New York, within a mixed race family of Trump supporters to her coming of age in university. Yes, you read that right. We talk about unlearning, privilege, feminism and fatphobia, within the first 5 minutes. So saddle up, and hop on yet another rabbit-hole-filled ride. Topics:  masturbation, racism, elitism, entrepreneurship, fat bodies and self-love, pleasure, sextoys, representation, self-love, cancel culture, being considered "illegitimately political", accountability & empathy, success & capitalism, inequality and SO MUCH MORE! For more on Kimbree and her business, go to, or to @biggirlvibes on Instagram! Thanks again for listening my loves. Speak to you on the next one! C, xxx.--- Support this podcast:
Well my lovers, welcome to another intimate one. Sam is one of my all time favourite girl crushes IRL. We met on Tinder, and the rest, well, ... is now public. During this episode, you will hear us discussing our versions of non-monogamy, from the perspectives of bisexual women in committed, open relationships with male primary partners. We talk about Sam's path to today, her relationships, her breakthroughs and tribulations. It's quite a ride, so join us! Fave quote: "No one person will ever encompass everything that you want in a partner, so I guess you'll just have to... be a hoe." Topics: straight-passing monogamous-passing privilege, realizing your sexuality, the toxic aspects of jealousy in monogamy, communication, sex, creating rules and setting boundaries, dessert analogies for ambivalent sexual experiences (specifically when swinging!), dating, assumed monogamy, coming out, anxieties, happiness, libido drops & self-esteem, AND SO MANY GIGGLES! I hope this answers some of your burning questions about non-monogamy, love, life and people who do things weirdly. Now go and have some fun on your extra-curricular activities. All my love, C. xox--- Support this podcast:
WELCOME TO EPISODE 69!!! Woot woot, wink wink. I can't think of a better person to feature than Javay da BAE! She's the millennial sexpert you need. If you haven't already come across her insta feed or her youtube channel, this is the perfect introduction to this badass.  Today we get to know Javay's impulsive decisions that led to her incredible journey to her Master's in Sexuality Studies at Widener.  She hopes to become a sex therapist with a focus on supporting sex workers and of course I had to have her on the pod! Topics: legitimacy as a black woman, moving across the country to make your goals happen, the entertainment industry, working out financials for grad school, LGBTQ sex education, creating inclusive and comprehensive sex therapy!!!, rage, sex work, the importance of visibility and support, sexualization of BIPOC, working within your own expectations and being gentle with oneself, rage & social justice, climate change and soooo much more.Do check out her Facebook Page, Instagrams @javaydabae and @millennialsexpert and Twitter @JavaydaBAE. She ended up uploading a new post on Youtube about Sex vs. Gender!! See it here: you feel so inspired to help this gal get through grad school to spread the gospel on sex education, drop her some cash!!! Her Cash App is $JavaydaBAE and her Venmo @JavaydaBAE .  Thanks again for listening and I hope you learned something!  USE YOUR VOICE! (Ps: Get Emily Nagoski's COME AS YOU ARE.) Lots of love. C, xox.--- Support this podcast:
Hello lovers! Meet Maureen, founder and CEO of The Waterslyde, and new co-owner of Lovability Inc! Inventor and intimacy coach, mother, business woman and all-around POWERHOUSE, Maureen walks me through the creation of life as she knows it. From her sporadic and dispersed childhood, getting married and giving life, to now being "the Jewish mom, sex toy inventor!" We talk down the funnest rabbit roles surrounding judaism and self-pleasuring, as well as unlikely sources of feminism and going from secular thought to "becoming religious". Topics: "the ten year nap", accidental inventions at the gyno, Jewish Marital Laws, "self-hating" your own religion, fear, modern rabbis, #womensupportingwomen, managing the "Jewish mom" stereotype and the sex industry work, intimacy coaching, representation, uncomfortable conversations,  "Niddah" and "Shomer Negiah", pornography, finding common ground and SO MUCH MORE.For more go to or! Maureen is also super generous and will offer you 15% off products from BOTH COMPANIES (excluding bundle packs and apparel) when you use our special code WILD 15, before 10/31/2019.Thanks again for listening my lovers and catch you on the next one! C. xoxoPS: Please do send any topic or guest requests straight to my DM's on Twitter or Instagram @christinewild_ or on our Facebook page. --- Support this podcast:
Ooof.. What to say! This one is so very near and dear to me. Bryan is my work husband. We have spent on average 14h/day together for most of 2019 and over the course of it, we have gotten to know each other quite well. It quickly became clear to me that he had a story to tell and so this day was a long time coming. In this witty and vulnerable episode, we uncover what it's like to be in an emotionally, and at times physically, abusive relationship in a small town, from a male perspective (in a heterosexual relationship.) His story, though not often covered, is indicative of the pervasive and stigmatized narrative of mental and emotional abuse within toxic masculinity. In this episode, we retrace the twists and turns of Bryan's life from his small town in Nova Scotia, to the self-discovery of his own potential and break from toxic patterns. TW: emotional, physical and sexual abuse.Topics covered: mental health, codependence, telling mom about oral sex, dating in a small town, substance abuse, sexual bucket lists, moderation, emotional baggage, self-doubt, family patterns, anger, talking about feelings(!!!), self-worth, the irrational fear of travelling, the film industry life and many, many hilarious stories.I hope you enjoyed this refreshing dose of friendship and sharing. I hope it inspires you to spend some time with a friend and open up. Maybe it even sparks the guts to leave the person you're with, or stops you from consistently talking yourself down, or shuts the voices in your head up for a second. I wish that for you. Take a minute and breathe. There's a whole wide world and a whole new life on the other side, and it's all one small step at a time. I believe in ya. As always,  you have my heart. C. xoxo--- Support this podcast:
It's been over a year since we checked in with "A Dirty Word" author Steph Auteri! She's back to tell us all about postpartum from publishing your first book and parenting as a sex writer. You may remember her from Episode 21, the sex writer who was bad at sex? If you didn't listen, I highly recommend you go back and do it!For this episode we dive into: exhaustion, achieving life goals "and then what?", creative pressure, diversifying your creativity, going to a writer's residency, being a hot mess, her new project for resources on sex education, parenting sex positively, peer-based education, her historical project on social hygiene, the moral ties and fear-based approach to sex education, mom tricks to hide your tears, gender conversations with her 5yo, world problems and adversariality, and SO MUCH FUCKING MORE. "Just so many more things to be afraid of on behalf of my daughter, that's what motherhood is," according to Steph. For info on Steph, go to and make sure to check out her writing section and/or buy her book. Stay tuned for her sticker & book giveaway! If anyone feels like they want to/ know how to help her with her resources project regarding sex ed, get in touch!! Thanks so much for listening!!! I love you! C. xoxOther resources discussed: Books: "Handbook for a post-roe America", by Robin Marty and "Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle" by Amelia and Emily Nagoski. Articles: "When They Start Asking Questions", by Steph Auteri in Creative Nonfiction, Issue #71, Let's Talk About Sex, Summer 2019.Aforementioned clip: The Daily Show, "Guns are gay now"  by Jakoubie Young-White - look it up on FB or Insta or wherever. You're welcome.Ps: You can buy my book also. I love you long time. --- Support this podcast:
60-EFFING-5! With my gal Sally from Mannerswear! I met Sally at her stall in Spitalfields Market, where she sells awesome bodycon clothing. She serendipitously asked ME to hang out a while as her stalker ex-boyfriend was lurking around and she didn't know what to do. After much giggling, I naturally bought a dress from the loud, exuberant and so very loveable gal. What follows is an unlikely instagram friendship, and my introduction to her phenomenal (feminist AF) world.  This episode is nuts, as are the two of us. Tune in for the hilarious and empowering story of Sally's life and business. We retrace her globetrotting steps through bad relationships and impulse decisions, to find ourselves in an ever shifting space that continues to improve as we learn. (I'm serious; her story is RIDICULOUSLY hilarious and entertaining. Listen in!) Topics: bad relationships, perseverance, parenting a boy, FUCK BRAS, body image (always!), going on Dragon's Den, feeling invincible, catcalling vs banter, women supporting women,  UNDERBOOB SWEAT!, the current paradigm shift, trying things and not being afraid, expecting the complicated and making things hard! For more on Mannerswear,  I URGE YOU to go to or @mannerswear on the socials! And seriously, GET YOURSELF SOME MANNERS for your bodayyyy. <3 BOTTOM LINE: It doesn't have to be that hard, this life thing. As per usual, I give you all of my love. C. xox--- Support this podcast:
Hello beautiful souls!  Welcome back! Today, Jess DeVries brings us a FASCINATING life story! She grew up Evangelical Christian during the crux of the purity movement and is now a somatic sex & intimacy coach. Yes, so many questions, I know. We retrace the steps through her childhood and "loss of virginity", to finding a purpose via arts degrees and people services jobs. Topics: shame, guilt, healing, sexuality & "sacred whores", dating people who end up affecting the trajectory, expectations vs reality, what is somatica, listening to your body, christianity, consent & self-doubt, naming and treating "purity culture" as trauma, white supremacy, learning and allyship, for starters! This peaceful and calm episode lets you take a breather and follow along a path that may have looked chaotic but makes a lot more sense when you take the time to breathe and reflect. I think we all need a bit of Jess vibes this beautiful Friday. For more on Jess go to her website, or find her on Facebook or Insta @belovedcoaching. (Thanks to Casey at the Pleasure Parlor for the awesome connections!) --- Support this podcast:
Welcome my lovers! Meet Ayla Grace. To start this episode, we backtrack on Ayla's journey. After childhood bullying and othering, she started stripping and sex work after graduating high school. Seven years ago, her journey of self-love really began as she decided to get sober. Her life is an incredible ride and she takes us along for the story, to help us understand how she turned her experiences into this phenomenal life force. With the help of yoga, and a 12-step program, her healing process started with unpacking why this feeling of "not being good enough" poisoned some of her life choices. We walk down some of her life path to understand why her approach to relationship coaching starts with the relationship you have with yourself. With a core focus on how they feel internally, Ayla now helps femmes improves their relationships with others in the broadest of senses. Trigger Warning: Rape and Sexual Abuse (7')Topics: addiction, hyper-sexualization, the music industry, accountability, learning, luck & relativism,  sexism & misogyny, launching your coaching business, notions of success, money!, singledom, what showing up for yourself looks like, self-confidence and cyclical emotions, and motivation, FOR STARTERS! Click play for the vastness of this playing field!For more on Ayla, go to and @iamaylagrace on Instagram! Thanks for listening as always. I love you. C. xox--- Support this podcast:
Good Girls Don't Talk About Sex? Yes, they do! And we are here to prove it!  Leah Carey is a sexual communication coach. She is also the host of the Good Girls Talk about Sex podcast. In this episode, we discuss what turns in life led her from growing up in her “little girl body” and all that entails, to taking a “journey of sexual freedom” at 42 and changing her entire life around! Content trigger warning: emotional and physical abuse (~2m57s-5m) Topics: women’s upbringing as care providers vs. asking for what you want, emotional abuse and self esteem, resilience and healing, healthy sexploration and pleasure, the power of internet friends, storytelling and judgment-free “TMI” conversations, privacy and so much more!!! Please do listen to this surprising story that had me laughing and gasping! Leah is a total firecracker and if you’re like me, you’ll leave this episode inspired and energized. For more go to or listen to the podcast on all your favorite apps! You can also reach Leah @iamleahcarey on Insta and Twitter! Thank you so much for listening my darlings. Take care of your sweet selves.  With love,  C. xoxo--- Support this podcast:
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