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Author: Comfortably Smug, Josh Holmes

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Smug and Holmes bring next generation conservative talk to the next level with RUTHLESS. There is no shelter for anyone as the duo provide a lighter analysis of the news (and fake news) of the day.
15 Episodes
Smug, Holmes, and a special Dunkin with Duncan take on Biden’s picks, Neera, and legal
Smug battles death with a landline as the fellas slam Neera Tanden in a
Don’t just celebrate with your family this year, dominate them. This is your instruction
Smug live from Cairo, the fellas hammer away on why politics has so many insane people, Cuomo's Emmy, Don Jr crushing GA from a covid bed.
Dunkin' with Duncan subs for a worldly traveling Smug, Dems reelect Schumer and Pelosi to lead them, Warnock's extremism, McGrath's Super PAC scam, and Senator Brian Schatz gets stuffed in a
Smug and Holmes talk Call of Duty: Reagan War Crimes, Obama's 60 minutes, and filthy
In this episode, Josh and Comfortably Smug go over the list of clowns theoretical-appointed-by-the-media-president-elect Joe Biden is bringing aboard his administration.  Later, famous blue check crybaby Ron Klain gets stuffed into a locker, and Josh and Smug breakdown the opening shots of the Dem vs Dem civil war.  Ladies and gentlemen, let's get Ruthless.
In this episode, Josh and Comfortably Smug discuss the ongoing election, and how the media now believes presidential elections are decided by them. Later, the guys go after Chris Hayes, Brian Fallon, and all the other Libs trying to put out lists of all the conservatives they want sent to the gulags. Finally, we are joined by Senator Kelly Loefller who is hard at work fighting to fend off Chuck Schumer and Kamala Harris from taking over the senate. Ladies and gentlemen, let's get
In this episode, Josh and Comfortably Smug discuss the results of Tuesday's election, starting with how the media and polls were wrong while Ruthless listeners knew exactly what would happen. Smug then brings up the post election Cocaine Mitch rally in the markets and later, Josh goes in on the Lincoln Project.  Ladies and gentlemen, let's get Ruthless.
It's Election Day and that means you get a special election edition of Ruthless!  In this episode Josh and Comfortably Smug welcome Kevin McLaughlin from the NRSC and Parker Poling from the NRCC.  They also cover the pathetic parking lot Biden rallies, Kamala's socialist cartoon tweet, and finally the squad gives an election day GOTV pep talk with a special appearance from Michael Duncan. Today's the day!  Get out there and vote Republican! Ladies and gentlemen, let's get
It's another action packed episode of Ruthless!  This time Josh and Comfortably Smug discuss the booming Super V Trump Recovery, Josh runs us through the senate election map, and Smug reveals the true identity of Anonymous, who Josh stuffs into a locker.  Ladies and gentlemen, let's get
Intro - Smug & Holmes recap the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing process and give listeners a peak behind the curtain. 18:40 - Senator Tom Cotton joins the crew to speak about the confirmation process and his rise in politics.
EMERGENCY POD!  EMERGENCY POD!  We have a very special edition of Ruthless bringing you rapid insight and analysis from last night's debate.  Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get Ruthless.
1. The Reveal

1. The Reveal


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