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Sex, Success and other Slippery Rabbit Holes.
A sex-positive, intersectional & inclusive podcast about life.
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61 Episodes
Good Girls Don't Talk About Sex? Yes, they do! And we are here to prove it!  Leah Carey is a sexual communication coach. She is also the host of the Good Girls Talk about Sex podcast. In this episode, we discuss what turns in life led her from growing up in her “little girl body” and all that entails, to taking a “journey of sexual freedom” at 42 and changing her entire life around! Content trigger warning: emotional and physical abuse (~2m57s-5m) Topics: women’s upbringing as care providers vs. asking for what you want, emotional abuse and self esteem, resilience and healing, healthy sexploration and pleasure, the power of internet friends, storytelling and judgment-free “TMI” conversations, privacy and so much more!!! Please do listen to this surprising story that had me laughing and gasping! Leah is a total firecracker and if you’re like me, you’ll leave this episode inspired and energized. For more go to or listen to the podcast on all your favorite apps! You can also reach Leah @iamleahcarey on Insta and Twitter! Thank you so much for listening my darlings. Take care of your sweet selves.  With love,  C. xoxo--- Support this podcast:
On episode 61 my lovers, I have the immense pleasure of introducing you to my Markus. In this intimate, yet RWWC-style conversation, Mark & I delve into open, ethically non-monogamous relationships (including ours). I get to question him about his relationship history and the factors and tools that led him to require non-monogamy from future potential partnerships. We therefore delve into different definitions of intimacy, personal space & commitment, modern dating and feelings. We retrace how the conversations which started our friendship were the building blocks to our compatibility & the rules of our open relationship. You'll have to forgive some personal questions that were entirely self-motivated, but hey! They led to very interesting insights into what communication within a couple of opposites looks like. Between the OCD A-type that I am, and the romantic ADHD man that he is, we differ cerebrally, historically and emotionally. We cover the difficulties of dating inside the film industry, the importance of boundaries, definitions of masculinity, definitions of "meaningless" sex, and how we understand the world entirely differently. What's it like to be either of us on #tinder? What's it like to exist socially as entirely opposite entities? Please do come in and listen. We would love to know your thoughts and/or questions? As always, thank you for listening my lovers. (You are my lovers, 'cause I love you. *feelings*) Get yourself some pleasure this weekend. Yours, C.  xoxo--- Support this podcast:
Hello lovers! Welcome to this wonderful chat with Debbie Roche from Uncomfortable - The Podcast. Debbie and I share how and why we decided to get into this business of attempting to comfortably talk about uncomfortable topics with strangers, AND TO RECORD IT!  She walks me through how she got out of Scotland and into this weird time consuming hobby that we share. This chat contains: millennial career dread, weird bodily fluid confessions, leadership conventions, entrepreneurship & loneliness, podcasting, self-worth & money, LISTENING (!), setting boundaries and so much more! I HIGHLY recommend this giggly heart to heart between two people asking others to bare their hearts and what we've learned from our guests. Debbie's adorable Scottish accent also is just pleasant to listen to if you needed another reason to click. For more, go to for the podcast (I was on episode 9 about #sexparties) or for the original vlog. Please, PLEASE, please do reach out if you have any input as to: uncomfortable topics you want to talk about, uncomfortable topics you want to hear about, questions you may have, friends who might want to come talk and all that jazz. On Twitter @uncomfy_podcast, on Insta and @christinewild_ for me everywhere! As always, enjoy your Friday. With Love, Your little C.Ps: HOLY CRAP 60! Thank you so much for sticking around!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!--- Support this podcast:
Ep 59: Just Me Today.

Ep 59: Just Me Today.


As promised on Instagram, here it is: 40 glorious minutes of uncensored verbal diarrhea by your darling dearest. I fucked up, and didn't get around to scheduling a recording this busy week. So I asked you on my very official insta-story-poll, if I should skip it or ramble, and you answered. There's a bit of everything in here. To be honest, I just finished recording it and I will not be listening to it again. Content warnings: current relationship stress, my mother issues, moving day, why it's important to talk, OCD, why I'm happy you exist, why I can't sentence a string together... All that and more in this nonsensical and uncomfortable exercise you put me through. You're welcome. There may be some good stuff in there, but that's up to you to figure out. I love you lots. Thank you. With love, Your little C. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Episode 58! Joanne and Julia join forces for this year's Expressions of Self events here in Vancouver, BC! They will be holding three events to build community around the following intersecting themes: survival, resilience, and healing. Therefore, it was only normal to gather and take a deep dive. The ladies and I go in and out of serious tones, discussing trauma, the importance of storytelling and the vital energy gained from community. We attempt to answer some of our most daunted "What Now?" questions and keep pointing towards ways to improve our common existence. Words matter. Your story matters. It is not your fault. Join us for this introduction to these beautiful brains that I cherish and find out what to expect or how you might want to address these topics within your community. Let us know your thoughts!!! (My Insta and Twitter handles are @christinewild_ and I want to hear from you!) Feel free to check out episodes 31 and 39 for their previous appearances on the podcast. About the events:All will be informed by restorative approaches to justice and wellbeing, and aim to unify those attending in our collective experiences of each theme, in powerful reclamations of identity. These events promise to create spaces for love for and from ourselves as well as for each other. We are all surviving something. In the case of sexual violence, we want to hold space for nuance and recognition of the intersections between (and throughout!) it and gender, race, sexuality, ability, neurotypicality, and so on. The community we aim to create lives in our lived experiences. We will have trained counsellors and people with trauma-informed disclosure training in the space at every event. For more, go to or the Expressions of Self Facebook page. With love, C. xoxo--- Support this podcast:
Hello and welcome back my lovers! Wow.. this one is a whirlwind. (I pronounce their last name right but fuck up their pronoun in the first 10 seconds..)My dear queer non-binary friend Kai walks with me through the rabbit holes of gender, sex work, anarchy, feminism, the publishing world, egos & narcissism, toxic relationships and the beauty of Montreal. We met smoking cigarettes on a university bench a decade ago and have taken very different paths to today, but I'm so very thankful for conversations like these. Please do give this one a listen, and wonder with us about the state of our beings. Let's create a nurturing society and express our frustrations at our harmful internalized notions of self. You can listen to Kai's radio program QueerCorps on CKUT 90.3 FM on Mondays at 6pm EST or online. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back my lovers!!!! Let's kick off SEASON 2! Episode 56 stars my newest friend Jen Doan! Jen is a sexuality empowerment coach based in Vancouver, BC. She came over to my actual living room to tell me her story and talk about SEX. We may or may not have been flirting with each other so, sorry about the giggles. That's what happens sometimes when two powerful women find themselves on a comfy couch and a similar wavelength. ;)Her obsession with sex begins in her teenage years in the privacy of her studies, and progresses supporting our dear Jordan Gray in the infancy of his business. Shen then walks me through the winding road she took from being a successful marketing entrepreneur to hanging it up to pursue her passion. We talk about the benefits of hiring a life coach, about the pressures of success and financial gain, and about how hard it can be to make a change when your life seems to be peaking already. More topics covered: archetypes & "self-help", breakups that kick your life into gear (always and forever a thing), masturbation, getting to know yourself, libido & sex as a toxic tool, harnessing your sexual energy in everyday life, being conscious of your internalized "isms" and "ginys", body image and some more nonsense. Do click and dive into the depths of it with us. For more on Jen & her SlutSchool (and the free orgasm tutorial), go to or listen to the The Inner Badass Podcast on your favorite Podcast apps.Much, much love to you my darlings. Thanks for your patience and your loyalty. You are the bestest. Do pitch in with your opinions on Instagram or Twitter! Your little C.--- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the last episode of Season One of #RWWC! This episode has been a long time coming and I am so glad we managed to make it happen. Alix, my darling friend, is a ridiculously talented actor, voice-over artist, feminist, activist and recently, director! Her and I met at Cannes in serendipitous circumstances, and bonded over our fierceness. (Thanks Adam Lannon for bringing us all together.) Her short-film She Lies Sleeping is currently in competition in Sci-Fi London’s 48h Short Film Challenge. Alix will also soon star as Mary Shelley in A Nightmare Wakes. Check out her IMDB here or @AlixWiltonRegan on Insta and Twitter. In this vulnerable and emotionally-charged episode, we discuss: feeling like you never do enough, politics & the state of our society (based largely on a Western European critique), fake news vs. definitions of objective fact, privilege and unlearning, the necessity of all of us being “IN PROGRESS”, body image and the ultra-skinny industry requirements, gender diversity and imposter syndrome, and SO MUCH MORE. This is for you. You, who has ever been told to “Shut up, (woman)” and haven’t let it stop you from speaking your truth. I CANNOT SAY THIS ENOUGH: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. This has been an incredible year of learning, evolving, growing and unlearning. I love you and I can’t wait to bring better, stronger, deeper conversations to your ears in just a short couple of months. From my grateful and loving heart, your little C. XoxoBONUS:Angèle, Balance ton quoi, 2018 Support this podcast:
Let's talk about Sex baby! Welcome the lovely Jay to the famjam. She's a sex and empowerment coach based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. She was introduced to me by a friend via her instagram page @femmeforth. I was thrilled to have her on for one of the last episodes of Season 1 of #RWWC! As per tradition, we start at the origin story. How does a 24 year old get to run workshops aimed at exploring and improving femme sexuality? Today, the episode covers: somatic therapy, the information gaps within sex literature, sex as a common denominator for humankind (whether you have lots or none of it), internalized objectification, Nicki Minaj's influence on the orgasm gap, sexual boundaries: stating them and respecting them, the four components of sexuality: sensuality, intimacy and relationships, gender/sexual identity & sexual health, communication and non-monogamy, AND SO MUCH MORE! For more about the workshops, Jay herself, or her writing, go to about my nosey voice. I was fighting a hard-core cold... The show must go on!)Thanks so much for following the podcast. You are the best. Tell your friends, neighbours, parents and lovers about it! Let's talk about this shit peoples! I love you. Stay tuned for 55! xx--- Support this podcast:
Welcome back Amy! It's been A YEAR!!!!!! HOLY SHIT! One year since the first three episodes aired! Holy crap. I can't even explain how much it means to me that you guys stuck around, brought your friends along, and made this community what it is today! It was therefore only natural to bring Amy back for this personal episode of more BITCHING and running wild! Topics we bitched about: conflicting needs: Security vs. Freedom, changes, the unexciting reality of everyday life, silver linings, adapting to living with your significant other, the fear of losing oneself within a couple, FEARS in general, social pressure, monogamy vs not, choosing to have kids or not, what makes you truly you, and much more. This one is full of rabbit holes and we go on rants and catch up, but hey this is where this podcast came from! Therefore join us for this conversation that goes all over the place! Bottom line: it's ok not to know what you want, yet. It's ok to get what you wanted, and realize it comes with a whole new set of issues and fears. Long live the wild ones. With love, C. Show notes: The French podcast is "Vieille Branche" with Catherine Robbe-Grillet. You can find the episode here. If you still haven't, check out for more about Amy, me and the adventures. --- Support this podcast:
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