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Running the River

Author: John Butler

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Join old friends and acclaimed artists, John Butler and Dingo Spender, for an intimate conversation delving into the creative process and narrative behind John's captivating new musical venture, 'Running River.' Settle in as they share anecdotes, inspirations, and the transformative journey that led to this ambient masterpiece. From the inception of melodies to the ethereal landscapes evoked through sound, explore the depths of artistic collaboration and musical exploration. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to Johns's work, this episode offers a rare glimpse into the heart and soul of his journey through new sonic territories.
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Can we truly master the ebb and flow of life's river with wellness and kindness as our paddles? Join me, John Butler, alongside my dear companion Dingo Spender, as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and mindfulness on Running the River. We delve into the essence of maintaining inner peace through breathwork, ashtanga yoga, and meditation, while embracing the idea that it's our dedication to the return, not the perfection, of these practices that counts. Our conversation navigates the tumultuous waters of modern living, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between dynamic physical activities and the tranquility of stillness, all while emphasizing the importance of self-compassion in our pursuit of serenity.As we traverse the cerebral landscapes of fear, difference, and understanding, Dingo and I confront the primal instincts that divide us and the potential of our prefrontal cortex to bridge gaps with kindness. We scrutinize the reflections of our biases in artificial intelligence and champion self-awareness as the compass to recalibrate our perceptions. In dissecting the tapestry of life narratives, we ponder if we're merely characters in a pre-written plot or the true authors of our destinies. This episode invites you to ponder your own life story, the filters you view it through, and the transformative power of stepping back to see the wider picture. (00:00) - Marker 1 (16:06) - Marker 2
Exploring the profound impact of mobile technology on our lives, from the necessity of being reachable in emergencies to the psychological toll of online interactions and the disconnect from the natural world. We discuss the often overwhelming stream of global issues, from Middle Eastern conflicts to climate change and resource exploitation, and how these contribute to a sense of cognitive dissonance. Amidst this chaos, I emphasize the importance of finding respite through music and intentional breathing exercises, underscoring the potential for technology to aid in wellness practices. I share the concept of an app that would allow users to customize ambient music to aid relaxation and mindfulness, highlighting the therapeutic power of sounds like slow, reversed guitar. The app's potential to provide a personalized backdrop for meditation or stress relief illustrates the dual nature of technology, with its capacity for both harm and healing.
Discover the tranquil beats behind my new ambient album, meant to be your companion during wellness routines. As Dingo Spender and I share the album's journey from conception to completion, we open up about the unique fusion of Eastern, Celtic, and blues influences that define the intros of each track, whisking you away into a realm of serenity. The music's simple yet repetitive nature is crafted intentionally to lull you into a tranquil, meditative state, perfect for yoga or just unwinding after a long day. We chat about the creative process, the non-purist approach to blending genres, and how the essence of each track aims to slow your nervous system, coaxing you into peace and calm.Step behind the curtain to uncover the collaborative symphony that shaped the auditory landscape of my latest creation. The episode features the enchanting interplay of natural bird calls, innovative guitar rhythms, and the expansive sound only a large room provides. Listen to tales of working with the immensely talented sound engineer Dave, whose touch graced the album with a gentle authenticity, and join the discussion on the meticulous craft of mixing and mastering with James Newhouse and Zeno Mickerey, whose contributions were invaluable. This episode isn't just about the technicalities of music production; it's a testament to the human connections and shared passion that culminate in an album that resonates with the heart and soothes the soul. (00:00) - Marker 1 (16:06) - Marker 2
As the world around us churns with constant noise and unrest, it takes a tuneful escape to remind us of the quiet spaces within. That's precisely what John Butler offers in his latest ambient album, a creation that mirrors the tranquility and healing many of us are searching for. On today's episode of Running the River, we unravel John's personal narrative, a tale marked by goodbyes to old bandmates, the thrill of new collaborations, and a solo journey into music production that served as a lifeline through anxiety and testing family health crises. With his candid storytelling, John takes us behind the scenes of crafting an album that's as much about introspective solace as it is about the complex dance of change and growth in an artist's life.In conversation with John Butler, we explore how the chaos of the pandemic has forced us all to pause, reassess, and sometimes, radically alter our courses. Music emerges as a beacon of healing, and John shares how this period of upheaval paved the way for his collaboration with James Ireland and the formation of a new band. These partnerships not only invigorated his creative spirit but also rooted his latest projects in the power of community. From the collective soul-searching ushered in by COVID-19 to the personal revolutions that reshape our paths, this episode is a tribute to the "great unveiling" of our times and the profound comfort we find in the shared human experiences of music, change, and regrowth.
In the comfort of his living room, armed with nothing more than a loop pedal and a voice recorder, John Butler found himself crafting an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary. Dingo Spender recounts his first encounter with John's album, set against the backdrop of serene silence, highlighting the visceral need for music that speaks volumes by whispering. Humour and insight collide as they explore John's minimalist approach to composition, where doing less is indeed saying more. Join them for a conversation that dances to the calming pulse of ambient melodies, and discover a sound that not only fills the room but also empties the mind of clutter. This episode isn't just a peek behind the curtain of creation; it's an invitation to sink into the sound and let it wash over you. (00:00) - Marker 1